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PgNames (102)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
T1Thomas, Norman W.M09/06/193044~1886480 Septic Pulmonary
W6Westcott, Mabel L.F06/12/196061~1899480 Coronary Thrombosis
R5Richards, Beverly F.M07/02/19766302/10/1912481 Acute Myocardial infarctionY
R5Richards, Emily MaryF12/29/197084~1886481 Uremia
R2Richards, Frank DavidM11/17/193657~1879481 Acute Myocarditis
R5Richards, JessieF04/26/197062~1907481 Parkinsomism
R5Richards, RaymondM11/02/197362~1911481 Irreversible shock
B5Brooks, RuthF12/22/196077~1883482 Coronary Thrombosis
G4Giehrer, Frederick P.M09/13/195666~1890482 Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
W5Whitehead, HarryM12/02/195368~1885482 Cardiac muscular insuf.
W5Whitehead, MathildaF08/26/195265~1887482 Coronary Thrombosis
W6Whitehead, Russell H.M09/03/196042~1918482 Acute ?ventr? FailureY
G5Gribrer, Ethel LF07/04/199091~1899483 Natural Causes
J1Jayne, James H.M06/03/19273~1924483 Crushed chest Auto accident
J1Jayne, LouisaF07/18/193767~1870483 Acute Cardiac failure
M1Moore, Jean AnetteF02/10/1925 10 dys01/28/1925483 Jutenis Mariatoni
J3Jones, Margaret J.F08/24/195977~1882484 Carcinoma of large bowel
R4Reese, ElizabethF10/14/195975~1884484 Myocarditis
R3Reese, GeorgeM09/22/195167~1884484 Uremina with Metastatic Carcinoma
R5Reese, Willard G.M02/04/197202/04/1972484
H6Horn, C. HornM12/07/198579~1906485 Howells LotCremated Remains
H1Howells, IsabellaF12/18/192843~1885485 Cardio Renal disease
H3Howells, LillianF03/09/194765~1882485 Splenomyelagenoris
H2Howells, Mary RouiseF04/10/193617~1919485 Tubercalar Meningitis
H3Howells, WilliamM10/10/194973~1876485 III yo carditis
H1Howells, babyF07/23/1926007/23/1926485 Stillborn
GGreen, Ann ElizabethF~194770~1877486
GGreen, Elizabeth Jane (Cook)F02/22/191766~1851486
G4Green, RobertM10/10/195474~1880486 Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease
G1Green, Robert W.M01/11/192471~1853486 Killed by R. R. Train
P2Palamountain, AnnaF09/22/194770~1877486 Tuberculosis
P2Palamountain, Joseph BennettM02/12/193871~1867486 Carcinomen of Stomach
W2Williams, Alice E.F09/17/193353~1880486 Appoplexy of right side
W7Williams, John O.M09/12/19725307/25/1919486 Hyp? Arterio Sclerotic heart diseaseY
W3Williams, NoahM12/17/193772~1865486 Myocarditis
K2Kovach, MichaelM08/23/194350~1893487 Acute Heart Failure
K3Kovacs, AndrewM09/15/196882~1886487 Antrasilicosis advanced
S1Sereberger, John FrancisM03/22/1924 26 dys02/27/1924487 Brocho Pneumonia
S9Sneberger, Rev. FrankM01/06/197885~1893487 Cerebral Vascular disease
S9Sneberger, Susan HrbouskyF08/27/197380~1893487 Aortic aneurism rupture
C6Carey, Mary HelenF03/10/196864~1904488 Acute Coronary Thrombosis
C5Carey, Nelson C.M10/19/195957~1902488 Coronary Disease
C3Carey, Nicholas E.M02/24/194281 yrs 14 dys02/10/1861488 Heart Failure
S2Sickler, Ida I. CaryF07/25/19266201/25/1864489 Carcinoma of pancreas
S2Sickler, Joseph W.M11/06/19276804/03/1859489 Cardiac Vascular
SSickler, Walter W.M~1918~34~1884489
A2Allen, Edna H.F06/26/195361~18924810 Congestive Heart Failure
B8Bonham, Helen P.F12/08/199778~19194810 Natural Causes
B8Bonham, William H.M04/13/199880~19184810 None Listed
C2Carey, GeorgeM06/02/193134~18974810 Burn of entire body
CClark, Beatrice G.F05/04/200883~19254810 CARIOGENIC SHOCK
H2Hay, Bertha C.F12/28/193767~18704810 Lobar Pneumonia
H2Hay, Merton L.M05/07/193969~18704810 Apoplexy
P1Pearce, Elena D.F12/04/192647~18794810 Broncho Pneumonia
B6Bonham, Dora M.F05/15/196681~18854811 Coronary Occlusion
W5Wescott, Flossie E.F12/31/195270~18824811 Mesenterie Thrombosis
W4Wescott, Harriet R.F11/03/195190 yrs 8 mos 14 dys02/20/18614811 Acute Coronary Thrombosis
W6Wescott, Harry P.M12/09/196875~18934811 Arteriosclerotic Cardiovascular disease -
W2Wescott, Lezelous W.M08/11/193163~18684811 Cerebal Hemorhage
C5Craig, LuellaF10/06/195778~18794812 Myocardial infraction
C2Craig, RobertM12/30/193055~18754812 Apoplexy
G3Germen, Anna K.F10/10/194875 yrs 8 mos 3 dys02/07/18734812 Cerebral Hemorrhage
J3James, Maude J.F12/22/196988~18814812 Passive Congestive Terminal
M2Moore, Frank F.M01/27/192951~18784812 La Grippe
E3Evans, David I.M08/28/196773~18944813 Acute coronary occlusion
E3Evans, Edith M.F08/22/196572~18934813 Congestive Failure
E2Evans, Mrs. DinaF08/30/194570~18754813 Pottstown undertakerCardiac Insufficiency
E1Evans, Stanley DM03/06/192914~19154813 Acute appendicitis
SShambley, ErnestM11/15/200890~19184813 HEMORAHAGE CVA
SShambley, PhyllisF01/02/200889~19194813 SUDDEN CARDIORESPIRATORY ARREST
S5Shambly, babyF02/21/1948002/21/19484813 buried on top of another babyPremature
W2Williams, Cora EstellaF02/09/193255~18774814 Nephritis ?
W1Williams, Edmund F.M06/02/192760~18674814 Rheumatic heart
W5Williams, JamesM02/16/195257~18954814 Carcinoma of stomach
O2Oberts, Harry E.M12/07/196273~18894814 E ½Coronary Occlusion
T1Thomas, Bruce AM07/21/192516~19094815 Accidental Drowning
T1Thomas, FrankM05/17/193048~18824815 Acute Dilation of HeartY
B3Blake, MollieF10/03/194380~18634815 S ½Angina Pectoris
K2Kenyon, EllaF10/05/194183~18584815 ½Altero Silicosis
T2Thomas, ElizabethF01/30/194177~18644815 ½Coronary Thrombosis
M5Marger, VernaF06/07/195577~18784816 Arteriosleortic Heart
M1Milard, George W.M10/20/192579~18464816 Carcinoma of noseY
S3Stanton, FloydM10/17/193343~18904816 Curcumna ??? of Back
S7Stanton, Harry SamuelM11/21/195671~18854816 Lymphosacoma Generalized
S8Stanton, JeanetteF12/15/196574~18914816 ?? Abdominal Caricnoatosis
D2Davis, EmylnM02/05/1935 5 mos09/05/19344817 Broncho Pneumonia
D5Davis, Harold E.M01/29/197767~19104817 Acute Myocardial Infarction
D3Davis, Mgt. JaneF02/01/194173~18684817 Gangrene of Leg
D3Davis, Wm.M07/23/194555~18904817 General Peritonitis
D5Davis, HildaF02/21/197164~19074818 Valvular Heart Disease - Active
D6Davis, Theodore R.M05/01/198277~19054818 Coal Miners Pneumoconeosis
O2Oberts, ElizabethF06/18/197886~18924818 Acute Congestive Heart Failure
R6Rudolph, Robert G.M03/07/19906406/18/19254818 Lung CarcinomaY
D6Dack, CharlotteF12/17/198180~19014819 Nothing on Burial Permit
D1Dack, FrancisM04/26/192323~19004819 Fracture of skull
D2Dack, FrankM10/11/193355~18784819 Appendicitis
E4Evans, Betty AnnF10/08/199474~19204819 Pul. Fibrosis
EEvans, RobertM05/07/200889~19194819 CremainsCARDIAC ARREST
D6Dack, Otto R.M08/11/19889106/03/18974819 E ½????????Y
B3Bobchek, JohnM12/23/194859~18894820 Coal Dust Tuberculosis (Lungs)
H1Hudock, AndrewM07/26/192839~18894820 Ruptured Liver
B7Bobchek, Ella H.F04/16/198792~18954820 E ½Cremated Remains - Container # 3542

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