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PgNames (30)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
C2Caines, GeorgeM01/06/193850~188885 Acute cardiac disease
C2Caines, Mary JaneF03/01/193169~186285 Cardiac failure
C2Caines, SarahF05/24/193254~1878Poor LotP.L.Peronicus Anemesia
C2Caines, WilliamM03/11/193283~184985 Bronichal Pneumonia
C2Cairns, Martha JaneF02/21/193102/21/193118 Acute Cardiac Dilatation
C2Call, HelenF08/20/193560~18754110 ½Lung abcess
C2Calvert, MaryF05/23/193264~1868365 Pulmonary Edemia
C2Caneins, Mary JaneU85 3/12/32. Mrs.W.J. Bonner Permit #77. Moved to new location on same lot.
C2Caneins, Mary JaneUPoor Lot#78. Moved to Washburn Cemetery.
C2Carey, GeorgeM06/02/193134~18974810 Burn of entire body
C2Carey, HenryM01/03/193579~1856Poor LotPoor lotMiners asthma
C2Carpenter, Olive V.F11/05/193088~1842257 Cardio Vascular
C2Carr, David W.M02/27/193558~18773210 Angena Pectors
C2Caucci, AnnaUPoor Lot5/12/30 Bonner #63. Moved to Jessup. P.L.
C2Caucci, RigoUPoor Lot5/12/30 Bonner #64. Moved to Jessup. P.L.
C2Churi, MaryF08/19/193155~18764211 Cancer of liver
C2Cinklin, LilliamF03/11/193771~186671 Carcinoma of urethia
C2Clark, LauraF11/01/193617~19194911 Fracture skull
C2Coleman, David J.M10/13/193057~187362 Chronic Myrocardits
C2Coleman, Emil A.M08/23/193764~1873Poor LotP.L.Acute Myocridis
C2Coleman, LorettaF02/27/1936 7 mos07/27/1935Poor LotP.L.Streptoccores Infection
C2Collins, RichardM07/10/1936 1 mos06/10/1936391 Secondary hemorrhage
C2Coon, PhoebeF12/09/193131~19004710 Pulmonary T.B.
C2Craig, LeslieM07/18/193239~18931310 Accident - Fall of roof in mine
C2Craig, Minor H.M08/29/193067~186351 Pulmonary Edemia
C2Craig, RobertM12/30/193055~18754812 Apoplexy
C2Craven, WilliamM11/15/193773~1864111 ½Acute cardiac failure
C2Curtis, BabeM12/15/1932 05:0012/15/1932185 Premature
C2Curtis, JessieF05/07/193529~1906218 Diabetis Mellites
C2Curtis, Pearl A.F07/08/193136~1895388 Pulmonary Embolus

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Note that the burial books from which most entries were transcribed cover burials dating from
approximately July of 1922 to the present. Burial records from before 1922 were lost in a fire, though
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