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PgNames (102)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
F1Ercoli, FerdinandoM06/10/192752~1875Poor LotPoor Lot (Entered into the wrong book, with name reversed... corrected here)Fall of Rock in Mines
F3Fanning, Frank L.M12/15/196681~18855318 E½Acute L. Ventricular failure
F3Fanning, Mrs. EmmaF04/12/196978~18915318 E½Not on permit
F3Faramelli, InesF07/01/196873~18953010 Adeno Carcinoma of the Storcre
F3Faramelli, Philly aka FilippoM12/18/196871~18973010 Right Ventricular Failure
F2Farce, BessieF02/17/194238~1904106 ½Chronic Edcorditis
F1Faromelli, ArmandoM12/29/192334~1889477
F1Farr, AnnaF02/01/193885~1853104 Pulmonary Edema
F2Farr, ChaunceyM11/07/194211/07/1942364 Angenia Pectoris
F1Farr, ChesterM07/21/193240~1892268 Mytral Stenosis
F4Farr, DorothyF04/05/199790~19074910 W¼Congestive heart failure
F3Farr, EdwardM09/28/195609/28/1956104 Cerebrovascular Accident
F3Farr, GeorgeM11/17/19878012/30/18874910 NWCarcinoma of the EsophagusY
F1Farr, GraceF12/22/193036~1894268 Myocarditis
F2Farr, HowardM06/01/194128~191324 W½Fractured Skull
F3Farr, Ida MayF01/04/196783~1884364 Congestive heart disease
F3Farr, MaryF03/13/195262~1890364 Pneumonia Lobar Acute
F1Farr, RussellM09/18/192312~1911234 Peritonitis
F2Farr, ThomasM09/09/194867 yrs 5 mos 3 dys04/06/1881364 Acute Thrombosis
F1Farr, Thomas Sr.M03/13/192681~1845104 Bronchial Pneumonia
F3Farrow, Eddy E.M01/15/198479~1905341 Double DepthAcute Renal Failure
F4Farrow, Edith M.F12/19/199291~1901341 Cremated
F4Farrow, Elvira B.F08/15/199584~19115517 Carcinoma of the kidney
F2Farrow, Ruth B.F10/31/194136~190524 Circulatory Collapse
F2Faulkner, Cora MayF10/14/194487~185781 Chr. Myocarditis
F3Fawcett, George J.M11/21/195961~18984915 Middle name may be FrankDied at West Mountain Sanitorium, Scranton. No cause on Burial Permit.Y
F1Felter, Frances M.M12/22/192274~1848213 La Grippe etc.
F1Felter, MaryF01/01/192371~1852213 La Grippe etc.
F2Fendick, ArthurM09/16/194255~1887242 ½
F1Fendick, EmmaF07/21/192668~1858242 Diabetic
F3Fendick, Harry J.M04/16/196370~1893242 ½Myocardial infraction
F1Fendick, Herbert C.M11/21/193645~1891242 Coronary Occlusion
F1Fendick, JacobM07/06/192368~1855241 Convulsions
F2Fendick, JosephM01/29/194677~1869336 Acute Myocarditis
F2Fendick, NellieF12/04/194160~1881336 N.O.S.
F1Fendick, WilliamM10/28/192678~1848336 Cardiac dilabial acute
F3Finlayson, JamesM01/17/19896911/20/19195711 Respiratory ArrestY
F4Finlayson, James D.M11/01/199144~19475711 Metastatic Lung Ca.
F3Finlayson, MabelF01/26/197962~19175711 Cerebral hemorrhage
F4Fiorenza, Anthony F.M07/14/19968609/26/1909506 Massive Intecranial HemmorrageY
F1Fish, VinnieF11/14/193657~1879Poor LotP.L.Myocardial Des Failure
F2Fletcher, AmeliaM06/13/194940 yrs 2 mos 10 dys04/03/1909503 Carcinoma of head of pancreas
F3Fletcher, Belle C.F10/30/196768~18994524 Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
F3Fletcher, ChristinaF08/05/196594~1871418 ½Acute Coronary
F3Fletcher, ElizabethF02/19/197293~18791710 Congestive heart failure
F2Fletcher, EmmaF09/05/195950~1909376 ½Tuberculosis of the lungs
F2Fletcher, GertrudeF08/12/194443~19014613 Single gravePulmonary Tuberculosis
F1Fletcher, GordonM06/12/193525~1910418 Acute Appendicitis
F1Fletcher, HannahF06/07/193675~1861113 Myocardis chronic
F1Fletcher, HarryM08/12/192756~1871455 Bron Pneumonia
F1Fletcher, HenryM10/30/193469~1865418 Acute Cardiac failure
F2Fletcher, JamesM08/28/194949 yrs 6 mos 11 dys02/17/19001710 Coronary occlusion
FFletcher, JamesM04/06/199557~19381710 Cremains
F3Fletcher, James WallaceM07/06/197470~19044524 Acute myocardial infarction
FFletcher, Johannah HammondF06/20/1907~67~1840228
F3Fletcher, John HarlandM07/05/195663~1893460 Acute Pulmonary Edema
F1Fletcher, John HenryM06/19/1936 2 dys06/17/1936113 Convulsions
F2Fletcher, John JosephM10/27/194010/27/1940101 Still BornStill Born
F3Fletcher, John WilliamM08/18/195459~1895223 ½Pulmonary Tuberculosis
F1Fletcher, JosephM06/28/192757~1870Poor LotPoor LotFractured Skull Auto Acc.
F2Fletcher, Joseph B.M05/05/194370~18731710 Diabetes
F3Fletcher, Lucy A.F01/06/198789~1898418 E½Cardiarespiration Arrest
F2Fletcher, Mary JaneF11/05/194267~1875418 E½Cerebral Embolism
F1Fletcher, RichardM02/12/1930002/12/1930101 Still Born
F2Fletcher, WilliamM02/15/195152~1899418 E½Pulmonary Hemorrhage
F2Fletcher, William J.M09/29/194013~1927101 Renal Rickets
FFlis, EvelynF04/05/200879~1929281 w ½Congestive heart failure
F4Flis, Walter S.M11/22/19906412/25/1925281 W½Acute Cardiac failureY
F3Flynn, Ruth MorganF04/09/196060~1900225 Acute Congestive heart failure
F3Ford, Henry F.M01/15/19755002/11/192424 Nothing on permitY
F3Forester, Clayton C.M12/02/198271~19113810 Trammis
FForester, EllenF10/04/200593~19124619 e ½NATURAL CAUSE
F2Foster, Mary J.F09/05/194709/05/194761 Cerebral Hemorrhage
F2Foster, SamuelM03/10/194171~187061 Chronic Myocarditis
F1Foster, SarahF07/20/193540~189516 Acute Cardiac Dialation
F2Fowler, HarryM09/30/194365~18784619 E½Pulmonary Hemorrhage Pul ?
F2Fowler, Harry T.M08/10/195108/10/19514619 ½Killed in action in KoreaY
F2Fowler, JaneF11/16/194556~18894619 E½Carcinoma of the kidney
FFowler, Rose MarieF07/29/201131~19805811 Traumatic Injuries
F4Fowler, RosemaryF02/18/199974~19254619 E½Congestive heart failure
F3Fox, LenaF07/10/197088~1882188 ½Arteriosclerotic V. Disease
FFranchetti, Eldigard J.M09/10/200983~19265416 W ½Gastric carcinoma
F3Francis, William K.M11/09/196486~1878101 Cerebral Vascular Accident
F3Frear, Carl R.M08/01/196570~1895262 Coronary Occlusion
F3Frear, Gertrude S.F12/01/198482~1902192 ½Frear VaultPneumonia
F1Frear, H.A.U387
F3Frear, Hazel EleanorF05/12/197983~1896262
F1Frear, HoraceM08/04/192754~1873262 Bron Pneumonia
F1Frear, LillianF05/04/193971~1868192 VaultCoronary Thrombosis
F2Frear, SarahF12/27/194167~187462 Chronic Myocarditis
FFrear, Walter aka Frank Sr.M12/26/200669~193719 Maus
F3Frear, WillardM01/26/198079~1901192 ½Frear VaultPneumonia
F1Frear, William AustinM04/23/1935 10 mos06/23/1934192 Intestinal Intoriention
F2Frederick, Frances Elizabeth (Squires)F11/23/19516901/12/188274 Cardiac Dilation
F4Freel, Romaine E.F11/19/199885~1913513 Natural Causes
F1Freeman, KatherineF07/29/192334~1889276 Ruptured Uterus
F1Freeman, babyF07/29/192307/29/1923276 Stillborn
F3Frew, AlexanderM06/17/196188~1873141 ½Coronary heart disease
F3Frew, Emily W.F10/01/195782~1875143 Chronic -
F1Frew, JeanF11/11/193781~1856143 Cerebral Hemorrhage
F1Frew, Robert P.M12/18/192651~1875143 Heart failure
F3Frew, VictoriaF09/14/197687~1889143 Generalized arteriosclerosis

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