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PgNames (40)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
A2Abarre, Mary C.F08/18/19988705/22/1911575 Multiple Organ SyndromeY
A2Ackley, AnnaF07/18/195550~1905551 Congestive Heart Failure
A2Ackley, Anna MaeF11/18/198758~1929574 E ½Progressive Stomach C.A.
A2Ackley, Romaine E.M01/24/196761~1906551 Anthraco Silicosis
A1Adamowicz, WilliamM06/18/192745~1882Poor LotPoor LotAcute dialation of heart
A1Adams, ChristenaF12/27/193660~1876467 Chronic Myocarditis
A1Adams, JosephM09/25/194680~1866467 S ½Block # cut off but think it is 46Left sided Heart Failure
A1Addly, Mary JaneF11/26/192888~1840434 Fracture neck
A1Aldrich, Ida E.F01/15/192679~184752 Cardiac Failure (myocariditis)
A1Allen, Alfred HoltM07/10/194340 yrs 7 mos 2 dys12/08/1902429 East ½Block # cut off but think it is 42Coronary Thrombosis
A2Allen, Edna H.F06/26/195361~18924810 Congestive Heart Failure
A1Allen, Mrs. WilliamF429 E ½4/26/1932 Mrs. W.J. Bonner Permit #82 / Sexton Williams moved body from P.L. To here
A1Allen, WilliamM02/10/193257~1875429 Cerebal Hemorhage
A1Allsopp, WmM11/02/194373~1870135 Acute Cardiac Failure
A2Alsop, Annie J.F04/11/195878~1880135 Heart Disease
A2Anderson, Carl W.M11/08/197571~19045419 E ½Cardiac Arrest
A2Anderson, Dorothy ElizabethF06/28/198882~19065419 E ½Nothing on Burial – Transit Permit
A2Anderson, Edmund C.M05/20/195890~1868304 Acute Pulmonary Edema
A2Anderson, Nellie C.F02/11/196284~1878304 Acute myocardial infarction
A2Andrake, Alexander A. Sr.M01/17/19998707/28/1911575 Cerebral HemorrhageY
A2Andrake, Marguerite MarieF09/23/199575~1920575 No Cause Listed
A1Annabel, LaviniaF12/11/195071~1879306 ½Block # cut off maybe 3 or 5Acute Unemia
A1Antol, AndrcioM04/02/192655~1871Poor LotPoor LotInfluenza Pneumoina
A2Antol, AndrewM01/31/1956~62~1894Poor LotPoor lotCarbon Monoxide Poisoning
A2Antol, BerthaF12/05/197712/05/1977517 Cerebral Vascular Accident
A1Antol, SusanF11/28/194167~1874Poor LotAge: 67 or 73 Poor LotAcute Anuresis
A1Aquesta, FrankM03/25/1930 6 mos09/25/1929Poor LotPoor LotPneumonia
A1Arnold, EmmaF01/07/193685~1851163 Lobar Pneumonia
A1Arnold, Samuel W.M10/08/194089~185113 Myocarditis
A1Arrastes, babyF09/18/1922009/18/1922Poor LotPoor LotStill Born
A2Ashman, CharlesM10/05/195549~19064616 Hyper? Left Kidney
A2August, EdwardM12/13/196212/13/1962478 ½Not on cert.
A2August, HannahF04/05/196568~1897478 ½Not on cert.
A2Austin, John WilliamM08/02/199084~1906142 E ½- -
A2Austin, Thelma R.F06/14/197568~1907142 ½Reticulum Cell sa
A2Avery, ClaudeM12/09/198181~1900413 Cardiac & Renal Failure
A2Avery, Hazel GishamF03/24/197973~1906413 Acute myocardial infarction
A1Avery, Savilla J.F05/14/194883 yrs 3 mos 3 dys02/11/1865295 Diabetes
AAyres, Archbald A.M~1911~6406/02/1847501 Civil War; Died Nov 1911Y
A1Ayres, CeliaF07/25/192571~1854501 Buried: 5/25/1927Carcinoma

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