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PgNames (126)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
PPage, ChloeF03/02/2009003/02/20095510 W ½(Baby B)ABRUPTO PLALCENTA
P3Page, Joseph H.M10/11/195068~1882176 Arterio Sclertoic
PPage, KyleeF03/02/2009003/02/20095510 w ½(Baby A)ABRUPTO PLALCENTA
P2Palamountain, AnnaF09/22/194770~1877486 Tuberculosis
P2Palamountain, Joseph BennettM02/12/193871~1867486 Carcinomen of Stomach
P1Palazzari, MuzzaricniM02/20/1928 17 dys02/03/1928Poor LotP.L.Convulsions
P2Para, AndrewM09/29/194535~19104617 East ½Anterosclerotic Cardio renal disease
P4Para, Marion E.F11/09/197059~19114617 Cerebral embolism
P5Parker, ClairisF03/10/199281~1911426 Bladder Cancer
P1Parker, EmlynM08/23/192714~1913426 Myocarditis
P4Parker, EstherF08/24/196980~1889426 Myocardial degeneration
P1Parker, Evan J.M12/21/192334~1889181 Murdered
P1Parker, Evan J.U426 Move 04/13/1930 From B18 L1Chr. Myocarditis
P4Parker, GeorgeM07/01/195868~1890426 Myocardial Failure
P4Parker, Margaret J.F10/18/195466~1888426 Coronary Thrombosis
P5Parker, Rowland J.M12/21/199989~1910426 Hemorrage Gastritis
P1Parmeter, FrancesF08/30/19252~1923Poor LotPoor LotDiphtheria
P2Parry, AnnaF02/22/193577~1858433 Cerebral Apoplexy
P4Parry, ArthurM04/28/195369~1884433 Lot 3-5?Cardiac failure - Chronic myocard
P2Parry, ElizaF05/14/194775 yrs 3 mos 0 dys02/14/187214 ½Carcinoma of Rectum
P1Parry, ElizabethF11/15/192872~1856141 Diabetes
P4Parry, Gertrude E.F10/31/197187~1884328 Arteriosclerosis
P2Parry, Gomer ReeseM07/26/194677 yrs 10 mos 8 dys09/18/186814 ½Acute Cardiac Dilation
P2Parry, JM06/06/194452~1892435 Myocardial FailureY
P1Parry, John J.M06/02/192478~1846433 Nephritis
P1Parry, MariaF09/24/192882~18464714 Fractured Neck
P3Parry, Percel G.M01/30/195155~1896433 Coronary Occlusion
P2Parry, SamuelM05/23/193482~1852141 Cardaro Renal disea
P2Parry, WalterM02/17/194862~1886433 Chronis Myocarditis
P4Parry, William F.M10/20/195570~1885328 Carcinoma of stomach
P4Pasquale, EvelynF02/08/197657~191996 Myocardial infarcttion
PPasquale, JohnM11/03/201196~191596 Congestive heart failure
P2Patten, Charles H.M09/23/193764~18734913 Fracture of Cervical Vertebra
P3Patten, Charles H.M12/30/194943 yrs 8 mos 28 dys04/02/1906545 ½Myocardial Infarction
P4Patten, FannieF07/14/196178~1883493 W ½Myocardial insufficiency
P1Patten, George H.M12/13/19282 yrs 6 mos06/13/19264913 Broncho Pneumonia
P3Patten, James W.M12/25/195038~19124913 ½Acute Cardia Failure
P1Patten, Lavina E.F05/13/192979~1850314 Myocarditis
P3Patten, Margaret FendickF12/05/195049~1901242 ½Knilcenbem Tumor
P4Patten, Marshall E.M01/21/196555~19104913 Respirator acidosis
PPatten, MyrtleF03/25/201084~1926411 Cerebral Malignancy
P4Patten, RachelF05/31/196882~18864913 ½Coronary infraction Heart Failure
P4Patten, Willard ElmerM12/11/19745207/14/1923411 Acute myocardial infarctionY
P1Patten, WilliamM12/17/192850~18784913 Double Lobar Pneumonia
P2Pavlovich, Cyril D.M08/08/193724~1913506 Accidental Drowning
P4Pavlovich, JosephM07/13/1958~75~1883506 Age: 7?Gangrene - right foot - diabetes - Melitus - Peripheral Vascular Disease
P4Pavlovich, MaryF10/20/196980~1889506 Myocardial degeneration
P4Payne, PollyF05/10/195881~1877395 ½Cerebral hemorrhage
P1Payton, GladysF07/25/192754~1873432 Anaemia
P1Pearce, ChesterM03/30/193035~189533 Chronic Myocarditus
P1Pearce, ChristopherM04/22/193173~185833 Cancer liver
P1Pearce, Elena D.F12/04/192647~18794810 Broncho Pneumonia
P2Pearce, John W.M09/26/193657~187933 Carcinonia bladder
P2Pearce, JosephM04/07/193549~188633 Myrocarditis
P2Pearce, Mrs. Ada CravenF04/11/193676~1860117 Gangrene of foot
P1Peck, Hattie A.F~192571~1854164 DOD: 8/1925Pneumonia
P2Peck, Howard H.U311 12/13/1937 Removed to Glenwood Mausoleum
P1Peck, John DwightM04/05/1933101~1832161 Natural Regurgitation
P2Peck, Lester WilsonU311 12/13/1937 Removed to Glenwood Mausoleum
P1Pengilly, JohnUPoor Lot5/30/1927 Removal from Lot 17 Blk 49 to Poor lot
P4Perkins, Howard M.M06/30/197464~1910491 Carcinomatosis
P5Perkins, Irene L.F12/10/200688~1918491 Failure to Thrive
P5Perkins, Robert H.M11/30/198138~1943491 Gunshot wound to head
P4Perry, Cecil H.F04/29/196769~18985513 W ½Heart failure
P1Perry, Mary MarthaF02/26/192730~189717 Internal Hemorrhage
P4Perry, Vincent J.M03/06/198155~19265513 W ½Metastatic Carcinoma of Lung
P3Perry, Willard A.M05/30/195061~188917 Coronary Thrombosis
P1Petch, ElizabethF07/27/192241~1881217 Nephritis
P2Petch, John W.M07/04/193452~1882217 Anthroroses
P2Petch, JosephM11/20/193973~186614 Apoplexy
P4Petch, JosephM11/17/195958~1901Poor LotUpper poor plot along fence lineInanition
P2Peters, Floyd Jr.M07/31/194512~19334613 Single gravePulmonary Tuberculosis
P2Peters, JennieF06/09/193379~185488 Myocarditis
P4Peters, John C.M03/08/195873~18855413 East ½Chronic myocarditus
P4Peters, Lillian WF03/10/196376~18875413 ½Cerebro vascular embolism
P2Peters, Nicia MayF02/05/19457~19384614 Single graveDrowning
P5Pethrosavage, AugustusM02/07/19988307/04/1914361 Respirator FailureY
P4Pethrosavage, FlorenceF05/13/197556~1919361 Myocardial infarct
P5Petrosavage, EdwardM04/11/19957806/27/1916583 Severe MalnutritionY
P5Petrosavage, Frank M.M04/30/200283~1919583 Arrythmia
P2Pettey, JennieF04/09/194272~187091 Cleronis Myacardis
P1Pettigrew, FrankM07/13/192763~1864132 Acc. Dialation of Heart
P1Pettigrew, JohnM05/16/192560~1865147 Myocarditis Chronic
P2Pettigrew, LydiaF10/14/194479~186547 ½Convulsions
P4Pfaff, Frank W.M08/04/195575~188044 No cause on burial permit
P4Pfeffer, Joseph JacobM09/21/196251~1911263 Acute myocardial failure
P5Pfeiffer, Bernard W.M08/06/200657~1949361 Lung Cancer
P5Pfeiffer, Bertha E.F02/05/200187~1914263 Uricipsis
P5Pfeiffer, Christian A.M10/10/19928004/13/1912361 Pancreatic CancerY
P5Pfeiffer, MaryF02/27/200583~1922361 Respiratory Arrest
P5Pickerell, VioletF08/31/198981~1908368 E ½Acute Cardiac Arrest
P5Pickerill, Stanley G.M04/20/198477~1907368 E ½Respiratory failure
P2Pickrell, Sarah SmithF08/03/194879~1869454 ½
P5Pierce, ElsieF09/11/199281~191157 Natural
P5Pierce, Ira E.M02/13/198379~1904155 Cardio Pulmonary Arrest
P4Pierce, Mary C.F07/17/195892~1866155 Generalized Arteriosclerosis
P5Pierce, Ruth K.F07/10/199286~1906155 Natural
P4Pilger, AdolphM11/29/195985~1874Poor LotPoor plotInanition
P1Piliara, JohnM07/12/193161~1870Poor LotP.L.Pulmonary T.B.
P5Pisarski, AnnaF01/30/199479~19154622 Cardiac Arrest
P5Pisarski, JohnM11/29/198876~1912462 Nothing on Burial Permit
P1Pizer, Ann Jane NeelyF11/19/193024~1906136 11/17/1872 - Removal from JermynSmall Pox
P4Pizer, Kathryn M.F01/08/197385~1888241 ½Left middle cerebral artery thrombosis
P1Plax, JohnM05/23/192975~1854Poor LotP.L.Acute Cardiac failure
P2Pope, Thos.M01/12/194689~1857302 Carcinomia of Stomach
P1Povlovich, John W.M03/23/1929 10 mos05/23/1928506 Bronchial Pneumonia
P2Powell, John O.M06/08/193757~1880292 Arterio sclerosis
P2Powell, Mrs. RebeccaF02/07/194363~1880292 Arteriosclerosis
P2Powell, ThomasM04/26/193466~186817 Arterinoscerosis
P5Price, HelenF12/11/199083~1907563 Septic Shock
P2Pritchard, AliceF02/26/194259~1883368 Diabetes Mellitis
P2Pritchard, AndrewM12/24/194361~1882254 Cardio Leyal Disease
P4Pritchard, Elvira HarrisF02/15/195387~1866124 Broncho Pneumonia
P4Pritchard, John HumphreyM06/28/195282~1870124 Hypertension
P1Pritchard, Mary JaneF05/09/192351~1872124 Myocarditis
P5Pritchard, Thea E.F07/20/198375~1908124 W ½Multiple Myeloma
P5Pritchard, WillardM07/21/198577~1908124 SW ½Congestive Cardiomyopathy
P4Pritchard, William H.M01/13/195571~1884368 Coronary Occlusion
P5Proctor, Elma G.F11/02/199492~1902304 Carcinoma of Urinary Bladder
P4Proctor, William J.M04/17/197776~1901304 Acute myocardial infarction
P2Prosser, BenjaminM09/08/194067~1873362 Cerbral Hemmorage
P5Prosser, BertineF06/01/200698~1908362 Congestive Heart Failure
P4Prosser, Eleanor A.F10/25/197072~1898362 Carcinomen of the breast
P3Prosser, Minnie StrongF09/19/195071 yrs 7 mos 2 dys02/17/1879362 Carcinoma of Cecum
P1Pugh, AliceF11/06/192753~1874234 Pyelitis Nephritis
P1Pugh, JenkinM11/09/193011/09/1930423 Pulmonary Edema

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