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PgNames (31)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
P2Palamountain, AnnaF09/22/194770~1877486 Tuberculosis
P2Palamountain, Joseph BennettM02/12/193871~1867486 Carcinomen of Stomach
P2Para, AndrewM09/29/194535~19104617 East ½Anterosclerotic Cardio renal disease
P2Parry, AnnaF02/22/193577~1858433 Cerebral Apoplexy
P2Parry, ElizaF05/14/194775 yrs 3 mos 0 dys02/14/187214 ½Carcinoma of Rectum
P2Parry, Gomer ReeseM07/26/194677 yrs 10 mos 8 dys09/18/186814 ½Acute Cardiac Dilation
P2Parry, JM06/06/194452~1892435 Myocardial FailureY
P2Parry, SamuelM05/23/193482~1852141 Cardaro Renal disea
P2Parry, WalterM02/17/194862~1886433 Chronis Myocarditis
P2Patten, Charles H.M09/23/193764~18734913 Fracture of Cervical Vertebra
P2Pavlovich, Cyril D.M08/08/193724~1913506 Accidental Drowning
P2Pearce, John W.M09/26/193657~187933 Carcinonia bladder
P2Pearce, JosephM04/07/193549~188633 Myrocarditis
P2Pearce, Mrs. Ada CravenF04/11/193676~1860117 Gangrene of foot
P2Peck, Howard H.U311 12/13/1937 Removed to Glenwood Mausoleum
P2Peck, Lester WilsonU311 12/13/1937 Removed to Glenwood Mausoleum
P2Petch, John W.M07/04/193452~1882217 Anthroroses
P2Petch, JosephM11/20/193973~186614 Apoplexy
P2Peters, Floyd Jr.M07/31/194512~19334613 Single gravePulmonary Tuberculosis
P2Peters, JennieF06/09/193379~185488 Myocarditis
P2Peters, Nicia MayF02/05/19457~19384614 Single graveDrowning
P2Pettey, JennieF04/09/194272~187091 Cleronis Myacardis
P2Pettigrew, LydiaF10/14/194479~186547 ½Convulsions
P2Pickrell, Sarah SmithF08/03/194879~1869454 ½
P2Pope, Thos.M01/12/194689~1857302 Carcinomia of Stomach
P2Powell, John O.M06/08/193757~1880292 Arterio sclerosis
P2Powell, Mrs. RebeccaF02/07/194363~1880292 Arteriosclerosis
P2Powell, ThomasM04/26/193466~186817 Arterinoscerosis
P2Pritchard, AliceF02/26/194259~1883368 Diabetes Mellitis
P2Pritchard, AndrewM12/24/194361~1882254 Cardio Leyal Disease
P2Prosser, BenjaminM09/08/194067~1873362 Cerbral Hemmorage

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Note that the burial books from which most entries were transcribed cover burials dating from
approximately July of 1922 to the present. Burial records from before 1922 were lost in a fire, though
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