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PgNames (126)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
T4Tassey, MildredF11/24/198067~19134615 W ½Double DepthNothing on Permit
T4Tassey, PaulF03/25/199148~19434615 W ½
T2Tassey, Terry AnnF10/08/1948 10 mos 4 dys12/04/19474625 ½Cramp Spasmodic
T1Taylor, Albert W.M10/05/192856~18724715 ?act?? T. B.
T4Taylor, Anna E.F05/24/199795~19024715 Congestive Heart Failure
T2Taylor, Arthur C.M05/06/194445~189952 Single GravePneusococcic MeningitisY
T1Taylor, BabyF10/28/192210/28/1922392 Stillborn
T1Taylor, Casper W.M01/18/19273411/17/1892Poor LotAcute Dilation of StomachY
T3Taylor, George F.M07/16/198477~1907172
T2Taylor, George W.M03/03/195068~18824715 Coronary Occlusion
T3Taylor, Howell W.M03/10/195671~18854715 Coronary Thrombosis
T1Taylor, JeminaF10/02/192453~1871236 Cerebral Hemorrhage
T2Taylor, John W. Sr.M01/25/194074~1866115 Acute Cardiac Failure
T1Taylor, Leroy EugeneM08/28/193281~1851174 Prostration
T3Taylor, Margery ?rearF04/04/195350~1903387 10/21/1953 Disinterment permit #4 and new burial permit issed to move body from front of lot to backno information on burial permit
T3Taylor, Marion ???F02/28/197176~1895236 nothing on transit permit
T2Taylor, MaryF05/04/194286~1856115 ½Gastric Carcinoma
T1Taylor, Mary A.F10/07/192345~1878392 Carcinoma
T1Taylor, Morris W.M10/15/192547~18784715 Tuberculosis Pulmonary
T3Taylor, PaulU03/12/196264~1898236 Uremia
T3Taylor, WilliamU07/15/196286~1876392 arteriosclerotic cardio vascular disease
T3Taylor, harry HenryU05/28/196464~1900392 not on permit
T4Teel, Virginia ?F03/27/197303/27/1973491 Myocardial Infarction
T2Tekatch, Edward R.M03/01/194446~1898509 HemorrhageY
T3Tekatch, HenryM09/23/197076~1894569 E ½Cardiac Insufficiency
T3Tekatch, Jessie P.M07/11/196767~1900569 E ½Metastic Carcinoma
T4Tekatch, MargaretF07/04/198474~1910509 W ½Heart Failure/Old ?????
T3Tekatch, TheodoreM01/16/197265~1907509 W ½Cardiac Arrest
T1Teketch, CharlesM12/25/19306~1924509 Asteomgelitis of Tarsal Bone
T3Telford, AlbertM02/21/196865~19035622 2 Grave LotAcute Coronary occlusion
T4Telford, Anna MaeF02/19/199181~19105622 2 Grave LotC. H. F. A.S. H. D.
T1Telford, Henry HaggersonM06/28/193365~18684918 Hypostatic Pneumonia
T2Telford, Lawrence A.M01/01/194759 yrs 9 mos04/01/1887536 W ½Myocardial Infarction
T1Telford, Mary AnnF03/08/192759~18684918 Cardiac Vascular
T1Tessie, BabyM11/18/1934 14 dys11/04/19344913 Inter?arale Anei?
T1Tetatch, JosephM05/19/193467~1867509 Lobar Pneumonia
T3Tetley, Cora H.U05/28/196651~1915512 Abdominal Carcinoma
T2Tetley, JohnM10/03/193572~1863512 Coronary Thrombosis
T2Tewkesbury, Ethel MaeF08/19/194738~19095318 ??????
T1Thomas, Bruce AM07/21/192516~19094815 Accidental Drowning
T3Thomas, ClarenceU09/20/196673~1893319 Coronary OcclusionY
T4Thomas, David NealM11/12/197736~1941710
T3Thomas, Donald RogerM07/10/195227~1925319 asphyxiation by drowning
TThomas, Dorothy LloydF01/03/200798~1909521 DEHYDMTION
T3Thomas, EdithF06/25/196871~1897319 Acute congestive heart Failure
T3Thomas, Edward MosesM05/11/196453~1911710 not on burial transit permit
T1Thomas, ElizabethF11/11/192868~1860444 Acute Dilation of Heart
T2Thomas, ElizabethF01/30/194177~18644815 ½Coronary Thrombosis
T1Thomas, EnochM10/09/192451~187346 Chronic Myocarditis
T4Thomas, EstherF04/03/199986~1913183 ½Cremains buried 10/30/1999Stroke
T2Thomas, EvanM08/20/193644~1892135 Comp. Fracture of Skull
T1Thomas, FrankM05/17/193048~18824815 Acute Dilation of HeartY
T4Thomas, Gordan B.M03/09/199385~1908225 Cebrovascular Thrombosis
T4Thomas, Hannah H.F10/28/197653~1923444 Nothing on Out of State Transit Permit
T4Thomas, HarrietF05/28/197877~1901465 Acute Cardiac Failure
T4Thomas, Hayden R.U11/19/197467~1907521 Acute Myocardial Infarction
T4Thomas, Helen BeekmanF07/17/197659~1917444 Nothing on Out of State Transit Permit
T4Thomas, Howard LM03/12/198557~1928394 ??L 4-3?Irreversible Cardiac Pulmonary Arrest
T1Thomas, John H.M05/03/193067~1863375 ½Pulmonary Edema
T1Thomas, John S.M09/03/193578~1857Poor LotCarcinoma of Prostate
T4Thomas, Lena BurnettF07/01/197589~1886521 Arteriosclerotic ????
T3Thomas, Lloyd RichardM07/29/195822~1936521 Broken neck + Internal ???
T4Thomas, MamieF05/26/199289~1903468 Acute Cardiac Respiratory Arrest
T4Thomas, MarthaF04/15/199981~1918183 ½Cremains buried 10/30/1999Hepatic Failure
T3Thomas, Martha JonesF01/13/195767~1890183 Uremia ca of Breast
T2Thomas, MaryF06/01/194874 yrs 3 mos 8 dys02/24/1874375 W ½Carcinoma of Left Breast
T4Thomas, Mary (Morgan)F03/26/197871~1907225 Nothing on Crematory Permit
T1Thomas, Mary A.F12/11/192964~1865318 Myocarditis
T3Thomas, Maud S.U~196777~189087 Acute myocardial infarction
T4Thomas, MildredF08/09/199789~1908311 Not Given
T3Thomas, Nettie S.M01/20/195977~1882397 Myocardial Insufficiency
T1Thomas, Norman W.M09/06/193044~1886480 Septic Pulmonary
T4Thomas, Ruth DunlapF08/01/199388~1905710 Not Shown
T4Thomas, Shirley L.F01/23/197745~1932393 N ??Multiple Myeloma
T3Thomas, Thomas J.M06/09/195773~1884521 Myocardial Infarction
T3Thomas, WaylandM05/07/196355~1908311 Acute myocardial infarction
T2Thomas, WilliamM12/02/194496~1848468 Uremia
T2Thomis, Charles G.M08/18/194483~1861319 Strangulated Hernia
T2Thompson, AndrewM05/10/194455~18894614 Acute Myocardial Failure
T5Thompson, Elvira M.F04/10/200288~19144621 E ½Respiratory Failure, Brainstem CVA
T4Thompson, Glenn R.M03/06/197566~19094621 Coronary Heart Disease
T3Thompson, NormanM05/03/195251~1901163 Ing. Pending
T3Thompson, PollyF02/23/197184~1887Poor LotLower poor lot near fenceAcute Coronary heart disease
T3Thompson, Rebecca ?M12/20/195457~18975521 Metastic Carcinoma
T3Thompson, RichardM07/17/196556~19094614 Single Gravefractured skull occipital and temporalY
T4Thompson, Richard E.M10/23/19916805/09/19235521 E ½Congestive Heart FailureY
T3Thompson, Stella MaeF03/10/195478~1876163 Transit permit no cause
T4Thompson, WalterM09/21/197286~18865521 E ½Congestive heart failure
T2Thorpe, ClaraF09/10/194086~1854494 ½Hepo ?aster
T3Tilley, BessieF01/14/195891~1867512 Staphlococcic infection of ce???
T2Tilley, Rosena ViolaF05/10/195058 yrs 11 mos 22 dys05/18/1891522 Chronic Myocarditis
T2Tilley, Walter H.M05/13/194957~1892512 Intestinal Obstruction
T4Tinsley, BessieF08/02/199297~1895271 W ½Cardiopulmonary Arrest
T4Tinsley, EugeneM09/19/19758201/24/189327 ½Nothing on PermitY
T1Toth, GeorgeM12/19/1926 7 mos05/19/1926Poor LotAcute Gastro Enteritis
T1Toth, JohnM09/01/193045~18854110 Pulmonary Edema
T4Toth, JohnM08/08/199685~19114110 E ½Not Listed
T4Travis, EugeneM10/10/198672~1914426 Along NE edge of ???Cardiac Arrest
T3Travis, George M.M05/06/195584~187183 ½Myocardial Degeneration
T4Travis, Glenis ParkerF04/29/199304/29/1993426
T2Travis, Rowland PackerM03/08/1941 5 mos10/08/1940426 Lobar Pneumonia
T1Travis, SusanF12/27/192485~1839Poor Lot?????
TTravis, Zebulon P.M08/16/1915~7303/06/184297 Civil WarY
TTraviss, JosephM~1889~77~181281 Civil WarY
T5Tremback, JeromeM03/05/200568~19375318 W ½CHF
T1Tresslar, OliverM02/06/192389~18341810 Nephritis
T2Treverton, George F.M05/24/193789~184882 Chronic Myocarditis
T2Trimble, HenryM05/26/194065~1875228 N ½Bronchitis
T4Trojanowicz, Anthony ThomasM04/09/1996 3 dys04/06/19965412 Intercranial Hemorrhage
T4Troy, NellieF12/05/198798~1889478 W ½Hogarth LotIntractable Shock
T1Tucker, Richard StuartM01/26/19231~1922179 Ma???? Glands
T3Tucker, Robert CharlesM09/21/195766~1891179 Pulmonary Tuberculosis
T1Tuthill, ElizaF02/14/193483~185177 Cerebral Hemorrhage
T1Tuthill, GeorgeM08/11/192676~185077 Gangrene of Left Foot
T1Tuthill, H. J.M10/26/192858~1870Poor LotAddison's Disease
T2Tuthill, LeonardM02/16/194135~1906171 Cerebral Hemorrage
T1Tuthill, Mary A.F07/10/192680~1846262 Cardiac Asthma
TTuthill, RobertM05/02/1907~6504/09/1842262 Civil WarY
T2Tuthill, Ross SustagF12/16/195176~1875171 Cerebral Embolism, Arteriosclerosis
T2Tuthill, Russell F.M01/09/195149~1902171 Chr. Myocardial Degeneration
T2Tyron, Emily MackrellF07/31/194871~1877541 Small Corner LotCA of Bowel, Heart Failure
T2Tyron, VerneM02/22/194480~1864473 Chronic Myocarditis
T2Tyson, EdwardM01/02/194884~1864473 Broncho Pneumonia
T1Tyson, ElizabethF09/16/192863~1865473 Heart Trouble
T4Tyson, Joseph T.M12/25/197814~1964540 Advanced A. S. C. V. D.
T3Tyson, WilliamM07/08/196659~1907541 Arteriosclerotic ????

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