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PgNames (31)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
T3Taylor, George F.M07/16/198477~1907172
T3Taylor, Howell W.M03/10/195671~18854715 Coronary Thrombosis
T3Taylor, Margery ?rearF04/04/195350~1903387 10/21/1953 Disinterment permit #4 and new burial permit issed to move body from front of lot to backno information on burial permit
T3Taylor, Marion ???F02/28/197176~1895236 nothing on transit permit
T3Taylor, PaulU03/12/196264~1898236 Uremia
T3Taylor, WilliamU07/15/196286~1876392 arteriosclerotic cardio vascular disease
T3Taylor, harry HenryU05/28/196464~1900392 not on permit
T3Tekatch, HenryM09/23/197076~1894569 E ½Cardiac Insufficiency
T3Tekatch, Jessie P.M07/11/196767~1900569 E ½Metastic Carcinoma
T3Tekatch, TheodoreM01/16/197265~1907509 W ½Cardiac Arrest
T3Telford, AlbertM02/21/196865~19035622 2 Grave LotAcute Coronary occlusion
T3Tetley, Cora H.U05/28/196651~1915512 Abdominal Carcinoma
T3Thomas, ClarenceU09/20/196673~1893319 Coronary OcclusionY
T3Thomas, Donald RogerM07/10/195227~1925319 asphyxiation by drowning
T3Thomas, EdithF06/25/196871~1897319 Acute congestive heart Failure
T3Thomas, Edward MosesM05/11/196453~1911710 not on burial transit permit
T3Thomas, Lloyd RichardM07/29/195822~1936521 Broken neck + Internal ???
T3Thomas, Martha JonesF01/13/195767~1890183 Uremia ca of Breast
T3Thomas, Maud S.U~196777~189087 Acute myocardial infarction
T3Thomas, Nettie S.M01/20/195977~1882397 Myocardial Insufficiency
T3Thomas, Thomas J.M06/09/195773~1884521 Myocardial Infarction
T3Thomas, WaylandM05/07/196355~1908311 Acute myocardial infarction
T3Thompson, NormanM05/03/195251~1901163 Ing. Pending
T3Thompson, PollyF02/23/197184~1887Poor LotLower poor lot near fenceAcute Coronary heart disease
T3Thompson, Rebecca ?M12/20/195457~18975521 Metastic Carcinoma
T3Thompson, RichardM07/17/196556~19094614 Single Gravefractured skull occipital and temporalY
T3Thompson, Stella MaeF03/10/195478~1876163 Transit permit no cause
T3Tilley, BessieF01/14/195891~1867512 Staphlococcic infection of ce???
T3Travis, George M.M05/06/195584~187183 ½Myocardial Degeneration
T3Tucker, Robert CharlesM09/21/195766~1891179 Pulmonary Tuberculosis
T3Tyson, WilliamM07/08/196659~1907541 Arteriosclerotic ????

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