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PgNames (27)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
Mc2MacFadyen, Gilbert LithgowM11/23/196570~1895166 CremationGeneralized Arteriosclerosis
Mc2MacFadyen, JohnM12/27/197182~1889166 CremationOcclusin RT Middle Cerebral Artery
Mc2MacFadyen, Lois M.F05/18/196058~1902166 CremationCongestive Heart Failure
Mc1McAndrew, BabeM09/19/1930009/19/1930Poor LotP.LPremature
Mc2McConnell, AlbertM03/14/197739~19384611 Cardiogenic shock
Mc2McConnell, AliceF05/24/195750~19074611 Metastatic Carcinoma
Mc2McConnell, Charles H.M03/14/196635~19314611 A*ntr*go cardial infarctionY
Mc1McConnell, EsterF06/27/19295~1924Poor LotP.LTetainis
Mc1McConnell, JohnM06/11/193072~1858418 ½Cardiac Decomposition
Mc2McConnell, Mary P.F02/03/198188~189347 Carcinomatosis
Mc1McConnell, RobertM12/01/19243~1921464 Lot 4?Removal
Mc2McConnell, Robert EdwardM02/22/197071~18994611 Anthnaco Silicosis
Mc2McConnell, Shirley J.F06/16/200471~19334611 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Mc1McConnell, babyM12/05/1927012/05/19274611 Still Born
Mc2McCormick, Herbert JewettM07/29/195285~1867128 Coronary Occlusion
Mc1McCormick, MildredF05/25/192628~1898128 Tuberculosis
Mc1McCutcheon, Sarah Jane PetchF09/23/194872~1876217 Uremia
Mc2McDonald, KatherineF07/22/196153 yrs 9 mos 28 dys09/25/19073110 Carcinomatosis
Mc2McDonnell, BrennaF09/29/199818~1980211 W ½Auto Accident
McMcDonnell, WilliamM06/19/200862~1946211 W ½CremainsSquamous Cell Co. of Bone
Mc2McFadden, Norman P.M03/17/1977~6409/03/19135312 ⅔Nothing on permitY
Mc2McFadden, SueF05/07/200388~19155312 In Stage Alzheimers
Mc1McIntosh, MargaretF09/23/193455~18794513 Matastic Carcimonia
Mc2McLain, ElviraF09/14/195589 yrs 9 mos12/14/1865308 Cerebral Hemorrhage - Bronchial Pneumonia
Mc1McLane, John J.M08/12/194175~1866308 It**och Cardia
Mc1McMain, FrancisF05/29/192350~1873255 Diabetes
Mc1McPeek, Mary E.F11/25/192511/25/1925265 Debilitis

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Special thanks to Terri, Pat, Leah & Patrice, who did the bulk of the transcriptions.

Note that the burial books from which most entries were transcribed cover burials dating from
approximately July of 1922 to the present. Burial records from before 1922 were lost in a fire, though
some entries have been added to this database from other sources.

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