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PgNames (153)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
A2Abarre, Mary C.F08/18/19988705/22/1911575 Multiple Organ SyndromeY
A2Andrake, Alexander A. Sr.M01/17/19998707/28/1911575 Cerebral HemorrhageY
AAyres, Archbald A.M~1911~6406/02/1847501 Civil War; Died Nov 1911Y
BBarnes, John E.M11/16/189044~1846331 Civil WarY
BBell, Joseph G.M~1917~77~1840138 Civil WarY
B5Bembo, Alfred J.M03/15/195967~1892229 Massive Retroperitoneal HemmorrhageY
BBerry, John J.M10/19/190977~1832267 Civil WarY
BBerry, MarionM12/04/189152~1839243 Civil War; date of death and approximate age from civil war service and pension records.Y
B7Beynon, David R.M12/17/19857109/14/191469 E ½Nothing on Burial-Transit PermitY
B3Beynon, EvanM06/04/194739~190869 Lobar pneumoniaY
B7Boeth, Frederick J.M12/11/19776906/03/1908175 Cerebro Vascular AccidentY
BBohner, PhillipM06/28/1903~5911/25/184493 Civil WarY
BBoker, HenryM06/09/190975~1834Poor LotCivil WarY
B3Bonner, Henry T.M04/30/194658~1888332 Natural CausesY
B8Bowler, GeorgeM09/22/19946811/08/19255310 E ½Chronic Renal FailureY
BBurdick, Arthur PiersonM04/22/1921~2308/05/1898526 Y
B6Burnett, George W.M06/27/19714512/13/1925248 Not on PermitY
C8Caines, Edward O.M08/27/19955904/04/1936113 Respiratory ArrestY
C8Cappellini, AnthonyM03/26/19928412/09/19073010 Congestive Heart FailureY
C8Carey, Kenneth E.M01/17/19844704/01/1936562 …ostate CancerY
C6Carter, Ralph ElliotM02/10/196774~1893499 Myocardial infractionY
C8Chatlosh, StephenM05/20/199980~19194622 Acute Cardiopulmonary ArrestY
C8Chopak, MichaelM06/17/19946811/25/19255314 Y
C8Churi, JosephM09/23/19876704/25/1920211 W ½… Nothing on permitY
CCole, William M.M177 Civil WarY
C8Coleman, Vincent L.M08/13/19887304/05/1913495 W ½…ardiac arrythmiaY
C3Coon, EdwardM04/17/194655~18914710 MyocarditisY
C7Craven, WilliamM04/08/19798201/21/18964910 ½A.S. Heart DiseaseY
D6Dack, Otto R.M08/11/19889106/03/18974819 E ½????????Y
D2Dakin, Eric WalterM12/15/193543~1892458 Bronchal PneumoniaY
DDando, Vincent BenjaminM07/07/1920~2704/11/1893476 Y
DDaugherty, Joseph I.M~1895~50~184554 Civil War; DOB was listed as 01/18/1905, but that can't be right.Y
D5Davis, BrynmourM06/17/196773~18945614 ½Not on Burial PermitY
D4Davis, George W.M05/30/195862~1896223 ½Coronary OcclusionY
DDennis, LivingstonM12/08/1902~6403/20/1838216 Civil WarY
D1Dixon, JohnM06/21/19313503/10/1896419 ½Infected Right ArmY
D5Doyle, Frederick IraM11/11/19764601/01/193096 Acute Myocardial InfarctionY
D6Draper, Arthur LeeM01/29/19896501/12/19245618 E ½Cirrhoesis Renal FailureY
D7Draper, JamesM09/04/19936011/05/19325618 W ½Repiratory FailureY
D4Dunlap, Homer CarrM05/09/195860~189878 Carcinoma of lungY
E3Edgett, Claude WalkerM08/07/196470~1894178 Diabetic gangrene of right legY
E3Edwards, ElmerM07/25/196447~19175515 Acute myocardial infractionY
E4Edwards, Richard RussellM10/11/19948308/23/1911573 CVA PneumoniaY
E2Elvidge, Francis P, P.F.C.M07/29/19442010/22/19235319 US ArmyDied in FranceY
E4Elvidge, WilliamM02/28/19967503/08/19205619 Adult Respiratory Distress SyndromeY
E3Estner, Joseph J.M07/18/196482~1882Poor LotAlong fence upper Poor PlotCoronary OcclusionY
EEvans, Edward L.M06/17/1914~77~1837237 Civil WarY
E3Evans, James A.M02/17/196556~19095420 Cardiac ArrestY
F3Farr, GeorgeM11/17/19878012/30/18874910 NWCarcinoma of the EsophagusY
F3Fawcett, George J.M11/21/195961~18984915 Middle name may be FrankDied at West Mountain Sanitorium, Scranton. No cause on Burial Permit.Y
F3Finlayson, JamesM01/17/19896911/20/19195711 Respiratory ArrestY
F4Fiorenza, Anthony F.M07/14/19968609/26/1909506 Massive Intecranial HemmorrageY
F4Flis, Walter S.M11/22/19906412/25/1925281 W½Acute Cardiac failureY
F3Ford, Henry F.M01/15/19755002/11/192424 Nothing on permitY
F2Fowler, Harry T.M08/10/195108/10/19514619 ½Killed in action in KoreaY
G2Gates, Eugeen O.M03/22/193490~184468 Cerebral ThrombosisY
G5Gdovin, George RobertM09/13/19896006/27/19295012 burial book says died 09/13/1986Acute Myocardial InfarctionY
G5Groves, Virginia C.F12/15/19947202/19/19224618 CremainsCardiac ArrestY
HHaines, J. M.M12/09/1878~4001/15/1838335 Civil WarY
H6Hanuscik, Albert M.M02/11/19946707/23/1926581 Metastatic CarcinomaY
HHarding, Elias T.M08/25/1896~7607/29/1820302 Civil WarY
H5Hare, Donald RobertM08/04/1979~6805/09/1911463 W ½Acute Cardiac FailureY
HHare, John P.M12/05/1918~2606/30/1892463 Y
HHarris, ArthurM09/02/1920~3707/31/1883461 Y
H1Harris, George E.M04/14/192832~1896422 RabiesY
HHart, JohnM08/26/192108/26/1921Poor LotBurial location unknownY
H4Hill, JasperM09/22/196072~18884914 Acute Myocardial InfractY
H4Hoyes, Edward J.M10/24/195264~188821 Chi. Myocarditis Acute FailureY
H4Hoyes, Walter N.M03/13/195355~1898215 ½Cerebral ThrombosisY
H5Hoyes, WilfordM03/02/196771~189621 Peripheral Vascular CollapseY
H6Hudson, John W.M08/13/19998611/19/1912423 S ½End Stage AlzheimersY
JJohnson, Daniel W.M~1901~72~1829391 Civil WarY
JJohnston, James W.M06/16/1910~89~182116 Civil WarY
J3Jones, William B.M12/21/19666001/08/1906382 Intestinal obstructionY
J3Jones, William G.M03/27/195320~193397 Killed in KoreaY
KKareha, GeorgeM09/16/1918~24~189424 #2Y
KKetchum, William F.M03/12/191303/12/1913492 Born Feb 1848Y
K5Kotchko, Paul Jr.M01/15/19939101/19/19014620 Cardiac ArrestY
K5Kotcho, Herbert W.M04/15/19997406/14/19245016 W ½CA of LungY
K4Kovatch, Julius GeorgeM12/13/19755404/10/1927110 Not on PermitY
LLeighton, Thomas H.M02/12/1985~5804/10/1927Poor LotStrangely not in the burial book. Burial location unknownY
L4Lux, MichaelM10/14/19898209/01/1901810 Acute Cardiac ArrestY
LLyon, Luther S.M01/19/1889~6511/16/182456 Civil WarY
Mc2McConnell, Charles H.M03/14/196635~19314611 A*ntr*go cardial infarctionY
Mc2McFadden, Norman P.M03/17/1977~6409/03/19135312 ⅔Nothing on permitY
M8Middleton, James J.M12/10/19987203/07/1926579 W ½Prostate CancerY
M1Milard, George W.M10/20/192579~18464816 Carcinoma of noseY
MMiller, WilliamM08/23/1919~8802/10/1831156 Civil WarY
MMiller, William G.M12/10/1910~68~1842156 Civil WarY
M8Morgan, David G.M08/29/19997605/19/18904533 33 and 34NaturalY
M8Moult, RussellM06/10/19886301/02/1925428 E ½CremationAsphixationY
M8Murphy, Joseph P.M09/07/19998903/09/19105612 Acute myocardial infarctionY
NNavajouskie, JohnM08/07/19606205/24/1898Poor LotUnaccoutably missing from burial book, burial location unknown.Y
N2Newton, Russell A.M08/06/19978405/13/19124718 Diabetes MellitusY
N2Nossal, JohnM07/26/19877411/15/19125015 Cardiac ArrestY
OOwens, D.M.M~1890~49~1841513 Civil WarY
P2Parry, JM06/06/194452~1892435 Myocardial FailureY
P4Patten, Willard ElmerM12/11/19745207/14/1923411 Acute myocardial infarctionY
P5Pethrosavage, AugustusM02/07/19988307/04/1914361 Respirator FailureY
P5Petrosavage, EdwardM04/11/19957806/27/1916583 Severe MalnutritionY
P5Pfeiffer, Christian A.M10/10/19928004/13/1912361 Pancreatic CancerY
RRawlings, Charles MasonM10/14/1918~2510/13/1893394 #2Y
R5Richards, Beverly F.M07/02/19766302/10/1912481 Acute Myocardial infarctionY
RRock, ChristianMPoor LotCivil WarY
R6Rodway, Alfred W.M03/16/19947505/30/1918307 Acute Cardiovascular AccidentY
R5Rodway, LinferdM06/24/196743~1924307 Acute Myocardial infarctionY
R6Rudolph, Robert G.M03/07/19906406/18/19254818 Lung CarcinomaY
R4Rumford, Ralph G.M09/20/195950~190927 ½Generalized CarcinomatosisY
SSamson, John W.M08/15/186508/15/1865Poor LotCivil WarY
S1Samson, John WardM08/12/19228306/03/183971 Fractured FerminY
SSamson, Luther H.M~1895~52~184371 Civil WarY
S9Sanderson, John T.M03/19/19786101/10/1917212 Carcinoma of mouth floorY
S10Sasfai, Emery A.M05/13/19916809/08/192224 Y
S10Saxe, Harry Jr.M02/16/19977812/18/19185412 #1Y
S8Scholefield, JackM03/15/196369~1894383 Hemorrhage from esophageal ??Y
S9Shafer, Alger WilliamM11/24/19906807/12/19224717 Chronic Congestive HeartY
S5Shager, James F.M03/31/195126~1925510 Coronary OcclusionY
S9Shefchick, JosephM01/27/19886708/11/1921467 W ½Double Depth Mann LotCardiopulmonary ArrestY
S9Shoup, Paul S.M11/06/19907002/12/19205311 Cardio Resp. ArrestY
SSimmons, WilliamMPoor LotCivil WarY
S9Simpson, Rexford DeanM11/24/19726201/31/19104719 Metastic CarcinomaY
S10Smetana, EdwardM07/09/19978102/14/19175317 W ½Y
S2Smith, ThomasM02/09/19303909/20/1890339 Brocho PneumoniaY
SSnyder, E.T.M~1901~56~1845371 Civil WarY
S2Spencer, Eric EarlM08/18/19273810/29/1888281 Struck by AutoY
SStedg, LeviM~1912~77~183561 Civil WarY
S5Stephens, Harold T.M01/08/194527~1918424 W ½brought from overseas; buried 12/14/1948Med. Dept U.S.ArmyY
SStevens, James G.M04/07/1865~30~1835273 Civil WarY
S8Swales, Ernest StanleyM12/28/19626909/01/1893333 Cardiac InsufficiencyY
T2Taylor, Arthur C.M05/06/194445~189952 Single GravePneusococcic MeningitisY
T1Taylor, Casper W.M01/18/19273411/17/1892Poor LotAcute Dilation of StomachY
T2Tekatch, Edward R.M03/01/194446~1898509 HemorrhageY
T3Thomas, ClarenceU09/20/196673~1893319 Coronary OcclusionY
T1Thomas, FrankM05/17/193048~18824815 Acute Dilation of HeartY
T3Thompson, RichardM07/17/196556~19094614 Single Gravefractured skull occipital and temporalY
T4Thompson, Richard E.M10/23/19916805/09/19235521 E ½Congestive Heart FailureY
T4Tinsley, EugeneM09/19/19758201/24/189327 ½Nothing on PermitY
TTravis, Zebulon P.M08/16/1915~7303/06/184297 Civil WarY
TTraviss, JosephM~1889~77~181281 Civil WarY
TTuthill, RobertM05/02/1907~6504/09/1842262 Civil WarY
V2Vallella, Dianic R.M01/16/195457~1897553 Name may be Frankno cause on transit burial permitY
VVandervort, JacobM~1889~59~183076 Civil WarY
W2Wallick, CharlesM11/07/19308706/27/184332 MyocarditisY
W5Walsh, HerbertM09/11/195764~18935422 Pulmonary Infraction - Arterio sclerotic heart diseaseY
W7Walter, Jesse G.M11/24/19716407/10/1907509 Hepatic MetastasesY
W7Walter, Stanley F.M03/08/19735603/10/1916539 Metastatic CarcinomaY
W6Ward, MartinM07/24/19647309/01/18905414 W ½Acute myocardial infarctionY
W5Weaver, George HumphreyM02/07/195256~1896328 Cerebral HemorrhageY
W7Weaver, Thomas G.M07/21/19726010/11/1911339 Acute myocardial infractionY
WWhite, Jerry D.M04/25/1898~5309/14/1845304 Civil WarY
W6Whitehead, Russell H.M09/03/196042~1918482 Acute ?ventr? FailureY
W7Williams, John O.M09/12/19725307/25/1919486 Hyp? Arterio Sclerotic heart diseaseY
Y2Yencho (Jencho), MichaelM03/02/196468~1896545 ½Vaso motor ParalysisY

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