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PgNames (28)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
V1Valerrt, PaulM02/22/192354~1869478 Hernia ??
V2Vallella, BerthaF04/22/195904/22/1959553 not on permit
V2Vallella, Dianic R.M01/16/195457~1897553 Name may be Frankno cause on transit burial permitY
V2Valuka (Valuch), GeorgeM04/13/197183~18885411 Single GraveAcute RT-Ventricular ?? Pulmonary Hypertension / Stage 3 Emphysema ???
V1Van Kirk, FosterM10/02/195154~18974712 ½Pulmonary Tuberculosis
V1Van Kirk, MinnieF01/16/194376~18674712 ½Cardio Vascular Disease
V2Van Wert, Dorcas CF11/15/200395~19085518 Sepsis Acute Pneumonia
VVan Wert, Kenneth W.M01/07/200898~19105518 PULMONARY MALIGNANCY
V1Vanderburg, Frank B.M11/16/194867 yrs 4 mos 16 dys06/31/1881513 Pulmonary Edema
V2Vanderburg, HarryM01/07/195268~1884513 ½Cerebis vascular accident
V2Vanderburg, MaryF10/30/197686~1890513 E ½Carcinoma of Bladder
V2Vanderburg, MildredF03/21/197883~1895513 W ½Acute myocardial infarction
V1Vandervort, ClarenceM10/31/193749~18884110 ½Double Depth Single GraveCoronary disease
V2Vandervort, Esther BeynonF07/17/195333~192069 Gangerous choleiystitus
V1Vandervort, IsthmaelM06/03/193815~19234110 ½Double Depth Single GraveChronic Myocarditis
VVandervort, JacobM~1889~59~183076 Civil WarY
V1Vanwert, Susan HF07/17/194485~1859465 Apaplex
V2Vascavage, CelestineF02/10/200185~1916584 Cardiac Arrest
V2Vascavage, JohnM06/10/199674~1922584 Ventricular Fibrillation
V1Vasey, AnnaF02/19/193461~18735017 Cardio Renal Nephritis
V1Vasey, JosephM06/03/193161~18705017 General debility
V2Vasey, Thomas RichardM05/31/196260~19025017 ½Acute Coronary thrombosis
V1Vaste, HermanM12/09/194765~18825411 Single GraveCoronary Embolism
V1Vergari, VvaldiM03/05/192440~1884Poor LotLobar Pneumonia
V1Vespi, PacificoM04/25/192854~1874Poor LotBody Removed 4/26/1940Pluro Pneumonia
V1Vessie, ElizabethF10/19/194460~188445 ½Arteriosclerotic Nephritis
V2Vessie, William M.M06/25/195979~188045 ½Cerebrovascular accident
V1Vishneski, JohnM10/29/194255~1887Poor LotCardiac Failure

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Special thanks to Terri, Pat, Leah & Patrice, who did the bulk of the transcriptions.

Note that the burial books from which most entries were transcribed cover burials dating from
approximately July of 1922 to the present. Burial records from before 1922 were lost in a fire, though
some entries have been added to this database from other sources.

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