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PgNames (122)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
E1Eaves, HellenF09/20/193058~18724210 Cardio Nephritis
E2Eaves, JosephM05/26/1945 3 dys05/23/19454210
E3Edgett, Catherine DeEtteF10/17/197078~1892178 Arterio Sclerotic Heart Disease
E3Edgett, Claude WalkerM08/07/196470~1894178 Diabetic gangrene of right legY
E2Edgett, Lizzie May WalkerF12/03/193974~1865817 Cerebral Hemmorage
E2Edgetts, Charles A. S.M10/22/193977~1862817 Pulmonary Edemia
E3Edwards, AllisonM11/30/196266~18964619 ½Myocardial Infraction
E1Edwards, Alson DonaldM12/26/1926012/26/19264524 Stillborn
E4Edwards, Eleanor M.F10/16/199580~19155515 Ischemic Cardiomyopathy
E3Edwards, ElmerM07/25/196447~19175515 Acute myocardial infractionY
E3Edwards, Frank C.M07/25/196688~1878386 Carcinoma stomach
E3Edwards, GwenF06/01/195883~1875107 Arterosclerotic Heart Disease
E3Edwards, HannahF06/17/195954~19054619 ½Carcinoma of breast
E1Edwards, Hannah RF07/05/193170~18614524 Myocarditis
E2Edwards, Jean MayF12/18/194313~19304619 ½Peritonitis p ruptured appendix
E2Edwards, JosephM05/07/194375~1868Poor LotCoronary Thrombosis
E4Edwards, Margaret M.F01/07/197791~1886386 Chronic congestive heart failure - Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease
E1Edwards, MarionF08/12/1923 10 mos10/12/1922504 GastroEnteritis
E4Edwards, Mary F.F05/13/198075~1905386 Hyper?
E2Edwards, RichardM03/07/193635~1901107 Endocarditis
E4Edwards, Richard H.M01/16/200361~1942573 Acute MI
E4Edwards, Richard RussellM10/11/19948308/23/1911573 CVA PneumoniaY
E4Edwards, StanleyM02/13/197776~1901286 Cremated remains - nothing on permit
E4Edwards, TressaF12/03/198676~1910573 Ischisic heart disease
E1Edwards, babyM03/20/1927003/20/1927386 Unknown
E1Egostinelli, VilmaF01/16/1929 6 mos07/16/1928Poor LotPoor LotMultiple abscesses
E4Egroff, William HowardM07/15/199146~1945567
E4Eibes, JuliaF04/26/197765~19125014 Carcinoma of heart of pancreas
E4Eibes, PeterM12/03/198069~19115014 Acute myocardial infarction
E4Eides, JoanF10/21/199044~19465014 Metastic Ovarian Cancer
E1Eley, Alice MF02/01/193249~1883237 Cardiac Insufficiency
E1Eley, Thomas BurtonM07/22/193252~1880237 Cardiac Failure
E3Elkin, Amelia Ann ColemanF11/20/196180~1881503 General Debility
E3Elkins, David A.M08/28/195576~1879503 Arthro-Silicosis
E1Elkins, MajorieF12/16/192715~1912503 Endocarditis
E3Elkins, William T.M08/15/196346~1917503 Anthracosilicosis
E3Elling, Jeanette BabcockF11/01/196070~1890258 ½Burial transit permit - No cause
E2Elliott, HarrietF06/10/194306/10/194317
E2Elliott, HenryM06/28/194162~1879117 Cerebral Apoplexy
E4Elvidge, AdaF10/23/200281~19215619 Ventricular Fibrillation
E2Elvidge, Amy FowlerF04/07/193568~1867381 Coronary Thrombua
E3Elvidge, AnnaF08/05/196874~18945319 Diabetes Mellitus
E4Elvidge, CharlotteF03/17/198474~1910469 W½Nothing on Transit Permit
E4Elvidge, EdwardM04/22/197978~1901565 Congestive heart failure
E2Elvidge, Francis P, P.F.C.M07/29/19442010/22/19235319 US ArmyDied in FranceY
E1Elvidge, JamesM05/10/193262~1870469 Not mentioned
EElvidge, James R.M02/02/201198~1913566 Pneumonia
E3Elvidge, John R.M12/27/195766~18915319 Acute myocardial infraction
E3Elvidge, John R.M08/26/196598~1867381 Myocardial Ischemia heart failure
E4Elvidge, MargaretF04/24/199993~1906565 Congestive Heart Failure
E3Elvidge, Marguerite MayF01/25/197175~1896566 Cardiac Insufficiency
E2Elvidge, MarionF02/01/194029~1911381 Throop, PaKilled-fractured ribs, crushed chest, punctured lungs
E4Elvidge, Marion M.F02/01/197861~1917566 Carcinoma lung
E2Elvidge, MarkM06/13/193945~18944111 Myocarditis
E3Elvidge, Mary E.F03/17/195303/17/1953381 Cerebro Vascular Accident
E4Elvidge, Nellie N.M.N.F02/25/2001105~1896469
E4Elvidge, OscarM07/16/200284~19185320 N½Coronary Artery Disease
E4Elvidge, R. DuaneM12/28/198929~1960565 Multiple Traumatic Skull Internal Injuries
E1Elvidge, SarahF01/31/192956~1873469 Diabetes
E4Elvidge, Sarah JaneF06/23/198375~1908469 W½Nothing on Transit Permit
E4Elvidge, WilliamM02/28/19967503/08/19205619 Adult Respiratory Distress SyndromeY
E4Elvidge, William H.M03/28/199395~1898566 Cardiorespiratory Arrest
E2Emmons, Ellie MF01/31/194265~187746 Cardio Renal Complex
E1Emmons, William BM02/25/193278~185446 Chronic Intestional Myocarditis
E4English, Alvan EarlM12/29/197812/29/1978441 Nothing on Burial Transit Permit
E4English, Beatrice M.F10/12/198178~1903441 Cerebral Hemorrhage
E1English, Edna JF12/16/193441~1893441 Adenomia of left breast
E4English, GraceF03/08/197794~188381 Arterio Sclerotic Heart Disease
E1English, HomerM07/27/192267~1855441 Lot 1 + 2 ??Apoplexy
E3English, Joseph D.M09/15/195778~187981 Hemorrhage from ruptured aortic aneurysm
E2English, JunitaF10/03/194689~1857441 1&2?Coronary Thrombosis
E2English, WalterM03/06/195160~1891441 Coronary Thrombosis
E2Ercoli, FerdinandoM09/14/194909/14/1949Poor LotMoved to St Johns Italian Cemetery Jessup Pa from Poor Lot in Prospect Hill
E4Eson, Myrtle G.F07/10/199007/10/1990188 S½
E1Estell, JennieF04/17/192558~1867293 Hemipligis
E1Estell, RobertM06/27/192571~1854293 E ½
E2Estell, RobertM08/29/194749~1898293 E ½Cerebral Hemorrhage
E3Estner, Joseph J.M07/18/196482~1882Poor LotAlong fence upper Poor PlotCoronary OcclusionY
E2Evanko, JohnM08/15/194555~18904920 Bronchial Asthma, ? Stenosis
E1Evans, AlfredM08/05/193128~1903Poor LotPoor LotGeneral Peritonitis
E1Evans, Alfred JohnM03/31/1928 7 dys03/24/1928Poor LotPoor LotHemorage of Kidneys
E3Evans, AnnaF08/03/195848~19105410 W½Aneurysm abdominal aorta
E3Evans, Anna R.F11/14/197170~1901131 Acute myocardial infraction
E4Evans, Betty AnnF10/08/199474~19204819 Pul. Fibrosis
E3Evans, BlancheF02/14/197288~18845420 Congestive heart failure
E1Evans, DavidM02/27/192850~1878378 ½Lobar ? Pneumonia
E3Evans, David I.M08/28/196773~18944813 Acute coronary occlusion
E3Evans, Edith M.F08/22/196572~18934813 Congestive Failure
EEvans, Edward L.M06/17/1914~77~1837237 Civil WarY
E2Evans, Esther LydiaF06/17/193728~1909137 Emplocitis? Hemorrhage
E4Evans, Eva MaeF11/09/198876~19125420 E½Respiratory Arrest
E4Evans, George WilliamM05/11/198573~19125410 W½Inanition
E1Evans, HannahF08/26/192773~1854131 Carcinoma ??2
E1Evans, Hayden EM04/27/193039~18914713 Epilepesy
E3Evans, James A.M02/17/196556~19095420 Cardiac ArrestY
E2Evans, Jessie T.F04/27/194569~1876385 Cerebral Thrombosis
E1Evans, John HenryM02/26/192424~1900254 Influenza
E2Evans, John HenryM04/13/194775~1872254 Carcinoma of the stomach
E3Evans, John T.M09/12/195675~1881385 Coronary Occlusion
E1Evans, MargaretF11/14/19297~1922131 Post Operative Shock
E4Evans, MarjorieF10/13/199387~19061445 Cardiac Arrest
E3Evans, Martie M.M03/13/195873~18855420 Coronary Palmonale - Arterio sclerosia
E1Evans, MaryF11/10/192431~18934713 Miscarriage
E2Evans, Mary HannahF10/16/194466~1878254 Cereral Hemorrhage
E2Evans, Mrs. DinaF08/30/194570~18754813 Pottstown undertakerCardiac Insufficiency
E3Evans, MyfanF06/19/197590~188517 Congestive heart failure
EEvans, RobertM05/07/200889~19194819 CremainsCARDIAC ARREST
EEvans, Robert G.M11/07/201065~19456318 Renal Cancer
E3Evans, Robert GeorgeM01/02/195182~18695420 Suicide - illuminating gas
E4Evans, SchuskoF10/30/198327~195612 Cirrhosis of the Liver
E1Evans, Stanley DM03/06/192914~19154813 Acute appendicitis
E1Evans, StellaF03/20/192748~1879378 ½Hemorrhagia
E3Evans, ThomasM09/14/195280~1872334 ½Thrombosis
E3Evans, TimothyM06/13/197673~19034514 Myocardial infarction
E3Evans, Washington B.M08/15/196770~1897131 Arteriosclerotic Cardio Vascular Disease
E1Evans, WillardM01/22/193025~1905254 Cardiac decompensation
E2Evans, William JohnM11/22/194769~187817 Poralinen's Agitemis ??
E1Evans, babyF07/26/192207/26/192264 TwinsStillborn
E1Evans, babyF03/14/192603/14/192664 Premature birth
E1Evans, babyF11/19/193311/19/1933254 Premature birth
E2Evans, babyM06/26/194306/26/1943Poor LotPoor LotStillborn
E3Eynon, Joseph GeorgeM10/29/196564~19015610 E½Acute myocardial infarct

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