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PgNames (25)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
E2Eaves, JosephM05/26/1945 3 dys05/23/19454210
E2Edgett, Lizzie May WalkerF12/03/193974~1865817 Cerebral Hemmorage
E2Edgetts, Charles A. S.M10/22/193977~1862817 Pulmonary Edemia
E2Edwards, Jean MayF12/18/194313~19304619 ½Peritonitis p ruptured appendix
E2Edwards, JosephM05/07/194375~1868Poor LotCoronary Thrombosis
E2Edwards, RichardM03/07/193635~1901107 Endocarditis
E2Elliott, HarrietF06/10/194306/10/194317
E2Elliott, HenryM06/28/194162~1879117 Cerebral Apoplexy
E2Elvidge, Amy FowlerF04/07/193568~1867381 Coronary Thrombua
E2Elvidge, Francis P, P.F.C.M07/29/19442010/22/19235319 US ArmyDied in FranceY
E2Elvidge, MarionF02/01/194029~1911381 Throop, PaKilled-fractured ribs, crushed chest, punctured lungs
E2Elvidge, MarkM06/13/193945~18944111 Myocarditis
E2Emmons, Ellie MF01/31/194265~187746 Cardio Renal Complex
E2English, JunitaF10/03/194689~1857441 1&2?Coronary Thrombosis
E2English, WalterM03/06/195160~1891441 Coronary Thrombosis
E2Ercoli, FerdinandoM09/14/194909/14/1949Poor LotMoved to St Johns Italian Cemetery Jessup Pa from Poor Lot in Prospect Hill
E2Estell, RobertM08/29/194749~1898293 E ½Cerebral Hemorrhage
E2Evanko, JohnM08/15/194555~18904920 Bronchial Asthma, ? Stenosis
E2Evans, Esther LydiaF06/17/193728~1909137 Emplocitis? Hemorrhage
E2Evans, Jessie T.F04/27/194569~1876385 Cerebral Thrombosis
E2Evans, John HenryM04/13/194775~1872254 Carcinoma of the stomach
E2Evans, Mary HannahF10/16/194466~1878254 Cereral Hemorrhage
E2Evans, Mrs. DinaF08/30/194570~18754813 Pottstown undertakerCardiac Insufficiency
E2Evans, William JohnM11/22/194769~187817 Poralinen's Agitemis ??
E2Evans, babyM06/26/194306/26/1943Poor LotPoor LotStillborn

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Note that the burial books from which most entries were transcribed cover burials dating from
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