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PgNames (103)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
L3La Morte, William RalphM04/02/195753~19045612 12/07/1979 Disinterment to Glenwood M.Broncho pneumonia
L1Lacacta, JosephM01/16/193647~1889Poor LotP.L.Myocardial failure
L2Lake, Ann E.F12/31/194077~18634531 Myocarditis
L1Lake, ElizabethF03/11/192815~19134915 Accident
L4Lake, FlorenceF08/16/198684~1902461 SW ½Respiratory and Cardiac Arrest
L3Lake, FrankM12/25/196562~1903461 Acute Bilateral Broncopneumonia
L4Lake, Hazel L.F06/08/199260~1932461 Cardiopulmonary Arrest
L3Lake, Helen G.F02/08/197882~1896244 Pulmonary embolus right lung
L3Lake, John S.M02/20/197473~1901461 Not on permit
L3Lake, Marguerite L.F05/14/196761~1906461 Shock cardiogenic
L1Lake, MariahF05/11/192862~1866461 Apoplexy
L4Lake, MaryF01/07/199073~19174531 Milostatic Colorectal Cancer
L4Lake, Norman M.P.E.M03/23/198996~1893244 Cardiopulmonary Arrest
L2Lake, RalphM10/26/194077~18634531 Acute Selvosis Myocarditis
L2Lake, Santina ClareF04/05/1947 11 mos 17 dys04/19/19464531 Virus infection of abdomen
L3Lake, Williard T.M11/15/195653~19034521 Body Blown to Bits in Powder Mill Explosion Belin Village Moosic
L1Lancaster, Albert W.M02/13/192442~1882189 Pencarditis
L3Lancaster, AmosM10/09/195410/09/1954186 Age not on burial permitGeneralized Arteriosclerosis
L1Lancaster, HaroldM10/03/193122~1909189 Fracture of skull
L2Lancaster, Jane AnnF02/03/194156~1885189 Broncho Asthma
L3Lancaster, Margaret MayF05/15/196082~1878186 Cardiovascular disease Cerebral Thrombosis
L4Lane, Zelma (Shagg Nallians)F07/04/198581~190443 E ½Ventricular Fibrillation - Asystole
L1Larney, Anna AgustaF02/11/193080~18504523 Erysipelas
L3Larney, WilliamM02/10/196377~188692 Uremia
L1Lathrop, Emma T.F12/24/192681~184566 Chi Nutrai Insufficiens
L1Lathrop, John S.M04/04/192881~184782 Angini Pectoris
L1Lathrope, HalseyM08/27/192481~184366 Age 81-6?Myocarditis
L3Laurie, AnnieF05/15/196084~1876237 Metastatic Carcinoma of large bowel
L3Laury, SophiaF07/09/195488~1866235 Chronic Myocarditis
L1Lecher, Doris J.F03/06/19311 yrs 6 mos09/06/1929303 Dysentery
L3Lehman, Matilda WalkerF07/27/196186~1875493 Anemia primary
LLeighton, Thomas H.M02/12/1985~5804/10/1927Poor LotStrangely not in the burial book. Burial location unknownY
L1Lelli, VincelliM04/18/192830~1898Poor LotP.L.Fractured skull
L4Lewis, Beryl EvansF06/01/199682~1914385 Renal Failure
L1Lewis, David W.M05/31/192471~1853210 Concussion of Brain
L2Lewis, Elizabeth WinstoneF12/13/194563~1882318 S ½Cerebral Hemorrhage
L1Lewis, ErnestM~1924~1924210 DOD OctoberTransfer from Union Cemetery
L3Lewis, Ernest A.M05/12/197263~19094911 Ruptured Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
L1Lewis, Eva BlancheF03/03/192447~1877373 Cleroes Endososdits
L3Lewis, Flossie E.F08/11/196377~1886298 Coronary Thrombosis
L1Lewis, Francis X.F05/01/192368~1855210 Appoplexy
L2Lewis, GertrudeF10/27/193853~1885373 Cancer of swwtomach
L3Lewis, Helen CochraneF10/22/196549~1916373 Coronary occlusion
L3Lewis, JamesM03/30/195680~1876393 Arteriosclerosis Heart Disease
L4Lewis, James V.M11/01/199394~1899385 Cardio Respiratory Arrest
L1Lewis, JaneF~1924~1924210 DOD OctoberTransfer from Union Cemetery
L4Lewis, MaeF05/21/198181~1900577 Multiple Trarumatic Injuries
L1Lewis, MargaretF10/20/192263~1859298 Diabeteic Gangrene
L2Lewis, Margaret A.F06/08/195071~1879154 R. Subducal Hemorrhage
L3Lewis, MaryF11/29/196584~1881298 Congestive heart failure
LLewis, Mary J.F02/08/200591~19144911 CARDIORESPIRATORY FAITURE
L1Lewis, Morris D.M09/01/193363~1870316 Moved 10/12/1936Angina Pectoris
L2Lewis, Morris D.U09/01/193309/01/1933316 10/12/1936 Seymour #118 - Moved body to Valley View Scott, Pa.
LLewis, Nanette MunlleyF04/10/200631~1975246 RESPIRATORY PNEUMONIA
L2Lewis, PaulU316 10/12/1936 Seymour #119 - Moved body to Valley View Scott, Pa.
L2Lewis, Samuel J.M05/18/194566~1879318 S ½Emphysemis Silicosis
L1Lewis, ThomasM01/04/192464~1860298 Mine Accident
L1Lewis, Thomas C.M08/08/1926008/08/1926318 Poor Lot: Transferred to L8 Blk 31 Grave 16Still Born
L3Lewis, Warren ShayM10/30/196260~1902373 Arterio schlerosis Coronary Thrombosis
L3Lewis, William M.M06/20/196683~1883298 Coronary occlusion - Myocardial Infarction
L1Lewis, Wm. D.M08/06/193559~1876154 Chronic myocarditis
L1Lewsley, Charles S.M04/06/193061~1869126 Myocarditis
L4Lindroth, Marion J.F11/02/198649~1937426 Cremated RemainsArteriosclerotic Cariovascular Disease
L3Lintern, Alice EthelF12/10/196390~1873171 Arterio Sclerotic Cardiac
L2Lintern, RobertM04/08/193676~1860171 Myocarditis
L2Lisaniss, StephenM04/07/193960~1879Poor LotP. PlotLabor Pneumonia
L4Llewellyn, DorisF11/25/199880~1918263 Asystole Cardiac Arrest
L3Llewellyn, EbenezerM09/03/195581~1874296 W ½Cardiac Insufficiency
L4Llewellyn, ElizabethF10/12/199486~19085517 Acute Myocardial Infarction
L3Llewellyn, Henry R.M05/10/197659~1917263 Acute Cardiac failure
L2Llewellyn, Jessie H.F01/04/194670~1876534 E ½Chronic myocarditis
L1Llewellyn, MargaretF01/16/193001/16/1930266
L3Llewellyn, MaryF04/28/195656~1900534 ½Rheumatic Heart Disease
L3Llewellyn, RebeccaF03/07/196186~1875296 W ½Arterio Sclerotic heart disease
L2Llewellyn, WilliamM01/30/194871 yrs 9 mos 4 dys04/26/1876534 E ½Cerebral Hemorrhage
L3Llewellyn, WilliamM10/15/197969~19104914 Broncha geri Carcinoma
L1Lloyd, FrederickM12/28/192349~187458 Dilation of Heart
L3Lloyd, MarjorieF11/22/195662~1894103 ½Coronary occlusion
L4Lloyd, Mary A. (Matthews)F03/17/2004101~1903104 Renal Failure
L2Lloyd, NinaF10/19/194677 yrs 8 mos 11 dys02/08/1869103 W ½Cardiac Decompensation
L2Locklin, Bessie Budd - Norma ElizabethF08/19/195169~1882185 Carcinoma of Lower Bowel
L3Locklin, Edward E.M04/14/195377~1876311 Cerebral hemorrhage
L3Locklin, Mabel M.F04/01/197289~1883311 Acute Coronary Thrombosis
L4Lofe, JacobM02/02/198002/02/19804616 W ½Cardiac Arrest
L4Lofe, LillianF05/29/199481~1913466 W ½Myocardial Infarction
L1Logan, babyF05/10/1933 01:0005/10/1933Poor LotP.L.Premature
L4Lokushek, Margaret A.F05/18/198888~190089 E ½Inareteon
L3Lokushek, William J.M12/10/197276~189689 E ½Anthrosclerosis emphysemia
L3Loomis, BessieF02/05/197581~1894263 Carcinoma of bladder
L1Loomis, Frances A.F02/07/193570~1865263 Broncho Pneumonia
L1Loomis, Ira J.M05/12/193586~1849263 General debility - heart failure
L1Lower, BenjaminM12/08/192482~1842235 Organic a*nom of heart
L1Lutey, DorothyF01/11/192701/11/192746 Premature
L4Lux, Anna AgustaF04/02/198884~1904810 Generalized Arterio Sclerosis
L3Lux, Emelia SophiaF09/03/196190~1871810 Arterio sclerosis
L1Lux, GeorgeM11/23/192463~1861810 Chronic heart disease
L2Lux, MaryF08/15/194955~1894810 Unemia
L4Lux, MichaelM10/14/19898209/01/1901810 Acute Cardiac ArrestY
L4Lux, Susie J.F01/29/198593~1892810 Cerebral Thrombosis
L4Lynch, Dorothy JeanF01/18/199973~1926564 Congestive Heart Failure
LLynch, Henry J.M04/06/200592~1913564 NATURAL
L2Lynch, SaraF04/21/195055~1895513 E ½Metastatic Carcinomia
LLyon, Luther S.M01/19/1889~6511/16/182456 Civil WarY

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