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PgNames (71)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
A2Ackley, AnnaF07/18/195550~1905551 Congestive Heart Failure
A2Ackley, Romaine E.M01/24/196761~1906551 Anthraco Silicosis
C9Calvert, Carl E.M01/30/200278~1924552 Chronic Renal Failure
C5Calvert, Clarence F.M01/01/195359~1894552 …ocardial infraction
S10Strong, Mabel E.F03/10/199594~1901552
C7Calvert, Marie E.F04/21/197754~1923553 C.V.A.
V2Vallella, BerthaF04/22/195904/22/1959553 not on permit
V2Vallella, Dianic R.M01/16/195457~1897553 Name may be Frankno cause on transit burial permitY
B7Balog, AnnaF12/25/198182~1899554 Cardiac Arrest CV
B8Balog, George A.M02/24/200081~1919554 Respiratory Arrest
B6Balog, MichaelM06/15/196874~1894554 Acute myocardial infarction
BBalog, VeronicaF05/24/201390~1923554 Acyte M. I.
R4Rogers, WalterM01/26/195567~1888554 Congestive heart failure
RReah, JeanF02/01/200902/01/2009555 Cremains
R4Reha, AnnaF08/30/195659~1897555 Pulmonary Edema - Arteriosclerotic heart disease
RReha, Dr. ClancyM04/14/200784~1923555 CVA
R6Reha, John Sr.M09/18/198592~1893555 E ½Anthrico silicosis
S9Shamon, RoseF01/06/197573~1902556 Acute myocardial infarction
J3James, Edward M.M10/26/197078~1892557 Congestive heart disease
JJames, John W.M10/29/200582~1923557 CARDIOPULMONARY ARREST
S9Stiles, Betty JaneF02/03/197151~1920557 not on permit
J4James, JennieF06/03/198587~1898557 E ½Arterio Sclerotic heart disease
W5Wescott, Iland JeffersonM06/16/195565~1890557 E ½Coronary Occlusion
H5Heckman, RussellM05/09/196605/09/1966558 E ½Squomona Cell Carcinoma
K3Kennedy, HenryM03/06/197266~1906558 E ½Arteriosclerosis, CardioVascular Disease
K4Kennedy, LillianF06/20/197666~1910558 E ½Acute Myocardial Infarction
GGerrity, lsabelle E.F02/28/200582~1923558 W ½SUDDEN CARDIAC ARREST
GGerrity, Francis TM02/02/200884~1924558 w ½LUNG CANCER
M6Merrigan, Isabelle ElizabethF04/29/196868~1900559 Cerebral Embolism
M8Merrigan, LucilleF07/12/200273~1929559 Diabetes Mellitis
M6Merrigan, Michael JosephM12/18/196566~1899559 Congestive Heart Failure - Cremation
M8Merrigan, William J.M01/08/200180~1921559 CremainsBacterial Endocaritis
N2Novgosky, Margaret A.F05/01/198772~19155510 E ½Acute Myocardial Infarction
S9Slota, JohnM09/11/197065~19055510 E ½not on permit
M5Mason, CharlesM06/21/195869~18895510 W ½Not on burial permit
PPage, ChloeF03/02/2009003/02/20095510 W ½(Baby B)ABRUPTO PLALCENTA
PPage, KyleeF03/02/2009003/02/20095510 w ½(Baby A)ABRUPTO PLALCENTA
M6Mason, AnnaF06/08/196980~18895510 ½Cerebrovascular Accident
C5Cliff, Charles H.M04/07/195558~18975511 …morrhage
C8Cliff, MaryF01/28/199693~19035511 Acute Myocardial Infarction
KKundrat, HelenF03/15/201182~19295512 Acute Leukemia
R5Robinson, HelenF12/15/197048~19225512 Anosasis etcology
R4Robinson, Jesse Clan.M05/13/195556~18995512 Myocarditis
K4Kundrat, JohnM12/30/198573~19125512 AAcute Myocadial Infarction
R6Race, WinifredF05/10/198380~19035513 E ½Respiratory and cardiac failure
P4Perry, Cecil H.F04/29/196769~18985513 W ½Heart failure
P4Perry, Vincent J.M03/06/198155~19265513 W ½Metastatic Carcinoma of Lung
M6Makalidge, Betty R.F02/08/196646~19205514 E.½Acute Lympho sarcoma
M6Makalidge, Joseph E.M08/30/196753~19145514 E.½Pulmonary Edema
D7Davis, Betty W.F12/31/200180~19215514 N ½End Stage Renal Disease
D5Davis, Francis M.M02/05/196656~19105514 W ½Carcinoma lung
E4Edwards, Eleanor M.F10/16/199580~19155515 Ischemic Cardiomyopathy
E3Edwards, ElmerM07/25/196447~19175515 Acute myocardial infractionY
C6Chivers, Adele PughF06/03/196359~19045516 Myocardial infraction
C7Chivers, Nelson S.M08/01/197271~19015516 Hepatic Coma
C7Chivers, babyM03/23/1974 00:3503/23/19745516 Prolapsed cord (umbilical)
F4Farrow, Elvira B.F08/15/199584~19115517 Carcinoma of the kidney
L4Llewellyn, ElizabethF10/12/199486~19085517 Acute Myocardial Infarction
R4Rawlings, Mason G.M12/08/195649~19075517 Pneumonia
V2Van Wert, Dorcas CF11/15/200395~19085518 Sepsis Acute Pneumonia
VVan Wert, Kenneth W.M01/07/200898~19105518 PULMONARY MALIGNANCY
C7Collins, AltheaF07/03/197367~19065519 Metastic Carcinoma of Lungs and Bone
C7Collins, James O.M10/30/197866~19125519 W ½Congestive Heart Failure
W7Wescott, BerthaF05/05/198290~18925520 E ½AGHD & Cerebro Sclerosis
Y2Youshock, Robert PhillipM06/29/198736~19515520 W ½nothing on permit
T3Thompson, Rebecca ?M12/20/195457~18975521 Metastic Carcinoma
T4Thompson, Richard E.M10/23/19916805/09/19235521 E ½Congestive Heart FailureY
T4Thompson, WalterM09/21/197286~18865521 E ½Congestive heart failure
M8Martin, Martha C.F~199796~19015521 W ½Kidney Failure
M5Martin, George F.M03/10/195969~18905521 ½Nothing on transit burial permit - Accident in Florida, died several hours after
BBall, Robert J.M08/08/201045~19655522 Metastatic Adeno Carcinoma

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