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PgNames (30)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
E1Eaves, HellenF09/20/193058~18724210 Cardio Nephritis
E1Edwards, Alson DonaldM12/26/1926012/26/19264524 Stillborn
E1Edwards, Hannah RF07/05/193170~18614524 Myocarditis
E1Edwards, MarionF08/12/1923 10 mos10/12/1922504 GastroEnteritis
E1Edwards, babyM03/20/1927003/20/1927386 Unknown
E1Egostinelli, VilmaF01/16/1929 6 mos07/16/1928Poor LotPoor LotMultiple abscesses
E1Eley, Alice MF02/01/193249~1883237 Cardiac Insufficiency
E1Eley, Thomas BurtonM07/22/193252~1880237 Cardiac Failure
E1Elkins, MajorieF12/16/192715~1912503 Endocarditis
E1Elvidge, JamesM05/10/193262~1870469 Not mentioned
E1Elvidge, SarahF01/31/192956~1873469 Diabetes
E1Emmons, William BM02/25/193278~185446 Chronic Intestional Myocarditis
E1English, Edna JF12/16/193441~1893441 Adenomia of left breast
E1English, HomerM07/27/192267~1855441 Lot 1 + 2 ??Apoplexy
E1Estell, JennieF04/17/192558~1867293 Hemipligis
E1Estell, RobertM06/27/192571~1854293 E ½
E1Evans, AlfredM08/05/193128~1903Poor LotPoor LotGeneral Peritonitis
E1Evans, Alfred JohnM03/31/1928 7 dys03/24/1928Poor LotPoor LotHemorage of Kidneys
E1Evans, DavidM02/27/192850~1878378 ½Lobar ? Pneumonia
E1Evans, HannahF08/26/192773~1854131 Carcinoma ??2
E1Evans, Hayden EM04/27/193039~18914713 Epilepesy
E1Evans, John HenryM02/26/192424~1900254 Influenza
E1Evans, MargaretF11/14/19297~1922131 Post Operative Shock
E1Evans, MaryF11/10/192431~18934713 Miscarriage
E1Evans, Stanley DM03/06/192914~19154813 Acute appendicitis
E1Evans, StellaF03/20/192748~1879378 ½Hemorrhagia
E1Evans, WillardM01/22/193025~1905254 Cardiac decompensation
E1Evans, babyF07/26/192207/26/192264 TwinsStillborn
E1Evans, babyF03/14/192603/14/192664 Premature birth
E1Evans, babyF11/19/193311/19/1933254 Premature birth

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Special thanks to Terri, Pat, Leah & Patrice, who did the bulk of the transcriptions.

Note that the burial books from which most entries were transcribed cover burials dating from
approximately July of 1922 to the present. Burial records from before 1922 were lost in a fire, though
some entries have been added to this database from other sources.

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