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PgNames (30)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
S2Samson, Louisa A.F05/23/192687~183971 Arteric Cslenise
S2Sanderson, JamesM12/01/19289~1919212 Shock Auto Accident
S2Sanderson, JamesM03/22/192960~1869502 Intestinal Obstruction
S2Sborea, SteveM08/14/1926 10 mos10/14/1925Poor LotCholera Infantium
S2Scheuartztruber, GladysF08/04/192930~1899184 Acute Philymonous Infection Mouth
S2Schmidt, Peter C.M10/08/192774~18534516 ½Cerebral Hemorrhage
S2Seip, John H.M08/14/192674~185184 Appoplexy
S2Seip, Sarah E.F12/08/193081~184984 Myocarditis
S2Shaffer, Elisha F.M12/29/192651~1875416 ½Bronchial Pneumonia
S2Shager, WilliamM05/17/192957~187275 Croupous Pneumonia
S2Sharpe, babyF09/26/1929009/26/192964 Patulos Fromon Ovoli
S2Sheeres, Olive LuellaF10/12/1926 20 dys09/23/1926Poor LotConvulsions
S2Shone, Eleanor E.F03/08/192746~18815018 Hernia
S2Sickler, Ida I. CaryF07/25/19266201/25/1864489 Carcinoma of pancreas
S2Sickler, Joseph W.M11/06/19276804/03/1859489 Cardiac Vascular
S2Silsbee, MaryF06/03/192676~1850273 Cancer
S2Simonson, Clarence R.M02/23/1929 12 dys02/11/1929294 Cerebral Meningitis
S2Smith, Floyd H.M07/27/192739~1888188 Lobar Pneumonia
S2Smith, ThomasM02/09/19303909/20/1890339 Brocho PneumoniaY
S2Sosonowicz, StefonM05/26/192805/26/1928Poor Lot
S2Speirs, William HaroldM01/20/193152~187925 Double depth gravePerforated Gastric Ulcer
S2Spencer, Eric EarlM08/18/19273810/29/1888281 Struck by AutoY
S2Stage, JamesM02/06/192964~186562 Carcinoma
S2Steer, CharlesM01/11/192856~1872417 E ½Cardiac Insufficiency
S2Stephens, Sarah E.F01/17/192985~1844315 Acute Cardiac Dilation
S2Stephens, babyF06/20/1930 2 dys06/18/1930411 Premature Birth
S2Stevens, William B.M11/10/192668~1858491 Acute Cardiac Failure
S2Stolfanic, JohnM06/07/192987~1842Poor LotAcute Cardiac Failure
S2Swales, Thomas HenryM07/14/192628~1898389 Injury in Mines
S2unknown, unknownM12/12/192812/12/1928Poor Lotunidentified skeleton

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Note that the burial books from which most entries were transcribed cover burials dating from
approximately July of 1922 to the present. Burial records from before 1922 were lost in a fire, though
some entries have been added to this database from other sources.

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