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PgNames (32)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
B5Babai, AnnaF01/11/196486~18781110 Cardiac Failure
B5Barber, Lorenzo R.M02/27/195672~1884228 ½Pneumontis
B5Barnes, Clara K.F05/26/195785~1872331 Congestive Heart Failure
B5Barth, Richard E.M12/31/196356~1907434 Cardiac Failure
B5Beck, Geroge W.M12/26/196172~1889246 Cardiac Standstill
B5Beeby, Harry J.M05/05/196359~1904214 ½Syncope Due to Cardiac Disease
B5Beeby, WalterM02/05/196071~1889216 ½Myocardial Degeneration
B5Bell, George H.M06/30/195868~1890431 Carcinoma of Right Lung
B5Bell, IdaF02/14/196291~1871173 ½Arterosclerotic Heart Disease
B5Bell, JamesM03/12/195467~18874711 Cardiac Arrest
B5Bell, Joseph H.M08/01/195966~1893138 Bronchial Pneumonia
B5Bembo, Alfred J.M03/15/195967~1892229 Massive Retroperitoneal HemmorrhageY
B5Bembo, HerbertM06/06/195453~1901329 Acute Aedema of Lungs
B5Benjamin, Frederick R.M12/17/196089~1871165 Burial 11/27/6; Cremation 12/21/60Arteriosclerosis generalized cerebrial hemorrhage
B5Benjamin, Jennie G.F02/03/195788~1869165 Arteriosclerotic heart disease
B5Beswick, GeorgeM03/17/195755~19024913 ½Double depth graveCarcinoma of Lungs
B5Beynon, Mary AnnF02/05/195779~187869 Cardiovascular accident/Cerebral Hemorrhage
B5Beynon, Mary JaneF10/25/196059~190169 Peripheral Vascular Collapse
B5Bobo, Julia E.F07/24/196476~188892 Hypertension Art? Vascular Disease
B5Bonner, George A.M05/13/195666~1890258 ½Congestive Heart Failure
B5Bradley, Estelle EthelF10/07/196278~188495 Sub ?? Hemorrhage
B5Brewer, StephenM01/06/196070~1890193 ½Cirrhosis of Liver
B5Brong, CharlesM11/07/196169~1892301 Carcinoma bronchoisemic rt.
B5Bronson, Nelson H.M05/28/196144~1917544 Carcinoma of Lungs/Arteriosclerosis
B5Brooks, RuthF12/22/196077~1883482 Coronary Thrombosis
B5Bross, AnnaF05/06/195974~1885532 Cerebral Appoplexy
B5Brown, Stanley HogarthM04/12/195451~1903365 Coronary Occlusion
B5Brundage, EthelF01/04/195471~188335 Adenocarcinoma ? Colon
B5Brundage, Fannie RichardsF07/15/1956102~185435 Chronic Mycoiditis
B5Burdick, George W.M05/10/195479~1875526 ½Cerebral Thrombosis
B5Burnett, babyF11/02/195511/02/1955448 No cause on burial permit
B5Butson, Charles H.M10/21/196183~187827 ½Acute Cerebral Hemmorhage

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