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PgNames (28)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
D3Dando, BarbaraF02/15/195181~1870Poor LotArteriosclerotic Heart Disease
D3Darcy, Richard J.M03/27/194743 yrs 11 mos04/27/1903469 Hemorrhage Peptic Ulcer
D3Daugherty, Edmund J.M04/12/194604/12/194654 ½Moved from Union Cemetery
D3Daugherty, GraceF06/28/194477~186797 Coronary Thrombosis
D3Davey, RichardM12/30/195174~1877Poor LotCoronary Occulsion
D3David, Alice MayF04/12/194472~1872221 Pulmonary Hem. Cardiac Failure
D3Davies, babyM03/13/194403/13/1944376 ½PrematurityPremature
D3Davis, Elizabeth LillianF06/13/194885 yrs 8 mos 14 dys09/30/1862527 Cerebral Hemorrhage
D3Davis, Mgt. JaneF02/01/194173~18684817 Gangrene of Leg
D3Davis, ReeseM06/28/194285~185747 ½Carcinoma of Tongue
D3Davis, Rosy LillianF03/17/1940 5 dys03/12/1940321 ½Pulmonary Ataliatosis
D3Davis, SarahF06/12/194081~185938 Myocarditis
D3Davis, Wm.M07/23/194555~18904817 General Peritonitis
D3Davis, baby AlvinM07/25/194607/25/1946376 ½Premature Birth
D3Dennis, G. Wm.M05/30/194537~190849 Burns of Body (Explosion of powder)
D3Dennis, GeorgiannaF01/18/193969~18704717 Cerebral Hemorrhage
D3Dennis, Ira N.M12/25/194378~18655210 M??? Acita; Other Con. Prostate disease
D3Dennis, Llewthy RichardM09/21/1948 4 dys09/17/1948529 W ½Erthrablastosis
D3Dennis, WillardF03/07/1939 3 mos12/07/1938Poor LotBronchitis
D3Dennis, babyM02/16/194102/16/1941Poor LotStillbornStillborn
D3Dennis, babyM09/26/194709/26/1947529 W ½Stillborn
D3Dikeman, J. W.M05/22/194578~186775 ½R?sided Cardiac Failure
D3Doyle, ClaudiaF01/05/195066 yrs 7 mos 15 dys05/20/1883188 S ½Coronary Occulsion
D3Drake, BurtonM05/10/194261~1881Poor LotCerebral Hemorrhage
D3Dumont, Winfield S.M01/09/194475~18694618 Hypostatic congestion
D3Dunford, JosephM10/02/193972~186733 ½Acute Cardiac Failure
D3Dunlop, Oscar W.M08/15/194465~1879710 Coronary Embolism
D3Dunlop, SelaF07/20/194262~188076 Appendicitis

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