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PgNames (30)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
J1Jackson, babyM04/30/193004/30/1930Poor LotP.L.Premature
J1James, BlancheF03/01/194173~1868329 Cardiac failure
J1James, David J.M10/07/192646~1880415 ½Angina Antors
J1James, WilliamM12/08/194168~1873Poor LotCoronary Occlusion
J1Jayne, James H.M06/03/19273~1924483 Crushed chest Auto accident
J1Jayne, LouisaF07/18/193767~1870483 Acute Cardiac failure
J1Jeddick, SimonM09/10/194309/10/1943Poor LotPoor plotCoronory occlusion
J1Jenkins, Ira B.M11/24/193373~186098 Chronic Myocarditis endocarditis
J1Jenkins, John J.M10/12/192510/12/19254720 Removal from Eynon Welsh Cemetery
J1Jenkins, MaryF10/12/192510/12/19254720 Removal from Eynon Welsh Cemetery
J1Jenkins, Mary E.F06/09/1929 1 dys06/08/19294720 Hemorhages of New Born
J1Johns, SusanF08/27/193482~185288 Pulmonary Edema
J1Johns, WilliamM03/16/193285~184788 Cardiac failure
J1Johnson, BenjaminM04/15/192978~18514710 Myocarditis Old Age
J1Johnson, JamesM03/03/193632~190461 Endocarditis
J1Johnson, babyM10/29/192210/29/1922Poor LotPremature - Poor Lot
J1Joksie, TessieF02/01/192840~1888116 Abdomalae Carcansion
J1Jones, AdaF07/14/192431~1893472 Pelvic Cellulitis
J1Jones, Blanche E.F05/09/193459~1875525 Lobar Pneumonia
J1Jones, DanielM11/27/193354~187991 Acute Cardiac failure
J1Jones, Daniel W.M06/05/194245~1897375 Anthrasilicosis with congestive heart
J1Jones, DavidM09/11/193040~1890Poor LotP.L.Fracture of spine
J1Jones, Elizabeth M.F04/08/194177~1864375 Coronary Thrombosis
J1Jones, JohnM12/15/192268~1854Poor LotPoor LotCarcinoma of stomach
J1Jones, Margaret W.F04/04/193660~187683 Auto Accident
J1Jones, Mary E.F06/15/192477~184738 Myocarditis
J1Jones, MorganM07/15/194376~186738 Chr. Nephritis - senility
J1Jones, Ruth MayF05/22/192330~189391 Pyonepirosis
J1Jopling, James E.M03/13/193071~1859343 Pulmonary Edema
J1Jordan, Frederick C.M12/28/193559~1876526 ½Pulmonary Edema

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Special thanks to Terri, Pat, Leah & Patrice, who did the bulk of the transcriptions.

Note that the burial books from which most entries were transcribed cover burials dating from
approximately July of 1922 to the present. Burial records from before 1922 were lost in a fire, though
some entries have been added to this database from other sources.

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