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PgNames (30)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
H2Halliday, RobertM04/13/193553~1882425 Mine Accident
H2Ham, JosephM02/14/194022~1918316 Lymphatic Leukemia Acute
H2Hardwick, EmmaF~194099 yrs 10 mos~1841Poor LotP.L. (August)ibulature
H2Harr, EstherF12/08/193128~19034710 Intestional Obstruction
H2Harry, ElizabethF05/18/193364~18691410 Apoplexy
H2Hartman, C.J.M12/10/193275~1857176 Acute Cardiac Failure
H2Hartman, Frederick M.M10/26/193317~1916456 Aubelles Mediulablastomeo ?
H2Hartman, John P.M01/30/193447~1887456 Chronic Pancarditis
H2Hay, Bertha C.F12/28/193767~18704810 Lobar Pneumonia
H2Hay, Merton L.M05/07/193969~18704810 Apoplexy
H2Hazen, TreenieF08/10/193975~1864Poor LotDiabetic Melltis
H2Henderson, Joseph HarryM09/01/19381~1937275 Broncho Pneumonia
H2Henderson, WilliamM08/31/193126~1905275 Burns Motor Accident
H2Henderson, WilliamM12/10/194372~1871275 Pneumonia
H2Hess, EmmaU04/28/193104/28/1931Poor Lot
H2Hill, MaryF06/21/194273 yrs 6 mos12/21/1868524 East halfCerebral Hemorrage
H2Hiller, Alberta LewsleyF03/30/194370~1873126 Cerebral Hemorrhage
H2Hiller, Harry B.M07/01/193768~1869126 Coronary Thromobosis
H2Hlavinka, DanielM01/15/194029~19115011 Tuberculor Ineivgitis
H2Hollister, babyM10/13/1932010/13/193253 Prematurity
H2Holt, PeterU429 E ½Permit # 80. Sexton Williams moved body from P.L. to E ½ 9-42
H2Holt, RobertU429 E ½Permit # 80. Sexton Williams moved body from P.L. to E ½ 9-42
H2Howells, Fred E.M10/21/194168~1873Poor LotCoronary Occlusion
H2Howells, Mary RouiseF04/10/193617~1919485 Tubercalar Meningitis
H2Hoyt, Effie G.F05/30/194277~1865153 Cerebral Trombosis
H2Hoyt, John P.M02/08/193582~1853153 Angina Pectoris
H2Hubbard, ClarenceM01/09/194376~1867295 Angina Pectoris
H2Hughes, HarryM03/28/194164~1877316 Coronary Thrombosis
H2Hummel, Mary JaneF03/25/194348~1895466 Cerebral Thrombosis
H2Humphrey, GeorgeM05/02/193760~1877149 Pneumonia

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Note that the burial books from which most entries were transcribed cover burials dating from
approximately July of 1922 to the present. Burial records from before 1922 were lost in a fire, though
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