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PgNames (30)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
W1Walker, Bertha MayF10/20/192540~1885123 Acute Gastritus
W1Walker, JudithF06/13/192878~1850392 Apoplexy
W1Walker, Mark H.M11/26/192350~1873123 Apoplexy
W1Wallick, MarjorieF04/08/192404/08/192432 Premature Birth
W1Wallick, MaryF05/20/192879~184932 Cardiac Failure
W1Walton, Carrie FrancesF02/06/192751~187641 Myocarditis
W1Waltz, Joseph G.M03/28/192648~1878471 Pulmonory Edro
W1Waltz, RoseU471 Transferred to
W1Ward, Martin IrwinM04/14/1928 3 dys04/11/1928528 Convulsions
W1Warner, MargaretF09/16/192566~18594917 Chronic Nephritis
W1Watkins, LouisM01/04/192626~190028 Septicsemo
W1Weisenberg, HenryM07/08/192675~1851121 Ambolic Apoplexy
W1Welsh, John W.M01/26/192866~1862Poor LotP.L.Dialation of heart
W1Weston, Anna WalkerF01/16/192719~1908493 Pneumonia Lobar
W1Wheeler, Edna MayF11/25/1925 2 mos09/25/1925234 Acute Endocarditis
W1White, Chancey C.M10/06/192565~186025 Myocarditis Endocaritis
W1White, Mercy E.F06/06/192674~1852304 Thombosis
W1Wilding, JamesM04/08/192604/08/1926125 Still Born
W1Williams, AlfredM07/18/1926 3 mos04/18/19264712
W1Williams, ClaraF06/28/192941~1888222 Pulm. T.B.
W1Williams, Edmund F.M06/02/192760~18674814 Rheumatic heart
W1Williams, John W.M11/03/192669~18574523 Concussion of Brain
W1Williams, LeahF07/25/192266~1856Poor LotMistral Regurgation
W1Williams, Thos F.M12/12/192958~1871308 Toxemia Malnutrition
W1Williams, Thos. G.M07/25/192552~1873Poor Lot#14 along fenceCerebral hemorrhage
W1Wilson, HenriettaF04/20/192468~1856378 Angina pectoris
W1Winstone, AnnF01/10/192764~1863318 Lagrippe
W1Winstone, James OliverM04/01/1927 7 dys03/24/1927318 Pneumonia
W1Wood, Elizabeth BerniceF05/10/1925 18 dys04/23/1925Poor LotPoor lotBroncho Pneumonia
W1Woodbridge, GeorgeM04/27/192963~1866388 Cerebral hemorrhage

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Special thanks to Terri, Pat, Leah & Patrice, who did the bulk of the transcriptions.

Note that the burial books from which most entries were transcribed cover burials dating from
approximately July of 1922 to the present. Burial records from before 1922 were lost in a fire, though
some entries have been added to this database from other sources.

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