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PgNames (33)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
W7Walding, ElmerM12/22/197974~190542 Respiratory failure acute
W7Walding, OliverM05/13/198269~19131310 Acute Myocardial Infarction Acute Pulmonary Edema
W7Wallick, CharlesM05/15/197678~189832 Arterio Sclerotic Cardio vascular disease
W7Walsh, MargaretF09/01/197980~18995422 C.V.A.
W7Walter, Jesse G.M11/24/19716407/10/1907509 Hepatic MetastasesY
W7Walter, LeRoy G.M10/13/197666~19105210 Acute myocardial infarct
W7Walter, Stanley F.M03/08/19735603/10/1916539 Metastatic CarcinomaY
W7Ward, MargaretF12/10/197678~18985414 W ½Acute pulmonary embolus
W7Wargo, Sarah aka SallyF01/10/197782~18955312 ? Congestive heart failure
W7Warne, William R.M11/15/197868~191087 Probable acute myocardial infarction
W7Warring, Llewellyn AlbertM01/20/19766605/23/1909336 Pulmonary Embolism
W7Washburn, AnneF12/21/197691~188531 Arterio sclerotic cardio vas disease
W7Wearne, Samuel J.M01/20/197382~189121 Myocardial infarction
W7Weaver, JessieF08/07/197264~1908339 Coronary Occlusion
W7Weaver, Juliet EulaliaF10/16/197280~1892328 Peripheral vascular failure
W7Weaver, Thomas G.M07/21/19726010/11/1911339 Acute myocardial infractionY
W7Weaver, Thomas HumphreyM09/06/197787~1890328 Congestive heart failure
W7Wescott, BerthaF05/05/198290~18925520 E ½AGHD & Cerebro Sclerosis
W7Whiting, Harold M.M04/26/197069~1901297 E ½Acute Cerebro vascular accident
W7Wilding, MarjorieF01/26/197577~1898461 Coronary Artery Disease
W7Williams, Dorothy M.F10/04/196955~1914537 Cardiac Insufficiency
W7Williams, Ernest D.M11/04/198262~1920Poor LotAcute Myocardial Infarction
W7Williams, Herschel R.M01/08/197465~1909475 Not on burial transit permit
W7Williams, John O.M09/12/19725307/25/1919486 Hyp? Arterio Sclerotic heart diseaseY
W7Williams, LeslieM04/19/197854~1924151 Leukemia
W7Williams, Leslie A.M10/20/197576~18994621 W ½Cerebro vascular accident
W7Williams, Mary JaneF08/14/197384~1889422 Pneumonia
W7Williams, William MorganM09/30/197384~188994 W ½Cardio Vascular Disease
W7Willison, Dorothy (G??ner)F11/18/197775~1902148 Cardiac Arrest
W7Winstone, BlancheF01/29/197181~1890318 ½Not on permit
W7Wittig, HannahF08/18/197570~19051710 Metastatic Carcinoma Breast Cancer
W7Woodring, Helen (Craig)F05/01/197784~18931310 Arteriosclerotic heart disease
W7Wright, Harry SnowM10/24/197172~18994521 Arteriosclerotic Cardio Vascular Disease

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