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PgNames (32)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
R5Reed, Charles H.M02/20/197582~1893124 ½Double depthArteriosclerosis emphysemia
R5Reed, MaudeF03/31/197984~1895124 ½Acute Renal Failure
R5Reedy, George aka HaroldM04/09/197978~1901255 Congestive Cardiac Failure
R5Reedy, James BertramM03/10/198282~1900299 Pneumonia with Cor pulmonate
R5Reedy, Marjorie AF05/14/197065~19054917 Heart ? Pulmonary edema
R5Reese, EF10/19/196676~18904716 Acute Myocardial infarction
R5Reese, EdithF12/27/197783~1894523 ½Arterio sclerotic cardio vascular disease
R5Reese, Edith LouiseF05/01/197276~189626 ½Cerebral vascular accident
R5Reese, EdwinM02/07/197680~1896523 ½Anthraco Silicosis
R5Reese, OliveF07/15/197007/15/1970217 A.S.C.V. disease - Generalized arteriosclerosis - Cerebral thrombosis
R5Reese, Willard G.M02/04/197202/04/1972484
R5Reha, MaryF05/08/198074~19065416 E ½Cerebral vascular accident
R5Reynolds, DF10/09/19664~1962Poor LotAge 4?Lymphatic ?
R5Richards, AnnF09/11/196291~18711510 Myocardial degeneration
R5Richards, Beverly F.M07/02/19766302/10/1912481 Acute Myocardial infarctionY
R5Richards, Emily MaryF12/29/197084~1886481 Uremia
R5Richards, HarrietF02/12/196602/12/1966Poor LotMyocardial degeneration
R5Richards, JessieF04/26/197062~1907481 Parkinsomism
R5Richards, RaymondM11/02/197362~1911481 Irreversible shock
R5Ritter, Anna JaneF09/15/196641~1925182 A??tonis
R5Roberts, AliceF03/24/196980~18895618 Cardiac insufficiency
R5Roberts, Hazel E.F10/06/197669~190788 W ½Arterio sclerotic cardio vas disease
R5Robertson, Evelyn MayF05/01/196879~1889369 Arterio sclerotic heart disease
R5Robinson, HelenF12/15/197048~19225512 Anosasis etcology
R5Rodway, Gertrude M.F12/10/197481~1893307 Nothing on permit
R5Rodway, LinferdM06/24/196743~1924307 Acute Myocardial infarctionY
R5Rodway, MildredF09/14/196748~1919307 Multiple metastoric from breast carcinomia
R5Rogers, AdaF10/29/196777~1890303 C.V.A.
R5Rogers, MaudeF12/07/197776~1901561 Carcinoma of colon
R5Rolls, ElizabethF09/12/1963101~186242 Myocardial Insufficiency
R5Rosser, LouiseF~197591~1884179 ½Died 4/1975Arterio Sclerotic vascular disease
R5Rosser, William H.M11/15/196784~1883179 Arteriosclerotic cardio vascular

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