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PgNames (32)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
C6Cairns, Eva EdwardsF04/22/196478~188618 Cerebral Hemorrhage
C6Cairns, Floyd S.M06/06/197067~190318 Exsanguation-Gastro Intestinal Bleeding
C6Cairns, Mabella F.F11/26/197070~190018 Gall Bladder (Carcinoma o) Metastaric
C6Carey, Mary HelenF03/10/196864~1904488 Acute Coronary Thrombosis
C6Carpenter, Janella G.F11/19/196658~19085419 Double depth grave bottomRuptured Barvelt Inesenterec hemorrhage
C6Carr, ElizabethF11/22/197095~18753210 Acute Myocardial Infraction
C6Carr, Ruth D.F08/16/196264~18983210 Adeno Carcinoma of ovary
C6Carter, Ralph ElliotM02/10/196774~1893499 Myocardial infractionY
C6Cartwright, Amy GF03/16/196573~1892296 E ½Cerebral Vascular Occlusion
C6Carver, Fred G.M01/27/196393~1870417 Coronary Occlusion
C6Chatlosh, ElizabethF12/28/196681~18854622 Pulmonary embolism
C6Chinchak, PeterM01/20/196667~18995613 Coronary Occlusion
C6Chivers, Adele PughF06/03/196359~19045516 Myocardial infraction
C6Chivers, MarieF11/30/196684~188248 Virus of abdic Cardiac failure
C6Choberka, Mrs. Susie aka SusanF08/15/196580~18855012 Arteriosclerotic Cardio Vascular Disease - Diabetes Melletius
C6Chopak, GeorgeM11/24/197155~19165314 Metastic Tumor of Brain
C6Chopak, MaryF12/17/196669~18975314 Adenocarcinoma of pancreas
C6Chopak, ThomasM12/30/197049~19215314 Metastatic Carcinoma of the Brain
C6Clark, Glennith M.F07/01/196783~1884159 ½Coronary thrombosis
C6Clark, William Harry Jr.M08/03/197060~19105316 Anthracosilicosis with Emphysema
C6Cliff, Gearldine S.F11/12/197072~18984618 Congestive Heart Failure
C6Coates, AlvinM04/03/196957~19125620 Cardiac Arrest
C6Coates, Clara K.F11/09/196877~18914621 ½Disecting Anurism Aorta
C6Coleman, FrankM06/06/196962~1907Poor LotCa of Stomach
C6Collins, Estelle HoyteF12/24/197065~1905391 CremationAcute Myocardial Infraction
C6Condeelis, Thomas A.M04/07/197274~18985414 E ½Peripheral vascular failure
C6Couzens, William WilburM07/24/196257~1905227 Not on permit (What looks like the word 'cancer' in faint ink)
C6Covaleski (Hollister), JessieF02/14/197283~188953 Myocardial infraction
C6Covert, Catherine W.F08/10/196689~18775211 Arterio Sclerotic Vascular heart disease
C6Craven, Ann Jane aka JennieF11/24/196473~1891475 Heart Failure Congestive
C6Craven, John aka JoeM01/21/196876~1892475 Cerebral thrombosis Arteriosclertic heart disease
C6Cruse, Charles G.M05/26/197072~18985321 Nephritis

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