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PgNames (32)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
S7Samu (Shamun), MichaelM09/08/195870~1888508 not on burial permit
S7Sanderson, Celia G.F08/24/195786~1871502 ½Aretereosclerosis
S7Sanderson, RichardM07/04/195379~1874212 Heart Failure Chr
S7Sasfai, MaryF02/23/195870~18885417 E ½Congestive Heart Failure
S7Scalamonte, GiatanoM05/16/195405/16/1954missingmissing disinterment permit #2; removed to St. Johns Cemetery Jessup Pa
S7Sears, MaiollaF04/24/195479~18755313 Interestial obst???tion perforated appendix
S7Shaffer, Ida MaeF07/08/195888~1870337 Uremia Benign Hypertension
S7Shamon (Samon), MichaelM02/07/196077~1883missingmissing Inanition
S7Sheerer, EdwardM08/17/195973~1886414 E ⅓C?? Pulmona??
S7Sheerer, WilliamM05/06/195961~1898Poor Lotalong fenceCerebral Hemorrhage
S7Shimer, William A.M04/21/195281~1871Poor LotArterosclerotic Heart Disease
S7Sholtis, ThomasM05/29/195535~1920451 Coronary Thrombosis
S7Shugg, SamuelM02/22/195357~18965320 ½Ac Coronary Thrombosis
S7Shystock, Anna E.F03/31/195360~1893111 ½Carcinoma Cervix
S7Sickler, Floyd R.M02/17/195858~1900425 E ½Exposure to cold
S7Simms, ElizabethF11/01/195979~1880183 ½Uremia
S7Simms, George H.M02/13/195378~1875183 ½Coronary Thrombosis
S7Simons, JessieF12/28/195364~188929 Cerebral Thrombosis
S7Sitgraves, EttaF02/22/195380~1873185 Cardio Vascular R?? Disease
S7Smith, Thomas A.M11/03/195567~18884516 Heart failure
S7Snyder, Emma O.F03/16/195276~1876524 ½Cerebral Hemorrhage
S7Snyder, Fred A.M03/26/195986~1872524 Hepatic Coma
S7Snyder, Richard A.M10/10/195269~1883371 Coronary Occlusion
S7Soltis, AndrewM10/14/195943~1916451 Exposure + Exhaustion
S7Soltis, MaryF09/12/195873~1885451 Coronary Thrombosis
S7Stanton, Harry SamuelM11/21/195671~18854816 Lymphosacoma Generalized
S7Stanton, SarahF08/27/195593 yrs 8 mos 8 dys12/19/1861105 ½Accidental Fall
S7Stark, William H.M03/12/196086~18744618 Left Ventricular Failure
S7Stash, JohnM04/25/195582~1873Poor Lotnext to roadMyocardial Degeneration
S7Steer, MaryF09/29/195383~1870417 ½Acute Cardio Vascular Accident
S7Stephens, William ThomasM12/31/195769~1888414 ½Va?? Disease Chronic Cardiac ?? failure
S7Strong, PearlF07/20/195763~1894122 Ade?? Carcinoma of Colon

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