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PgNames (32)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
W5Wagner, Edward J.M06/27/195678~1878226 Intestinal obstruction
W5Wallick, Edward M. Sr.M03/06/195885~187332 Generalized arteriosclerosis
W5Walsh, HerbertM09/11/195764~18935422 Pulmonary Infraction - Arterio sclerotic heart diseaseY
W5Walsh, Patricia AnneF06/25/1959 6 mos12/25/1958522 26 weeksPrematurity
W5Walsh, Patrick JosephM06/26/1959 6 mos12/26/1958522 26 weeksPrematurity
W5Walter, William Sr.M10/03/195561~1894539 Left ventricular failure
W5Walter, babyM12/11/195512/11/1955539 Stillborn?tis placenta
W5Walters, JenkinM10/06/195475~1879445 Arthracosilicosis
W5Ward, Arthur Vincent Sr.M03/05/195763~18945312 Chronic Cor Pulmonale
W5Warner, Francis G.M06/15/195267~188587 Cerebral hemorrhage
W5Warner, Jennie R.F07/17/195273~1879393 ½Rt. Sided cardiac failure
W5Warren, Martha E.F11/29/195883~18754522 Malnutrition Generalized Arteriosclerosis
W5Watkins, LouisaF08/15/195484~187028 ½Arteriosclerotic/emt. Disease
W5Wearne, Ethel M.F02/26/195765~189221 ½Acute myocardial infraction
W5Weaver, George HumphreyM02/07/195256~1896328 Cerebral HemorrhageY
W5Webster, Nettie aka AnnetteF06/25/195479~1875213 Chronic Myocarditis
W5Wescott, Edith MaeF10/15/195975~188434 ½Cerebro Vascula
W5Wescott, Flossie E.F12/31/195270~18824811 Mesenterie Thrombosis
W5Wescott, Iland JeffersonM06/16/195565~1890557 E ½Coronary Occlusion
W5White, BessieF12/14/195959~1900Poor LotCarcinoma of Colcum - Metaslatica small bowel
W5White, Caroline C.F04/20/195689~186755 Arterosclerotic heart disease
W5Whitehead, HarryM12/02/195368~1885482 Cardiac muscular insuf.
W5Whitehead, MathildaF08/26/195265~1887482 Coronary Thrombosis
W5Wilding, CorabelleF10/23/195867~1891125 Coronary Thrombosis
W5Williams, JamesM02/16/195257~18954814 Carcinoma of stomach
W5Williams, Marg A.F01/24/195382~1871431 Carcinoma
W5Williams, RoseF02/12/195572~1883414 ½Coronary Occlusion
W5Williams, WarrenM11/18/195374~1879372 ½Prostate carcinoma
W5Woodbridge, Lesettie Christine (Miller)F10/29/19566104/12/1894388 Myocardial failure
W5Woodworth, JohnM10/13/195649~1907549 E ½Coronary Thrombosis
W5Wright, Mary AnnF04/17/195396~18574521 Myocardial failure
W5Wynans, RichardM12/17/195871~1887298 Not on burial transit permit

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