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PgNames (62)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
C1Covert, JoannaF07/22/192281~1841520 Senility
B3Burnett, Charles R.M05/10/194481~1863521 Chr. Myocarditis
B3Burnett, Sarah A.F10/20/194378~1865521 Coronary Thrombosis
TThomas, Dorothy LloydF01/03/200798~1909521 DEHYDMTION
T4Thomas, Hayden R.U11/19/197467~1907521 Acute Myocardial Infarction
T4Thomas, Lena BurnettF07/01/197589~1886521 Arteriosclerotic ????
T3Thomas, Lloyd RichardM07/29/195822~1936521 Broken neck + Internal ???
T3Thomas, Thomas J.M06/09/195773~1884521 Myocardial Infarction
G1Griffiths, David L.M12/12/192768~1859522 Chronic Diffuse Nephritis
T2Tilley, Rosena ViolaF05/10/195058 yrs 11 mos 22 dys05/18/1891522 Chronic Myocarditis
R5Reese, EdithF12/27/197783~1894523 ½Arterio sclerotic cardio vascular disease
R5Reese, EdwinM02/07/197680~1896523 ½Anthraco Silicosis
D1Doherty, MyraF12/10/193285~1847524 General Debility of Old Age
H1Hill, GeorgeM12/05/192972~1857524 Myocarditis
H2Hill, MaryF06/21/194273 yrs 6 mos12/21/1868524 East halfCerebral Hemorrage
S7Snyder, Fred A.M03/26/195986~1872524 Hepatic Coma
S5Snyder, babyM03/21/1944003/21/1944524 Prem. Birth
C4Coatis, IsaacM09/11/194869~1879524 E ½Cardio Vascular
S7Snyder, Emma O.F03/16/195276~1876524 ½Cerebral Hemorrhage
J1Jones, Blanche E.F05/09/193459~1875525 Lobar Pneumonia
K2Kempsell, JohnM05/05/19344~1930525 Acute Tuberculosis
K1Kempsell, babyF03/23/192303/23/1923525 Stillborn
BBurdick, Arthur PiersonM04/22/1921~2308/05/1898526 Y
O2Oliver, babyF03/02/1978003/02/1978526 Chronic Hypertension
J4Jordan, Siruah M.F11/13/199993~1906526 W ½Dehydration
B5Burdick, George W.M05/10/195479~1875526 ½Cerebral Thrombosis
J3Jordan, Anna MaeF09/03/196584~1881526 ½Cerebro Vascular accident
J1Jordan, Frederick C.M12/28/193559~1876526 ½Pulmonary Edema
J3Jordan, Rexford C.M01/09/196562~1903526 ½Cerebro Vascular accident
D5Davis, Elizabeth L.F08/23/197356~1917527
D3Davis, Elizabeth LillianF06/13/194885 yrs 8 mos 14 dys09/30/1862527 Cerebral Hemorrhage
D1Davis, LillianF02/02/192713~1914527 Nephritis Interstital
D6Davis, Walter J.M11/11/198163~1918527 Cremated remains Register # 1101
D5Davis, Walter JamesM12/12/196781~1886527 Not on Burial Permit
H4Hoban, babyF10/24/196310/24/1963528 Undetermined
J4James, JennieM12/18/1993101~1892528 Cirrhosis of liver - Stomach cancer
M3Morgan, Wesley F.M12/27/193730~1907528 Encephelitis following influenza
W1Ward, Martin IrwinM04/14/1928 3 dys04/11/1928528 Convulsions
J2James, HaydenM10/26/194931~1918528 ½Shock
J3James, Henry R.M10/31/195370~1883528 ½Coronary Occlusion
M3Morgan, Berton E.M02/16/193772~1865528 ½Pulmonary Edema
D4Dennis, Charles W.M07/17/195983~1876529 Arterioscleratic Cardio Vascular Disease
D5Dennis, Charles W.M05/21/196674~1892529 Acute Myocardial Infarction
D4Dennis, LillianF03/28/196373~1890529 Acute Myocardial Infarction
G2Gowans, Mary ElizabethF04/06/193138~1893529 Eclampsia Toxemia of Pregnancy
W3Williams, GeorgeM06/06/193873~1865529 Cardiac failure
D6Dennis, Alquin E.M03/07/198771~1916529 W ½Cardiac Arrest
D3Dennis, Llewthy RichardM09/21/1948 4 dys09/17/1948529 W ½Erthrablastosis
D7Dennis, Mabel ElizabethF06/11/200485~1919529 W ½Progressive Supranuclear Palsy
D3Dennis, babyM09/26/194709/26/1947529 W ½Stillborn
W3Williams, LucyF09/28/193674~1862529 ½Uremia
D5Dennis, Caroline M.F01/19/197378~18955210 Acute Myocardial Infarction
D3Dennis, Ira N.M12/25/194378~18655210 M??? Acita; Other Con. Prostate disease
D5Dennis, John L.M02/17/197783~18945210 Anthrasilicosis with emphysema
D4Dennis, Mary EttaF09/21/195986~18735210 Cerebral Hemorrhage
W7Walter, LeRoy G.M10/13/197666~19105210 Acute myocardial infarct
W8Walter, Ruth E.M05/16/199281~19115210 Coronary Artery Disease
D5Dennis, Elizabeth B.F07/23/196870~18985210 ½Pulmonary embolus and shock
C6Covert, Catherine W.F08/10/196689~18775211 Arterio Sclerotic Vascular heart disease
C3Covert, FrankM12/18/194065~18755211 Body from Fla.
W8Williams, AlfredM12/29/198775~19125211 Cremation - in sealed container
W6Williams, Alice LouiseF05/07/196957~19125211 Fibrilation Ventriculars

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