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PgNames (34)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
W8Walker, Aaron J.U05/09/199692~1904392 Congestive heart failure
W8Walker, Margaret E.F12/22/199381~1912392 Urosepsis
W8Walker, Thomas J.F07/18/199177~1914392 Cardiac Arrest
W8Wall, CatherinerF03/11/197055~19154528 Coronary Occlusion
W8Walsh, EdwinM06/16/198458~192626 E ½Acute Cardiac Failure
W8Walter, Earl J.F12/12/199161~1930539 Cremated remains
W8Walter, JosephineF08/23/198446~1938578 E ½Disruption of mitral valve prosthesis
W8Walter, Ruth E.M05/16/199281~19115210 Coronary Artery Disease
W8Walter, Wayne G.M10/11/198552~1933578 E ½Cardiac ? ? Failure - hyperglycemia
W8Walters, Jean H.F12/25/198379~1904463 E ½Septic Shock Cremated Remains
W8Walton, Chester R.M12/16/198876~1912533 NE ½Chronic Obstruction of lung
W8Walton, Jennie R.M01/22/199582~1913533 Acute Cardio Respiratory Arrest
W8Ward, Mary E.F09/21/198884~19045312 ½Cardio pulmonary arrest
W8Warfield, Dwight S.M05/01/198787~190067 E ½Cardio Pulmonary Arrest - Possible myocardial infarction
W8Warren, Darwin W.M03/11/198690~18964522 W ½Congestive heart failure
W8Warren, James K.M01/03/198579~19064522 E ½Sq??anans Cell Carcinoma
W8Warren, Lillian M.F09/04/198487~18974522 W ½Cerebro vascular accident
W8Washburn, Vera M.M04/17/199670~192631 Chronic Congestive Heart Failure
W8Weisenberg, VernaM11/21/199193~1898121 Cardiovascular Collapse
W8Welsh, Helen WhiteF08/10/198557~192855 E ½CremationNatural causes
W8Wescott, HazelF01/08/199001/08/199043 Cremated remains
W8White, ClaraF03/19/198485~1899216 S ½Acute Myocardial infarct
W8Whiting, Clara L.F02/27/198482~1902297 E ½Cerebral Thrombosis
W8Whiting, Paul A.F07/03/199563~1932297 E ½Cremains
W8Wilding, AliceF04/09/198767~192046 Acute Myocardial infarction
W8Wilding, Faith RollsM05/19/199183~190842 Ischemic Cardiomyopathy
W8Williams, AlfredM12/29/198775~19125211 Cremation - in sealed container
W8Williams, AnnaF02/05/198874~191494 E ½Cardio pulmonary arrest
W8Williams, Cora V.F11/05/198282~19004617 W ½Cardio Gerl Shock
W8Williams, Pauline K.F01/09/199171~1920537 Cardiac Arrest
W8Williams, RuthF12/21/199488~1906445 Not listed
W8Willis, Myra V.F01/21/198794~18935621 W ½Ventricular Fibrillation
W8Woodbridge, William M.F06/07/199266~1926388 Terminal Lung Cancer
W8Woodworth, Ann M.F04/07/198474~1910549 E ½Lymphoma Secondary ?

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