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PgNames (31)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
M3Mann, GertrudeF~193661~1875467 DOD: 1/1936not given
M3Marsala, MaryF08/20/193462~18724919 Myocardial Disease
M3Matej, GeorgeM02/05/194659~18875010 Silicosis
M3Matthews, Charles H.M01/19/194677~1869268 Gangrene of right foot due to Arterio Sclerosis
M3Mayo, OscarM09/09/193786~185154 ¼Coronary Thrombosis
M3Mehalick, SteveM01/21/194472~18724614 Chronic Myocarditis
M3Menuley, DorotheaF03/09/194076~1864464 Acute Cardiac failure
M3Metosko, JosephM02/13/194202/13/1942Poor LotPremature / P.L.Premature birth
M3Meyers, babyF07/26/194507/26/1945214 StillbornUmbilical Hemmorrhage
M3Michik, AndrewM09/08/194062~18784920 Diabetes Mellitis
M3Middleton, JamesM06/05/193652~1884363 Acute Gastritis and Gastro
M3Middleton, MargaretF04/02/193582~1853363 Myocarditis
M3Middleton, WilliamM02/03/193948~1891363 Cardiac failure
M3Miles, Edison E.M04/19/193418~1916384 General Septicima
M3Miller, Laura AdaF04/16/194472~18724512 Coronary Thrombosis
M3Mitchell, IophramaF10/28/194071~186964 Carcinoma of Throat
M3Mitchell, babyM06/02/1937006/02/1937115 Stillborn
M3Moon, Albert JamesM03/23/194964~1885177 Nephritus Carcinoma Bladder
M3Moon, Martha JaneF12/07/194368~1875177 Nephritis
M3Morgan, Berton E.M02/16/193772~1865528 ½Pulmonary Edema
M3Morgan, BlodynF03/06/193640~1896114 Carcinoma Descending Colon
M3Morgan, John J.M10/14/194166~1875Poor LotChronic Myocarditis
M3Morgan, Thos. W.M05/23/194177~1864334 Cardiac failure
M3Morgan, Wesley F.M12/27/193730~1907528 Encephelitis following influenza
M3Morgans, Elizabeth RodwayF08/31/193568~1867307 Chronic Endocarditis
M3Morris, KatieF12/18/193458~1876416 ½Coronary occlusion
M3Morris, ThomasM05/03/194474~18704617 W ½Myocardial Degeneration
M3Mott, MaryF11/29/193473~18614610 Myocardial failure
M3Moules, GeorgeM06/05/193789~18484917 Myocardial failure
M3Moult, John C.M02/10/193859~1879428 ½Silicosis
M3Munn, AnnieF02/09/194173~1868223 ½Auricular Fibrillation

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