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PgNames (120)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
C7Curtis, LouiseF12/10/197676~1900471 Acute Cerebral Vascular Hemorrhage
W3Waltz, Charles W.M01/02/193762~1875471 Myocarditis
W1Waltz, Joseph G.M03/28/192648~1878471 Pulmonory Edro
W1Waltz, RoseU471 Transferred to
W4Waltz, Vera M.F12/26/194850 yrs 5 mos 9 dys07/17/1898471 Coronary Thrombosis
M8Mokan, OlgaF~199576~1919471 NE ¼Cardiovascular Accident
M7Mokan, JohnM07/04/198333~1950471 W ½Transferred to the @1/2 of ot 1, Block 47 Nov 3, 1984Extensive Pneumonia
M8Mokan, Albert J.M02/16/200086~1914471 ¼Cardio Pulmonary Arrest
J1Jones, AdaF07/14/192431~1893472 Pelvic Cellulitis
K4Kahler, ClarenceM08/09/197372~1901472 Carcinoma of Stomach
K4Kahler, ElizabethF06/27/198179~1902472 Nothing on Permit
K4Kahler, Harry Joseph, Jr.M12/16/197768~1909472 Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
K3Kalder, WalterM10/16/197169~1902472 Not on Permit
K3Kohler, HarryM03/23/195579~1876472 Myocardial Infarction
G4Greenfield, James H.M09/22/195259~1893473 Anthrocosis
GGreenfield, JosephM02/01/20106307/18/1943473 Cardiorespiratory Arrest
G4Greenfield, MargaretF12/10/195957~1902473 Inanition
M2Moss, ElizabethF09/28/193248~1884473 Plumonary T.B.
T2Tyron, VerneM02/22/194480~1864473 Chronic Myocarditis
T2Tyson, EdwardM01/02/194884~1864473 Broncho Pneumonia
T1Tyson, ElizabethF09/16/192863~1865473 Heart Trouble
H6Hodgson, Eugene F.M05/03/198459~1925473 W ½Respiratory Arrest - Cremated remains
G3Graff, AngelaF04/15/194734~1913474 Fractured Skull
R1Ross, ErnestM03/09/193243~1889474 Acute Pulmonary Edema
C6Craven, Ann Jane aka JennieF11/24/196473~1891475 Heart Failure Congestive
C6Craven, John aka JoeM01/21/196876~1892475 Cerebral thrombosis Arteriosclertic heart disease
C7Craven, Joseph J.M10/28/197450~1924475 Upper Gastrointestinal Hemorrage
W7Williams, Herschel R.M01/08/197465~1909475 Not on burial transit permit
D6Dando, StanleyM07/08/197907/08/1979476 Acute Cardiac Failure
DDando, Vincent BenjaminM07/07/1920~2704/11/1893476 Y
R3Rask, Margaret DandoF05/02/195087~1863476 Arto criosclerotic
R2Rask, Henry L.M06/18/194476~1868476 E ½Myocardial failure
D6Dando, Dorothea C.F03/05/198803/05/1988476 W ½
D6Dando, RuthF12/13/198585~1900476 W ½Congestive Heart Failure
C1Ceicarelli, AlfonsoM08/22/192847~1881477 Internal injury
F1Faromelli, ArmandoM12/29/192334~1889477
K1Kocherha, JohnM04/16/192345~1878478 Killed by R. R. Train
V1Valerrt, PaulM02/22/192354~1869478 Hernia ??
T4Troy, NellieF12/05/198798~1889478 W ½Hogarth LotIntractable Shock
A2August, EdwardM12/13/196212/13/1962478 ½Not on cert.
A2August, HannahF04/05/196568~1897478 ½Not on cert.
K2Krno, CarlinaF02/14/194161~1880478 ½Myocarditis
D7DeVault, Leris J.F02/01/199186~1905479 Respiratory Arrest
H6Hoggarth, Emily N.F08/15/199489~1905479 Natural Causes
H4Hoggarth, Myrtle M.F03/14/195572~1883479 Bronchopneumonia
M7Mango, GeorgeM12/07/198186~1895479 Acute myocardial infarction
H6Hoggarth, Leland J.M05/01/198581~1904479 E ½Acute Cardiac Arrest
M7Michlowski, FriedaF03/19/198669~1917479 W ½Intrastable Shock
C3Coon, EdwardM04/17/194655~18914710 MyocarditisY
C2Coon, PhoebeF12/09/193131~19004710 Pulmonary T.B.
D4Dixon, babyM08/26/195408/26/19544710 Stillborn
H1Harr, BerthieF09/02/1930009/02/19304710 Premature
H2Harr, EstherF12/08/193128~19034710 Intestional Obstruction
H3Harr, MissouriF11/20/194674~18724710 Auricular Fibullation with anasarca
J1Johnson, BenjaminM04/15/192978~18514710 Myocarditis Old Age
RRupe, Jamine LouiseF06/15/200748~19594710 CremainsSTAGE H LUNG CANCER
S10Snook, FinleyM02/02/200155~19464710
SSnook, Paul KennethM11/27/200978~19314710 Cremains
S10Snook, Regina Z.F02/01/199185~19064710
W2Ward, babyM10/22/1931010/22/19314710 Stillborn - Blue body
B1Bell, Hannah EvaF01/01/192534~18914711 Myocarditis
B5Bell, JamesM03/12/195467~18874711 Cardiac Arrest
B7Bell, Jessie ElizabethF02/03/198159~19224711 Coronary Occlusion
B3Bell, John H.M03/11/194967 yrs 2 mos 15 dys12/27/18814711 Coronary Thrombosis
C1Ceccarelli, AlfonsoU4711 5/12/30 Bonner #62. Moved to Jessup
S10Shepard, VioletF04/08/199381~19124711
G1Ganzemuller, Conrad JM05/13/192561~18644712 Carcinoma of Upper Jaw
W1Williams, AlfredM07/18/1926 3 mos04/18/19264712
V1Van Kirk, FosterM10/02/195154~18974712 ½Pulmonary Tuberculosis
V1Van Kirk, MinnieF01/16/194376~18674712 ½Cardio Vascular Disease
Y2Yeck, MaeF09/14/196269 yrs 1 mos 28 dys07/17/18934712 ½Double depth graveMetastic Carcinoma
Y2Yeck, MichaelM02/15/198288~18944712 ½Emphysema with arthrasilicosis
Y2Yeck, NellF10/01/200088~19124712 ½CremainsCacinoid Tumor w/ metastasis
E1Evans, Hayden EM04/27/193039~18914713 Epilepesy
E1Evans, MaryF11/10/192431~18934713 Miscarriage
H5Honan, Anna E.F06/13/196806/13/19684713 Lupus Erythumotosis
H5Honan, HowardM11/27/197711/27/19774713 Nothing on permit
H4Honan, Mary AnnF06/23/195772~18854713 Coronary Occlusion
H4Honan, JosephM12/28/195375~18784713 ½Carcinoma of face
G3Ganzemuller, ElizabethF03/08/194587~18584714 Stroke due to Blood Pressure
G2Gauzemuller, FrankM11/25/193343~18904714 Broncho Pneumonia
N2Nealon, John J.M02/26/19898902/17/19004714 Ed: Birth date from SSDIIntra Abdominal Bleeding
N2Nealon, Lena F.F01/26/197978~19014714 Heart Failure
P1Parry, MariaF09/24/192882~18464714 Fractured Neck
T1Taylor, Albert W.M10/05/192856~18724715 ?act?? T. B.
T4Taylor, Anna E.F05/24/199795~19024715 Congestive Heart Failure
T2Taylor, George W.M03/03/195068~18824715 Coronary Occlusion
T3Taylor, Howell W.M03/10/195671~18854715 Coronary Thrombosis
T1Taylor, Morris W.M10/15/192547~18784715 Tuberculosis Pulmonary
R5Reese, EF10/19/196676~18904716 Acute Myocardial infarction
R2Reese, Frederick G.M06/23/194460~18844716 Coronary Thrombosis
R6Reese, MargaretF11/03/198570~19154716 W ½Nothing on permit
D3Dennis, GeorgiannaF01/18/193969~18704717 Cerebral Hemorrhage
D2Dennis, Peter EdwardM10/17/193871~18674717 Carcinoma of Prostate
D1Dennis, babyF08/04/193008/04/19304717 Premature Birth
R4Reese, Louise S.F06/11/195366~18874717 Carcinoma of Uterus - Acute myocarditis
S9Shafer, Alger WilliamM11/24/19906807/12/19224717 Chronic Congestive HeartY
S5Shafer, AllisonF07/28/1951 00:5507/28/19514717 Premature
S5Shafer, babyF02/12/1948 18:0002/12/19484717 Premature
S8Shafer, babyM10/05/1963010/05/19634717 Premature rupture membrane
S9Shafer, AlyseF01/28/198867~19214717 E ½Cardio Respiratory Failure
H1Howells, MarthaF05/01/192883~18454718 Carcinomia of Stomach
N2Newlon, Margaret AnnF04/07/195281~18714718 Diabetes Mellitus
N2Newton, JohnM02/29/195373~18804718 Coronary Heart Disease
N2Newton, Russell A.M08/06/19978405/13/19124718 Diabetes MellitusY
S3Simpson, BenjaminM11/24/193678~18584719 Bronchial Pneumonia
S9Simpson, EthelF06/30/198093~18874719 Te??
S1Simpson, MatthewM04/26/192452~18724719 Myocarditis
S9Simpson, Rexford DeanM11/24/19726201/31/19104719 Metastic CarcinomaY
S4Simpson, William A.M04/06/194465~18794719 Arteriosclerosis
C8Carpenter, Lola M.F03/11/198479~19054719 ½…rebral vascular accident
J1Jenkins, John J.M10/12/192510/12/19254720 Removal from Eynon Welsh Cemetery
J1Jenkins, MaryF10/12/192510/12/19254720 Removal from Eynon Welsh Cemetery
J1Jenkins, Mary E.F06/09/1929 1 dys06/08/19294720 Hemorhages of New Born
S9Snedicor, Harry J.M09/16/198482~19024720 E ½
S10Snedicor, IsabelF03/01/199790~19074720 S ½
S10Snedicor, Ruth M.F10/21/199494~19004720 S ½
S8Serafini, LouisM06/30/196482~18824720 W ½Generalized arterio sclerosis Arterio sclerotic heart disease
S8Serafini, Sarah AnnF03/06/196276~18864720 W ½Acute myocardial failure
S8Snedicor, Floyd E.M05/29/196861~19074720 ½Cancer of lung

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