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PgNames (23)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
N2Natella, Anthony J.M01/29/195967~1892414 NE ¼Simple gravePulmonary Edema
N2Nealon, John J.M02/26/19898902/17/19004714 Ed: Birth date from SSDIIntra Abdominal Bleeding
N2Nealon, Lena F.F01/26/197978~19014714 Heart Failure
N2Negvesky, John G.M02/27/198576~1909462 N ½Cardiac Arrest
N2Negvesky, Lena M.F05/18/200291~1911462 W ½Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease
N2Newkirk, HarryM12/18/197963~19164616 E ½Malignant Carcinoid Adenoma
N2Newkirk, William HarveyM05/16/195673~18834616 Pulmonary Congestion
N2Newlon, Margaret AnnF04/07/195281~18714718 Diabetes Mellitus
N2Newton, JohnM02/29/195373~18804718 Coronary Heart Disease
N2Newton, Russell A.M08/06/19978405/13/19124718 Diabetes MellitusY
N2Nichols, MarionF12/13/195412/13/195472 Removal to Nicholson Cemetery
N2Nicholson, James J.M03/05/197260~1912499 Not on Cals???ated Permit
N2Ninnis, Mary E.F10/18/2005106~1899291 Senility
N2Nixon, JamesM07/25/199785~191215 Recurrent Gastric Cancer
N2Nixon, Judith LynnF07/04/19611 yrs 5 mos02/04/196015 Aorta Respiratory Failure
N2Nixon, Mrs. Susan KaseF12/08/195771~188615 W ½Cerebral Vascular Accident
N2Norton, GladysF01/28/198362~1921377 SW ½Massive Internal Hemorrhage
N2Norton, Joseph A.M12/31/198872~1916377 W ¼Cardiac Arrest
N2Nossal, AnnaF05/10/195705/10/19575011 Age Not on CertificateArteriosclerotic Heart Disease
N2Nossal, JohnM07/26/19877411/15/19125015 Cardiac ArrestY
N2Nossal, Justine JayeF01/26/198264~19185015 Acute Myocardial Infarction
N2Nossal, SusanF04/12/195672~1884367 Heart Failure
N2Novgosky, Margaret A.F05/01/198772~19155510 E ½Acute Myocardial Infarction

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Note that the burial books from which most entries were transcribed cover burials dating from
approximately July of 1922 to the present. Burial records from before 1922 were lost in a fire, though
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