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PgNames (98)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
G5Gdovin, MaryF01/31/197873~1905500 Cardio Vascular Heart Disease
AAyres, Archbald A.M~1911~6406/02/1847501 Civil War; Died Nov 1911Y
A1Ayres, CeliaF07/25/192571~1854501 Buried: 5/25/1927Carcinoma
G5Grabin, Elizabeth WallickF02/16/198679~1907501 Cardiopulmonary Arrest; Leukemia
G2Grabin, babyM04/28/194004/28/1940501 N ½Stillborn
G4Graham, WalterM08/23/196666~1900501 W ½Coronary Heart
G2Garbin, BabeF01/09/193701/09/1937501 ½StillbornPremature Birth
C1Coleman, JohnM07/28/192870~1858502 Plumonary Edzema
G2Gdovin, AndrewM11/23/193174~1857502 Arterio Sclerosis
M1Mason, babyM01/30/192501/30/1925502 Eclampision of mother
S2Sanderson, JamesM03/22/192960~1869502 Intestinal Obstruction
C4Coleman, MarthaF02/15/195063~1887502 ½Pneumonia
S7Sanderson, Celia G.F08/24/195786~1871502 ½Aretereosclerosis
E3Elkin, Amelia Ann ColemanF11/20/196180~1881503 General Debility
E3Elkins, David A.M08/28/195576~1879503 Arthro-Silicosis
E1Elkins, MajorieF12/16/192715~1912503 Endocarditis
E3Elkins, William T.M08/15/196346~1917503 Anthracosilicosis
F2Fletcher, AmeliaM06/13/194940 yrs 2 mos 10 dys04/03/1909503 Carcinoma of head of pancreas
E1Edwards, MarionF08/12/1923 10 mos10/12/1922504 GastroEnteritis
IIndian, Elisa Ann (Ellis)F02/09/1922~7203/15/1850504 Christening
IIndian, JohnM03/17/191569 yrs 1 mos 10 dys02/07/1846504
I1Indian, Thomas EllisM11/21/19263908/20/1886504 Myocarditis
R6Richards, Mildred MayF11/21/19928701/05/1905504 Acute Respiratory failure
R3Richards, Thomas ReeseM07/13/19497307/04/1876504 Coronary Occlusion of right side
M7Motter, DorisF06/14/198653~1933505 E ½Cerebro Vascular Accident
F4Fiorenza, Anthony F.M07/14/19968609/26/1909506 Massive Intecranial HemmorrageY
H5Hill, Walter A.M07/16/197007/16/1970506 Not on permit
P2Pavlovich, Cyril D.M08/08/193724~1913506 Accidental Drowning
P4Pavlovich, JosephM07/13/1958~75~1883506 Age: 7?Gangrene - right foot - diabetes - Melitus - Peripheral Vascular Disease
P4Pavlovich, MaryF10/20/196980~1889506 Myocardial degeneration
P1Povlovich, John W.M03/23/1929 10 mos05/23/1928506 Bronchial Pneumonia
B2Bliss, James A.M08/08/194029~1911507 Coronary Thrombosis
M4Marsala, LouisM06/19/194940~1909507 Permit no cause of death. Died at St. vincents Hos.
M5Marshalla, AnnaF01/30/196372~1891507 Hypernephroma of Kidney
M5Marshalla, JosephM11/24/195471~1883507 Ancerlecome
Z2Zapp, PaulineF02/03/197652~1924507 Acute Myocardial infarction
K1Kanove, MichaelM09/27/1930 2 mos07/27/1930508 Broncho Pneumonia
S4Samon, AndrewM10/22/194269~1873508 Stricture of Esophagues Carcinoma
S1Samoni, MaryF07/17/192213 yrs 9 mos10/17/1908508 Pul. Tuberculosis
S7Samu (Shamun), MichaelM09/08/195870~1888508 not on burial permit
S5Shamun, MaryF01/11/194867~1881508 Cardias Decampeastiem
T2Tekatch, Edward R.M03/01/194446~1898509 HemorrhageY
T1Teketch, CharlesM12/25/19306~1924509 Asteomgelitis of Tarsal Bone
T1Tetatch, JosephM05/19/193467~1867509 Lobar Pneumonia
W7Walter, Jesse G.M11/24/19716407/10/1907509 Hepatic MetastasesY
T4Tekatch, MargaretF07/04/198474~1910509 W ½Heart Failure/Old ?????
T3Tekatch, TheodoreM01/16/197265~1907509 W ½Cardiac Arrest
K3Kmetz, LudmilaF03/30/196446~19185010 Inanition, CA of Left Colon
M7Matej, EmiliaF03/10/19859~19765010 Nothing on Transite burial permit
M3Matej, GeorgeM02/05/194659~18875010 Silicosis
B1Bochuck, JohnM01/18/1925 6 mos07/18/19245011 Meningitis
H2Hlavinka, DanielM01/15/194029~19115011 Tuberculor Ineivgitis
M5Mokan, JohnM05/15/195874~18845011 Chronic Myocarditis
M1Mokin, RonM5011 Permit Lost
M7Mokin, SusanF08/21/197785~18925011 Nothing on burial permit
N2Nossal, AnnaF05/10/195705/10/19575011 Age Not on CertificateArteriosclerotic Heart Disease
C6Choberka, Mrs. Susie aka SusanF08/15/196580~18855012 Arteriosclerotic Cardio Vascular Disease - Diabetes Melletius
G4Gdovin, AndrewM06/29/196477~18875012 Chr. Congestive Heart Failure
G3Gdovin, Geo.M05/12/194446~18985012 Acute Gangerene/Ruptured Appendix
G5Gdovin, George RobertM09/13/19896006/27/19295012 burial book says died 09/13/1986Acute Myocardial InfarctionY
G2Gdovin, MaryF02/09/193268~18645012 Tricuspid Regurgitation
G2Gdovin, Mary JaneF02/21/194002/21/19405012 Premature Birth
G1Gdovin, SusieF06/11/192836~18925012 Acute Uremia
G2Gdovin, GeorgeM04/02/193369~18645013 Acute Dilation of Heart
G4Gdovin, JohnM10/11/196550~19155013 Strangulation - Hanging
G5Gdovin, ThomasM11/27/198564~19215013 W ½Nothing on Permit
E4Eibes, JuliaF04/26/197765~19125014 Carcinoma of heart of pancreas
E4Eibes, PeterM12/03/198069~19115014 Acute myocardial infarction
E4Eides, JoanF10/21/199044~19465014 Metastic Ovarian Cancer
H4Harchar, JohnM06/12/196373~18905014 Myocardial failure
H4Harcher, JuliaF01/31/195568~18875014 Gastric Carcinoma
K2Kral, JuliaF04/16/194072~18685014 Chronic Heart Block
N1Nossal, AndrewM11/25/193156~18755014 Auduolsis My??
N1Nossel, MariaF07/01/192445~18795014 Carcinoma of Breast
G4Gdovin, MichaelM01/25/196074~18865015 Congestive Heart Failure
K4Kulenich, MichaelM06/18/197806/18/19785015 Cremated Remains
N2Nossal, JohnM07/26/19877411/15/19125015 Cardiac ArrestY
N2Nossal, Justine JayeF01/26/198264~19185015 Acute Myocardial Infarction
B1Bondy, HelenF02/08/192629~18975016 Tuberculosis of Lungs
B1Bondy, JohnM08/31/192364~18595016 Tuberculosis
B1Bondy, StephenM02/04/192621~19055016 Remative Blast
D6DeMaria, Joan B.F04/23/197981~18985016 Cremated Remains
K3Kotcho, AnnaF02/09/197069~19015016 Acute Myocardial Infarction
K4Kotcho, MichaelM05/21/197705/21/19775016 Nothing on Permit
K5Kotcho, Herbert W.M04/15/19997406/14/19245016 W ½CA of LungY
H1Harris, LillianF02/24/19316~19255017 General Peritonitis
V1Vasey, AnnaF02/19/193461~18735017 Cardio Renal Nephritis
V1Vasey, JosephM06/03/193161~18705017 General debility
V2Vasey, Thomas RichardM05/31/196260~19025017 ½Acute Coronary thrombosis
S2Shone, Eleanor E.F03/08/192746~18815018 Hernia
S4Shone, JosephM05/04/193982~18575018 Bronchis Pneumonia
S3Shone, Joseph Jr.M05/25/193652~18845018 Pulmonary Infection
S8Shone, Lillie M.F05/10/196580~18855018 Coronary disease
S8Shone, Mildred MayF04/06/196954~19155018 Cirrhosis of Liver
K1Kerna, GeorgeM02/17/193266~18665019 Cardiac Failure
M1Matis, MichaelM05/20/192430~18945019 B.L. Labar Pneumonia
M1Michick, SusieF08/24/192441~18835019 Cirrhosis of the Liver
Z1Zawodny, JohnM06/07/192458~18665019 Accident Mine

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