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PgNames (102)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
B8Berry, George E.M02/21/199675~1921491 CremainsCirdiorespiratory Failure
B4Berry, ReginaldM04/08/195046~1904491 None Given
P4Perkins, Howard M.M06/30/197464~1910491 Carcinomatosis
P5Perkins, Irene L.F12/10/200688~1918491 Failure to Thrive
P5Perkins, Robert H.M11/30/198138~1943491 Gunshot wound to head
S2Stevens, William B.M11/10/192668~1858491 Acute Cardiac Failure
T4Teel, Virginia ?F03/27/197303/27/1973491 Myocardial Infarction
D6Daubenspeck, Charlotte K.F06/09/198985~1904492
D6Daubenspeck, Henry B.M11/26/197973~1906492 Acute Coronary occlusion
K1Ketchum, Frances H.F05/12/192778~1849492 Myocarditis
K3Ketchum, Hallie O.F09/08/196082~1878492 Chronic Myocarditis
K3Ketchum, JosephineF04/11/195546~1909492 Metastatic Malignancy
KKetchum, William F.M03/12/191303/12/1913492 Born Feb 1848Y
H3Horton, Fred W.M01/26/194446~1898493 Carcinoma
L3Lehman, Matilda WalkerF07/27/196186~1875493 Anemia primary
M1Mathias, Elmer WalkerM12/09/1923 10 mos02/09/1923493 Broncho Pneumonia
M7Mathias, ElsieF04/28/197883~1895493 Congestive heart failure
M6Mathias, Walter J.M07/11/196878~1890493 not on permit
W2Walker, Fletcher D.M12/22/193462~1872493 Cerebral hemorrhage
W1Weston, Anna WalkerF01/16/192719~1908493 Pneumonia Lobar
P4Patten, FannieF07/14/196178~1883493 W ½Myocardial insufficiency
B3Benjamin, MyraF03/16/194589~1856494 ½Myocarditis
T2Thorpe, ClaraF09/10/194086~1854494 ½Hepo ?aster
B6Bradley, Clayton ThomasM04/15/197791~1886495 Metastic Disease
B6Bradley, Grace D.F02/22/197485~1889495 Acute Cerebro Vascular Accident
B1Bradley, babyM01/05/192401/05/1924495 Premature
C8Coleman, Vincent L.M08/13/19887304/05/1913495 W ½…ardiac arrythmiaY
D6Davis, Susie MaeF12/28/197792~1885496 Cerebro Vascular Accident
D5Daven, Michael Jr.M10/25/196957~1912497 Cardiac Failure
CCirba, Robert A.M05/07/201285~1927498 Aspiration Pulmonary Fibrosis
W6Walter, Beatrice A.F05/27/196970~1899498 Cerebral hemorrhage
W4Walter, Frank E.M04/04/195159~1892498 Pneumonitis
W4Walter, Lavina A.F01/13/195079 yrs 10 mos 3 dys03/10/1870498 Myocardial infraction
W3Walter, OliveF03/30/194236~1906498 Myocarditis
W4Walter, Solomon P.M06/11/194706/11/1947498 Cardiac failure
W3Walters, Clayton Chas.M06/18/194540~1905498 Coronary Thrombosis
C1Carter, Catherine FrancesF01/25/192756~1871499 Lobar Pneumonia
C3Carter, JosephM08/25/193973~1866499 Coronary Thrombosis - Arteriosclerosis
C6Carter, Ralph ElliotM02/10/196774~1893499 Myocardial infractionY
N2Nicholson, James J.M03/05/197260~1912499 Not on Cals???ated Permit
F3Farr, GeorgeM11/17/19878012/30/18874910 NWCarcinoma of the EsophagusY
CCravem, Malvina K.F05/10/201094~19164910 SW ½Natural causes
F4Farr, DorothyF04/05/199790~19074910 W¼Congestive heart failure
C8Craven, HelenF08/30/198482~19024910 ½…tastatic colon carcinoma
C7Craven, MelvilleM05/13/197967~19124910 ½Respiratory insufficiency
C7Craven, WilliamM04/08/19798201/21/18964910 ½A.S. Heart DiseaseY
C3Clark, Julia AnnF03/12/193953~18864911 Cancer of uterus
C5Clark, Kathryn aka CatherineF01/12/195266~18864911 …islatic Anemia
C2Clark, LauraF11/01/193617~19194911 Fracture skull
C5Clark, Nathan Jr.M02/24/196252~19104911 Brought to us from Dunmore Cemetery Vault 4/9/1962No cause on permit
C5Clark, Nathan Sr.M04/09/196204/09/19624911 This body removed from single grave on Lot 11 Block 54 Reburied on 11 49
L3Lewis, Ernest A.M05/12/197263~19094911 Ruptured Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
LLewis, Mary J.F02/08/200591~19144911 CARDIORESPIRATORY FAITURE
B1Bingham, Geo. P.M11/03/192239~18834912 Accident (Mines)
DDavey, Russell H.M10/07/200464~19404912 PULMONARY EMBOLUS
D6Davey, RuthF05/12/198971~19184912 Nothing on Burial Permit
D4Davey, MaryF02/03/196402/03/19644912 ½BirthUnknown
M2Munley, ElizabethF05/25/1933 5 mos12/25/19324913 Tetany
N1Novajosky, ShirleyF04/14/1941 7 mos09/14/19404913 Hyperpyrexia
P2Patten, Charles H.M09/23/193764~18734913 Fracture of Cervical Vertebra
P1Patten, George H.M12/13/19282 yrs 6 mos06/13/19264913 Broncho Pneumonia
P4Patten, Marshall E.M01/21/196555~19104913 Respirator acidosis
P1Patten, WilliamM12/17/192850~18784913 Double Lobar Pneumonia
T1Tessie, BabyM11/18/1934 14 dys11/04/19344913 Inter?arale Anei?
B5Beswick, GeorgeM03/17/195755~19024913 ½Double depth graveCarcinoma of Lungs
P3Patten, James W.M12/25/195038~19124913 ½Acute Cardia Failure
P4Patten, RachelF05/31/196882~18864913 ½Coronary infraction Heart Failure
H5Hill, Delbert W.M10/04/197910/04/19794914 Ventricular fibrillation
H5Hill, GraceF03/03/197503/03/19754914 Acute Massive pulmonary embulia
H4Hill, JasperM09/22/196072~18884914 Acute Myocardial InfractY
H1Hill, MargaretF09/10/192863~18654914 Coronary Ocelucion
H5Hill, Russell J.M10/16/197110/16/19714914 Pulmonary Emphysema
L3Llewellyn, WilliamM10/15/197969~19104914 Broncha geri Carcinoma
F3Fawcett, George J.M11/21/195961~18984915 Middle name may be FrankDied at West Mountain Sanitorium, Scranton. No cause on Burial Permit.Y
J3John, baby RonaldM09/03/196209/03/19624915 Nothing on permit
K4Kollra, ElizabethF11/02/197574~19014915 Cardiogenic Shock
L1Lake, ElizabethF03/11/192815~19134915 Accident
S5Sanderson, JamesM02/09/194857~18914915 not given
S5Sanderson, Mary ElizabethF06/02/194784~18634915 Cardia Respiratory Failure
S5Sanderson, ThomasM01/08/195050~19004915 Myocardial Degeneration
C3Cool, Geo.M08/06/194078~18624916 maybe lot 6?Chronic myocarditis
C5Cool, Minnie H.F12/29/195483~18714916 …rebral Hemorrhage
C3Conzens, MaryF06/17/193955~18844917 Accidental drowning
C7Couzens, George M.M07/21/197262~19104917 Cirrhosis of Liver
C3Couzens, Rev. Wm. L.M07/01/194263~18794917 Cerebral Hemorrage
M3Moules, GeorgeM06/05/193789~18484917 Myocardial failure
R5Reedy, Marjorie AF05/14/197065~19054917 Heart ? Pulmonary edema
R1Reedy, babyF08/11/1927008/11/19274917 Stillborn
W1Warner, MargaretF09/16/192566~18594917 Chronic Nephritis
R6Reedy, John DelmarM08/08/198882~19064917 E ½Respiratory failure
H5Harbottle, Edith TelfordF08/17/197308/17/19734918 Arterio Sclerotic heart disease
H4Harbottle, Henry RomaineM10/23/195463~18914918 Pullinomary edema
T1Telford, Henry HaggersonM06/28/193365~18684918 Hypostatic Pneumonia
T1Telford, Mary AnnF03/08/192759~18684918 Cardiac Vascular
M2Marsala, AnnaF03/18/193137~18944919 Acute Cardiac Dilation
M3Marsala, MaryF08/20/193462~18724919 Myocardial Disease
M4Marsala, SusanF05/23/194758 yrs 1 mos 12 dys04/11/18894919 Acute Hipatitis
M6Marsala / Marsalla, SamuelM06/30/196680~18864919 Cor Pulmonale
M1Marsato, AndrewM02/19/192577~18484919 Perotunis
E2Evanko, JohnM08/15/194555~18904920 Bronchial Asthma, ? Stenosis
M3Michik, AndrewM09/08/194062~18784920 Diabetes Mellitis
M7Micik, EmilM03/12/198263~19194920 Pulmonary Edema

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