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PgNames (85)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
B7Brodsser, Susan aka SuzanneF07/10/198173~1908451 Cardiorespiratory Arrest - Electrolyte Imbalance
S6Sholtes, GeorgeM09/07/195167~1884451 Anthrasclerosis 3rd stage
S7Sholtis, ThomasM05/29/195535~1920451 Coronary Thrombosis
S3Soltis, AlbertM04/13/193410~1924451 Streptoccic Meningitis
S7Soltis, AndrewM10/14/195943~1916451 Exposure + Exhaustion
S7Soltis, MaryF09/12/195873~1885451 Coronary Thrombosis
S9Soltis, MaryF11/08/198276~1906451 nothing on permit
M2Michael, SusieF10/08/192839~1889452 Acute Degeneration of Liver
M5Michaels (Mojgel), JohnM08/05/195873~1885452 Generalized Arterio Sclerosis
G4Grosvenor, Martha ReedF04/18/195474~1880453 Acute Myocardial Infarction
M7Marsala, Carmen (Kalman)M12/20/197862~1916453 Lanneac cirnhoser
M5Marsala, Titus JuliesM11/16/196055~1905453 Carcinomatosis - Abdomen
M5Marsalla, John Sr.M09/03/195909/03/1959453 Ca. Metabolism
P2Pickrell, Sarah SmithF08/03/194879~1869454 ½
F1Fletcher, HarryM08/12/192756~1871455 Bron Pneumonia
HHartman, ElizabethF10/30/200775~1932456 CremainsACUTE MI
H4Hartman, Frederick A.M02/26/196066~1894456 Cardiac Failure
H2Hartman, Frederick M.M10/26/193317~1916456 Aubelles Mediulablastomeo ?
H2Hartman, John P.M01/30/193447~1887456 Chronic Pancarditis
HHartmann, ElizabethF~1913~45~1868456
HHartmann, John E.M~1922~88~1834456
H3Hartman, Mary AliceF06/15/19486511/29/1882457 N ½Wife of William H.Congestive Heart failure
S9Seip, Perl Alice HartmannF02/13/19716103/23/1905457 N ½Respiratory Failure
S3Seip, Willard M.M06/24/193324~1909457 N ½Fractured Skull & Spine
D2Dakin, ElmerM05/25/193875~1863458 Cardiac Failure/Urinary ???
D2Dakin, ElmerM11/09/193875~1863458 Disinternmane Permit #133Removed to Valley View Cemetery
D2Dakin, Eric WalterM12/15/193543~1892458 Bronchal PneumoniaY
D2Dakin, Eric WalterM11/09/193843~1895458 Disinternment Permit #135Removed to Valley View Cemetery
D2Dakin, HowardM11/09/1938 4 mos07/09/1938458 Disinternment Permit #134Removed to Valley View Cemetery
B6Bradley, Mrs. Jeanne Robertson S.F10/17/196638~1928459 Not on Burial Transit Permit
M2Marks, ChesterM05/03/193024~1906459 Appendiatis Acute
M2Marks, LilaF02/20/193318~1915459 Pneumonia
M5Marks, Mary H.F09/18/195775~1882459 Congestive Heart Disease
M3Miller, Laura AdaF04/16/194472~18724512 Coronary Thrombosis
Mc1McIntosh, MargaretF09/23/193455~18794513 Matastic Carcimonia
E3Evans, TimothyM06/13/197673~19034514 Myocardial infarction
D4Dikeman, MilesM05/12/19649205/21/18714515 Arteriosclerosis Generalized
D4Dikeman, Theodore F.M04/28/19638503/30/18784515 Theodore Galloway?Arteriosclerotic Cardiac Vascular Disease
D4Dikeman, Vesta Louella (Potter)F10/27/196588~18774515 Acute Pulmonary Edema
S8Smith, LillianF12/31/196372~18914516 Myocardial Degeneration
S7Smith, Thomas A.M11/03/195567~18884516 Heart failure
S2Schmidt, Peter C.M10/08/192774~18534516 ½Cerebral Hemorrhage
G2Griffiths, Titus, Sr.M06/08/193858~18804520 Acute Alcoholism
L3Lake, Williard T.M11/15/195653~19034521 Body Blown to Bits in Powder Mill Explosion Belin Village Moosic
W7Wright, Harry SnowM10/24/197172~18994521 Arteriosclerotic Cardio Vascular Disease
W5Wright, Mary AnnF04/17/195396~18574521 Myocardial failure
W2Wright, Sr., HarryM05/17/193475~18594521 Deegeus Pectoris
W5Warren, Martha E.F11/29/195883~18754522 Malnutrition Generalized Arteriosclerosis
W8Warren, James K.M01/03/198579~19064522 E ½Sq??anans Cell Carcinoma
W8Warren, Darwin W.M03/11/198690~18964522 W ½Congestive heart failure
W8Warren, Lillian M.F09/04/198487~18974522 W ½Cerebro vascular accident
L1Larney, Anna AgustaF02/11/193080~18504523 Erysipelas
W1Williams, John W.M11/03/192669~18574523 Concussion of Brain
E1Edwards, Alson DonaldM12/26/1926012/26/19264524 Stillborn
E1Edwards, Hannah RF07/05/193170~18614524 Myocarditis
F3Fletcher, Belle C.F10/30/196768~18994524 Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
F3Fletcher, James WallaceM07/06/197470~19044524 Acute myocardial infarction
K4Kleinbauer, Beatrice K.F04/19/197475~18994524 Gastro Intestinal Hemorrhage
C7Colburn, Beatrice MaryF07/13/197996~18834527 Cerebral base accident
C3Colburn, JohnM08/23/194169~18724527 Cordonary Occlusion
D2Delevan, RichardM05/25/193475~18594527 Carcinoma of Stomach
G4Glenn, JosephM02/14/196971~18984528 ??????
G2Glenn, SarahF11/09/193569~18664528 Myocard Dis. C. Failure
G1Glenn, Wm.M09/18/193017~19134528 Crushed under Stripping
S3Stanton, babyF08/22/1932008/22/19324528 Stillborn
W8Wall, CatherinerF03/11/197055~19154528 Coronary Occlusion
R2Rolls, Anna BurbeckF06/03/193570~18654530 ½Fractured neck
S4Scott, Ernest M.M02/20/193949~18904530 ½Pneumonia
S8Sheerer, MinnieF04/15/196282~18804530 ½Arterio sclerotic heart disease
L2Lake, Ann E.F12/31/194077~18634531 Myocarditis
L4Lake, MaryF01/07/199073~19174531 Milostatic Colorectal Cancer
L2Lake, RalphM10/26/194077~18634531 Acute Selvosis Myocarditis
L2Lake, Santina ClareF04/05/1947 11 mos 17 dys04/19/19464531 Virus infection of abdomen
G5Griffiths, BeatriceF04/12/197481~18934532 Vault 32-33Broncho Pneumonia
K1Kinsey, DavidM11/05/192750~18774532 Apoplexy
K2Kinsey, NellieF01/11/194664~18824532 Hypostatic Pneumonia
K1Kinsey, TheodoreM09/16/19297~19224532 Septic Meningitis
G4Griffith, AnnieF10/10/195388~18654533 Vault 33-34Carcinoma of Uterus
G5Griffiths, Ethel MillerF11/16/1978744533 Vault 33-34Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease
G4Griffiths, Ralph M.M06/06/196678~18884533 VaultAcute Heart Failure, arter. Heart Disease
M8Morgan, David G.M08/29/19997605/19/18904533 33 and 34NaturalY
M8Morgan, ElizabethF03/13/200580~19254533 VaultNatural Cause
G3Griffiths, Ralph MorganM03/25/194320~19234533 Vault33/34 Griffiths MausoleumCrushed Chest
M7Miller, Ethel GriffithsF11/16/197874~19044533 VaultSee GriffithsCardio vascular heart disease
M7Morgan, Hilda G.F07/11/197678~18984533 VaultAbdominal Aortic Aneurysm

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