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PgNames (51)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
E4English, GraceF03/08/197794~188381 Arterio Sclerotic Heart Disease
E3English, Joseph D.M09/15/195778~187981 Hemorrhage from ruptured aortic aneurysm
F2Faulkner, Cora MayF10/14/194487~185781 Chr. Myocarditis
TTraviss, JosephM~1889~77~181281 Civil WarY
L1Lathrop, John S.M04/04/192881~184782 Angini Pectoris
S3Seeley, Annie E.F04/23/193672~186482 Broncho Pneumonia
S3Seeley, ElmerM04/11/193671~186582 Cerebral Hemorrhage
T2Treverton, George F.M05/24/193789~184882 Chronic Myocarditis
J1Jones, Margaret W.F04/04/193660~187683 Auto Accident
W2Wedeman, Clara IsabelF11/06/193278~185483 Arterio Scleroces
T3Travis, George M.M05/06/195584~187183 ½Myocardial Degeneration
S4Seip, ArthurM05/22/194059~188184 Acute Cardiac Failure
S2Seip, John H.M08/14/192674~185184 Appoplexy
S2Seip, Sarah E.F12/08/193081~184984 Myocarditis
C7Crandall, Fred WilsonM09/30/197809/30/197884 E ½date of cremationCremation
C2Caines, GeorgeM01/06/193850~188885 Acute cardiac disease
C3Caines, JohnM09/14/193846~189285 Broncho Pneumonia
C2Caines, Mary JaneF03/01/193169~186285 Cardiac failure
C2Caines, WilliamM03/11/193283~184985 Bronichal Pneumonia
C2Caneins, Mary JaneU85 3/12/32. Mrs.W.J. Bonner Permit #77. Moved to new location on same lot.
D2Dando, George E.M04/15/193777~186085 ??? Shot Thru Head
C8Caines, LeoM10/26/199571~192485 E ½(Double depth)Cardiopulmonary Arrest
C7Caines, MaryF12/24/197479~189585 ½Carcinoma of the Gall Bladder
C7Chrzan, Harry RaymondM09/16/1976 1 dys09/15/197685 ½Cardiac Arrest
R6Roberts, Evelyn E.F03/29/200590~191586 N ½Failure to Thrive
T3Thomas, Maud S.U~196777~189087 Acute myocardial infarction
W2Warne, ElwildF12/14/193484~185087 Myocarditis with failure of companition
W6Warne, Irene R.F05/20/196074~188687 Carcinoma of colon
W9Warne, Maude T.F11/28/199976~192387 Acute Left Intercerebral Hemmorrhage
W7Warne, William R.M11/15/197868~191087 Probable acute myocardial infarction
W5Warner, Francis G.M06/15/195267~188587 Cerebral hemorrhage
CCrandall, Elizbeth AF06/29/200792~191588 Cremains
J1Johns, SusanF08/27/193482~185288 Pulmonary Edema
J1Johns, WilliamM03/16/193285~184788 Cardiac failure
P2Peters, JennieF06/09/193379~185488 Myocarditis
R4Roberts, Effie D.F11/22/195583~187288 Arterio Sclerotic Cardio Vascular Disease
R2Roberts, Harry G.M07/29/193971~186888 Coronary Thrombosis
R6Roberts, Charles E.M09/03/199078~191288 N ½Respiratory Arrest
R5Roberts, Hazel E.F10/06/197669~190788 W ½Arterio sclerotic cardio vas disease
D6Donson, MyrtleF02/10/199059~193189 Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome
O1Owens, AnnieF02/20/194868~188089 Heart Disease
L4Lokushek, Margaret A.F05/18/198888~190089 E ½Inareteon
L3Lokushek, William J.M12/10/197276~189689 E ½Anthrosclerosis emphysemia
L4Lux, Anna AgustaF04/02/198884~1904810 Generalized Arterio Sclerosis
L3Lux, Emelia SophiaF09/03/196190~1871810 Arterio sclerosis
L1Lux, GeorgeM11/23/192463~1861810 Chronic heart disease
L2Lux, MaryF08/15/194955~1894810 Unemia
L4Lux, MichaelM10/14/19898209/01/1901810 Acute Cardiac ArrestY
L4Lux, Susie J.F01/29/198593~1892810 Cerebral Thrombosis
E2Edgett, Lizzie May WalkerF12/03/193974~1865817 Cerebral Hemmorage
E2Edgetts, Charles A. S.M10/22/193977~1862817 Pulmonary Edemia

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