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PgNames (80)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
C9Conniff, GraceF09/26/199976~1923411 Metastatic Colon Cancer
C7Conniff, James JosephM12/01/198062~1918411 Nothing on temp permit
PPatten, MyrtleF03/25/201084~1926411 Cerebral Malignancy
P4Patten, Willard ElmerM12/11/19745207/14/1923411 Acute myocardial infarctionY
S8Stephens, James T.M05/26/196882~1886411 Arterio Sclerosis Emphysema
S3Stephens, MargaretF01/21/193663~1873411 Cerebral Hemorrhage
S2Stephens, babyF06/20/1930 2 dys06/18/1930411 Premature Birth
S4Stevens, JohnM01/02/193855~1883411 Heart failure
G4Gates, EdwardM06/18/196076~1884412 Anthrasilicosis
G4Gates, EricM12/13/196661~1905412 Hepatic Insufficiency
G4Gates, Eric, Jr.M05/22/195512~1943412 Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
G5Gates, MargarettaF11/10/197083~1887412 Cardiac Failure
G1Goyne, AnnieF02/12/193067~1863412 Pulmonary Edema
G4Graham, Marion W.F07/15/195551~1904412 Cirrhosis of the liver
A2Avery, ClaudeM12/09/198181~1900413 Cardiac & Renal Failure
A2Avery, Hazel GishamF03/24/197973~1906413 Acute myocardial infarction
G5Gilbert, Algert D.M04/13/197978~1901413 Acute Posterior Myocardial Infarction
G5Gilbert, Phoebe Shaw (Graham)F09/18/197661~1915413 Cardia Pulmonary Arrest
G2Graham, Ella G.F01/27/193660~1876413 Pulmonary Edema Cardiac Failure
G1Graham, Jas. C.M04/12/192659~1867413 Myocarditis
G5Graham, Myfamory G.F07/22/197263~1909413 D. O. A.
G4Graham, S. KeithM10/17/196961~1908413 Acute myocardial Infarction
C1Curtis, EdwinM10/01/192581~1844414 Cerebal hemmorrhage
D1Davis, Lilly S.F06/04/192646~1880414 Eclampsis
S7Sheerer, EdwardM08/17/195973~1886414 E ⅓C?? Pulmona??
N2Natella, Anthony J.M01/29/195967~1892414 NE ¼Simple gravePulmonary Edema
K2Keats, GlynnM03/20/194426~1918414 ½Carbon Monoxide
K2Keats, GlynnM11/15/194711/15/1947414 ½Removal to Lakewood Ohio
S7Stephens, William ThomasM12/31/195769~1888414 ½Va?? Disease Chronic Cardiac ?? failure
W3Williams, David P.M03/28/194165~1876414 ½Heart Disease
W5Williams, RoseF02/12/195572~1883414 ½Coronary Occlusion
S8Sheerer, EdithF08/16/196577~1888414 ⅙Arterio sclerotic heart disease
D1Davis, AliceF09/05/192924~1905415 Pulmonary T. B.
D1Davis, MelbaF10/10/192813~1915415 Goiter
D4Davis, LeroyM01/05/195444~1910415 ½???? culosis Pulmonary
D4Davis, William H.M08/11/195474~1880415 ½????cardiac Dilation
D5Davis, William J.M06/30/196562~1903415 ½Cerebral Hemorrhage
J1James, David J.M10/07/192646~1880415 ½Angina Antors
J3James, MyrtleF10/15/196487~1877415 ½Pulmonary embolism
M7Morris, Chester C.M08/08/197268~1904416 E ½Cremated remains brought to cemetery by Mrs. Chester MorrisArteriosclerotic heart disease
M6Morris, AliceF06/27/196665~1901416 E.½Arteriosclerotic heart disease
B6Bogart, Lena ShaffeeF01/09/196552~1913416 ½Shock & Vascular Collapse
H4Hardy, BerthaF02/01/195876~1882416 ½Chronic Myocartitus
M3Morris, KatieF12/18/193458~1876416 ½Coronary occlusion
M1Morris, ReubenM10/16/192652~1874416 ½Perforation of Peptic Ulcer
S2Shaffer, Elisha F.M12/29/192651~1875416 ½Bronchial Pneumonia
C6Carver, Fred G.M01/27/196393~1870417 Coronary Occlusion
S2Steer, CharlesM01/11/192856~1872417 E ½Cardiac Insufficiency
B6Bryan, Anna MayF12/07/197169~1902417 W ½Cerebral Thrombosis
B3Bryan, EdwardM02/06/194882~1866417 W ½Chronic Myyocarditis
B6Bryan, ThomasM08/21/197476~1898417 W ½Arteriosclerosis
C5Carver, Sarah JaneF06/05/195487~1867417 ¼Double depth grave…abetius Millitis
M5Myers, MargaretF03/29/196388~1875417 ¼Cerebral Vascular Accident
M2Miller, Judson H.M04/23/192845~1883417 ½Adem. Carcanious
S7Steer, MaryF09/29/195383~1870417 ½Acute Cardio Vascular Accident
F1Fletcher, GordonM06/12/193525~1910418 Acute Appendicitis
F1Fletcher, HenryM10/30/193469~1865418 Acute Cardiac failure
F3Fletcher, Lucy A.F01/06/198789~1898418 E½Cardiarespiration Arrest
F2Fletcher, Mary JaneF11/05/194267~1875418 E½Cerebral Embolism
F2Fletcher, WilliamM02/15/195152~1899418 E½Pulmonary Hemorrhage
F3Fletcher, ChristinaF08/05/196594~1871418 ½Acute Coronary
Mc1McConnell, JohnM06/11/193072~1858418 ½Cardiac Decomposition
W4Wilcox, FrankM02/23/194682~1864419 E ½Cancer of bladder
W6Wilcox, Mary JaneF12/15/196279~1883419 E ½Acute myocarditis
W3Wilcox, babyF11/22/194211/22/1942419 E ½StillbornPrematurity
D1Dixon, JohnM06/21/19313503/10/1896419 ½Infected Right ArmY
K3Kotcho, Susan TothF11/13/195261~18914110 Diabetes Mellitus
K2Kovacs, StephenM04/02/193965~18744110 Myocarditis
T1Toth, JohnM09/01/193045~18854110 Pulmonary Edema
D6Duffy, Susan MaryF03/10/199067~19234110 E ½
T4Toth, JohnM08/08/199685~19114110 E ½Not Listed
C2Call, HelenF08/20/193560~18754110 ½Lung abcess
O1Ondrijovich, MaryF11/05/193634~19024110 ½Permit Unreadable
V1Vandervort, ClarenceM10/31/193749~18884110 ½Double Depth Single GraveCoronary disease
V1Vandervort, IsthmaelM06/03/193815~19234110 ½Double Depth Single GraveChronic Myocarditis
E2Elvidge, MarkM06/13/193945~18944111 Myocarditis
B1Bartoletti, MarcelloM06/04/192541~18844112 Lobar pneumonia
B2Bartoletti, MarcelloM4112 Permit #121 F. D. Seymour2/16/37 Trans. To St. John's Cemetery
B2Benjamin, Bert K.M12/27/194082~18584112 Arteriosclerosis
M2Maricucci, FrankM12/01/192844~18844112 Lobar Pneumonia

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