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PgNames (42)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
D1Doyle, Hetty L.F09/18/192572~185341 Cancer of Rectum
S1Stanton, ElizabethF01/05/192365~185841 along fenceTerrile Debility
W1Walton, Carrie FrancesF02/06/192751~187641 Myocarditis
W6Wilding, Lois MaeF~196839~192941 Nov – 1968Cerebral arterythrombosis
R1Rolls, Dorothy E.F06/16/192322~190142 Septic Endocartitis
R5Rolls, ElizabethF09/12/1963101~186242 Myocardial Insufficiency
R4Rolls, Florence BairnsF01/31/196275~188742 Carcinoma of colon
R2Rolls, Frank J.M05/11/193752~188542 Apoplexy
W7Walding, ElmerM12/22/197974~190542 Respiratory failure acute
W8Wilding, Faith RollsM05/19/199183~190842 Ischemic Cardiomyopathy
M2Milroy, Jennie V.F01/17/192990~183943 Hypostatic Congestion
W8Wescott, HazelF01/08/199001/08/199043 Cremated remains
W3Williams, Mrs. JennieF02/28/194061~187943 Carcinoma of utrous
W2Williams, Robert S.M12/29/193354~187943 Lobar Pneumonia
L4Lane, Zelma (Shagg Nallians)F07/04/198581~190443 E ½Ventricular Fibrillation - Asystole
S8Shugg, AlbertM08/03/196160~190143 E ½Acute myocardial infarction
B2Bloes, Lana C.F09/23/193673~186344 Cerebral Hemmorhage
P4Pfaff, Frank W.M08/04/195575~188044 No cause on burial permit
D7Davis, John Jr.M03/27/200174~192745 Ventricular Tachycardia
M1Mayo, Lycenia L.F03/06/192776~185145 ½Mitral Regurgitation
U1Updike, MinnieF05/03/194271~187145 ½Cardiac decompensation
V1Vessie, ElizabethF10/19/194460~188445 ½Arteriosclerotic Nephritis
V2Vessie, William M.M06/25/195979~188045 ½Cerebrovascular accident
E2Emmons, Ellie MF01/31/194265~187746 Cardio Renal Complex
E1Emmons, William BM02/25/193278~185446 Chronic Intestional Myocarditis
L1Lutey, DorothyF01/11/192701/11/192746 Premature
T1Thomas, EnochM10/09/192451~187346 Chronic Myocarditis
W8Wilding, AliceF04/09/198767~192046 Acute Myocardial infarction
W9Wilding, RobertM07/02/200176~192546 Cardiac Arrest
Mc2McConnell, Mary P.F02/03/198188~189347 Carcinomatosis
D3Davis, ReeseM06/28/194285~185747 ½Carcinoma of Tongue
P2Pettigrew, LydiaF10/14/194479~186547 ½Convulsions
C5Chivers, Archie L.M01/29/195778~187948 Arterio Sclerotic heart disease - Coronary occlusion
C3Chivers, AugustaF04/11/193880~185848 Chronic myocarditis
C7Chivers, CliffordM10/27/197861~191748 Myocardial infraction
C6Chivers, MarieF11/30/196684~188248 Virus of abdic Cardiac failure
DDennis, EstherF12/27/2005100~190549 CHRONIC OBSTRUCTIVE LUNG DISEASE
D3Dennis, G. Wm.M05/30/194537~190849 Burns of Body (Explosion of powder)
K2Keleman, AndrewM07/29/193771~1866410 Single GraveShot Gun Wound in Side
M5Matthews, GeorgeM12/30/196080~1880410 Burial transit permit - No cause
M6Matthews, Nellie M.F12/02/196784~1883410 Acute Cerebrovascular Accident
D4Doyle, IraM03/17/195764~1893410 ½???dermoid Carcinoma of right lung with ???

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