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PgNames (50)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
C4Curly, Mrs. HarrietF07/30/194754~1893381 -
E2Elvidge, Amy FowlerF04/07/193568~1867381 Coronary Thrombua
E3Elvidge, John R.M08/26/196598~1867381 Myocardial Ischemia heart failure
E2Elvidge, MarionF02/01/194029~1911381 Throop, PaKilled-fractured ribs, crushed chest, punctured lungs
E3Elvidge, Mary E.F03/17/195303/17/1953381 Cerebro Vascular Accident
J3Jones, William B.M12/21/19666001/08/1906382 Intestinal obstructionY
S9Simpson, Ruth JonesF11/02/197976~1903382
S8Simpson, William H.M04/28/196279 yrs 3 mos 24 dys01/04/1883382 Progressive obstruction of bowel
W4Webb, JamesM08/15/194565~1880382 Coronary Occlusion
W3Webb, Mary E.F12/06/193657~1879382 Chronic Myocarditis
D4Day, John D.M04/28/196089~1871383 Cerebral Thrombosis
D4Day, MarthaF11/23/196288~1874383 Myocardial Failure
K3Kennedy, Charles R.M05/28/195770~1887383 Carcinoma of Prostate
K3Kennedy, E. ElmerM08/21/195486~1868383 Chronic Myocarditis
K1Kennedy, RozellaF06/11/193180~1851383 Carcinoma of Liver
S9Scholefield, GraceF03/10/197684~1892383 Myocarditis & decomp??tion
S8Scholefield, JackM03/15/196369~1894383 Hemorrhage from esophageal ??Y
D1Dove, Mary AnnF06/03/193073~1857384 Angina Pectoris
M3Miles, Edison E.M04/19/193418~1916384 General Septicima
M5Miles, EdwardM06/19/195306/19/1953384 Heart Disease
M7Miles, GraceF03/20/198072~1908384 Acute myocardial infarction
M5Miles, JessieF06/01/196178~1883384 Myocarcial Insufficiency
M7Miles, Maurice G.M11/07/198175~1906384 Nothing on permit
E2Evans, Jessie T.F04/27/194569~1876385 Cerebral Thrombosis
E3Evans, John T.M09/12/195675~1881385 Coronary Occlusion
L4Lewis, Beryl EvansF06/01/199682~1914385 Renal Failure
L4Lewis, James V.M11/01/199394~1899385 Cardio Respiratory Arrest
D6Dapper, Gertrude A.F07/29/198071~1909386 Cardio Myopathy
E3Edwards, Frank C.M07/25/196688~1878386 Carcinoma stomach
E4Edwards, Margaret M.F01/07/197791~1886386 Chronic congestive heart failure - Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease
E4Edwards, Mary F.F05/13/198075~1905386 Hyper?
E1Edwards, babyM03/20/1927003/20/1927386 Unknown
O2Oliver, Berniece “Bernice”F10/08/198253~1929386 Pulmonary Congestion
F1Frear, H.A.U387
T3Taylor, Margery ?rearF04/04/195350~1903387 10/21/1953 Disinterment permit #4 and new burial permit issed to move body from front of lot to backno information on burial permit
C2Curtis, Pearl A.F07/08/193136~1895388 Pulmonary Embolus
G5Green, Ronald C.M07/19/19942603/02/1968388
W3Woodbridge, Alfred WilliamM08/15/193945~1894388 Amputation, middle part of body
W1Woodbridge, GeorgeM04/27/192963~1866388 Cerebral hemorrhage
W5Woodbridge, Lesettie Christine (Miller)F10/29/19566104/12/1894388 Myocardial failure
W8Woodbridge, William M.F06/07/199266~1926388 Terminal Lung Cancer
R2Richardson, Frances MaryF07/04/193967~1872389 Cancer of stomach
R1Richardson, WilliamM~1925~1925389 Permit Lost
S3Swales, ElizabethF12/15/193646~1890389 Double DepthMyocardial Failure
S1Swales, Ida MayF01/19/19265~1921389 Diphtheria
S2Swales, Thomas HenryM07/14/192628~1898389 Injury in Mines
S3Swales, William CurtleyM03/27/193440~1894389 Acute Cardiac Dilatation
F3Forester, Clayton C.M12/02/198271~19113810 Trammis
M7Monroe, MaryF12/19/198090~18903810 Acute Cerebro vascular accident
M6Monroe, Roland J.M04/16/197183~18883810 Acute C. Vascular Accident

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