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PgNames (48)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
B1Barnes, Dora RuthF12/29/1922 05:0012/29/1922211 Premature birth
K4Kovach (Kovacs), MaryF09/30/197892~1886211 Congestive Heart Failure
K2Kovatch, JohnM12/13/193352~1881211 Mycardial Disease Failure
R2Reba, MichaelM09/22/193467~1867211 Carcininea of Intestine
R6Reha, AnnaF05/22/199084~1906211 E ½Cardio respiratory arrest
C8Churi, JosephM09/23/19876704/25/1920211 W ½… Nothing on permitY
Mc2McDonnell, BrennaF09/29/199818~1980211 W ½Auto Accident
McMcDonnell, WilliamM06/19/200862~1946211 W ½CremainsSquamous Cell Co. of Bone
C7Churi, Helen L.F12/04/197451~1923211 ½Acute pulmonary Insufficiency
C5Churi, MaryF06/02/195772~1885211 ½Cerebral apoplexy
C5Churi, MichaelM12/25/195985~1874211 ½Arterio Sclerotic heart disease
R2Reha, HelenF06/02/193829~1909211 ½Cong. Heart Failure
R4Reha, MaryF07/11/195483~1871211 ½Double depth grave.Congestive heart failure
S4Sanderson, Cora E.F03/12/194163~1878212 Coronary Thrombosis
S2Sanderson, JamesM12/01/19289~1919212 Shock Auto Accident
S9Sanderson, John T.M03/19/19786101/10/1917212 Carcinoma of mouth floorY
S7Sanderson, RichardM07/04/195379~1874212 Heart Failure Chr
S9Sanderson, Helen L.F04/06/198867~1921212 E ½Respiratory Failure
B7Barhight, James E.M03/20/199268~1924213 None Listed
F1Felter, Frances M.M12/22/192274~1848213 La Grippe etc.
F1Felter, MaryF01/01/192371~1852213 La Grippe etc.
W5Webster, Nettie aka AnnetteF06/25/195479~1875213 Chronic Myocarditis
W3Webster, Wilfred DelmarM08/07/194275~1867213 Arterioscleratis heart disease
B2Beebe, AlmaF10/03/194059~1881214 Heart Trouble
B3Beebe, MargaretF11/22/194163~1878214 Carcinoma of Stomach
B3Beeby, CharlesM02/21/194765 yrs 3 mos 11 dys11/10/1881214 Septicerma due to gangrene of Left Leg
M3Meyers, babyF07/26/194507/26/1945214 StillbornUmbilical Hemmorrhage
B7Beeby, Walter D.M02/25/198163~1918214 E ½Cirrhosis of Liver
M8Meyers, Anna H.F11/29/200187~1914214 W ½Bladder Cancer
B5Beeby, Harry J.M05/05/196359~1904214 ½Syncope Due to Cardiac Disease
M5Meyers, Nancy BeebyF06/16/195619~1937214 ½Coronary Thrombosis
M5Meyers, Patricia LouiseF09/08/19557~1948214 ½Lymphatic Leukemia
G2Gill, Paul W.M03/15/193222~1910215 Fractured & Lacerated Abdominal Wall
G2Gill, WilliamM05/19/193565~1870215 Cancer of Stomach
G4Gill, MaryF08/14/195278~1874215 ½Terminal Broncho Pneumonia
H4Hoyes, Walter N.M03/13/195355~1898215 ½Cerebral ThrombosisY
W8White, ClaraF03/19/198485~1899216 S ½Acute Myocardial infarct
B5Beeby, WalterM02/05/196071~1889216 ½Myocardial Degeneration
B2Bray, Mrs. SarahF12/02/193860~1878216 ½Intestinal Obstruction
W3White, Samuel J.M12/23/194243~1899216 ½Angina pectoris
G4Gendall, Gilbert H.M12/18/196381~1882217 Myocardial Infarction
Mc1McCutcheon, Sarah Jane PetchF09/23/194872~1876217 Uremia
P1Petch, ElizabethF07/27/192241~1881217 Nephritis
P2Petch, John W.M07/04/193452~1882217 Anthroroses
R5Reese, OliveF07/15/197007/15/1970217 A.S.C.V. disease - Generalized arteriosclerosis - Cerebral thrombosis
R3Rouse, HannahF04/14/195182~1869217 Myocardial Insufficiency
C1Curtis, Helen E.F10/11/192831~1897218 Rheumatic Endocarditis
C2Curtis, JessieF05/07/193529~1906218 Diabetis Mellites

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