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PgNames (86)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
T4Tyson, Joseph T.M12/25/197814~1964540 Advanced A. S. C. V. D.
G4Gross, Mary KathleenF02/15/1953 18 mos08/15/1951541 Died in Buffalo, Erie Cty., NYNo Cause on Transit Permit
T2Tyron, Emily MackrellF07/31/194871~1877541 Small Corner LotCA of Bowel, Heart Failure
T3Tyson, WilliamM07/08/196659~1907541 Arteriosclerotic ????
B8Bovard, Margaret ReeseF11/24/200194~1907542 Acute myocardial infarction
R4Reese, Martha B.F09/06/195484~1870542 Cardiac insufficiency - Arterio sclerosis
R3Reese, Richard J.M02/09/194980 yrs 13 dys01/24/1869542 Cerebral hemorrhage
B7Bovard, Venald W.M09/22/198885~1903543 NE ½Cardio Respiratory Arrest
B5Bronson, Nelson H.M05/28/196144~1917544 Carcinoma of Lungs/Arteriosclerosis
D5Davis, ElizabethF08/01/196681~1885544 Hypertensive Cardio Vascular Disease
D4Davis, Isaac L.M08/06/195576~1879544 Carcinoma of Stomach
D5Davis, LewisM09/04/196757~1910544 ½Not on Burial Permit
P3Patten, Charles H.M12/30/194943 yrs 8 mos 28 dys04/02/1906545 ½Myocardial Infarction
Y2Yencho (Jencho), MichaelM03/02/196468~1896545 ½Vaso motor ParalysisY
Y1Yentcho, Anna LF06/10/195052~1898545 ½Cardio Vascular Accident
BBrenzel, George W.M05/27/201382~1931546 C V A
BBrenzel, Mary AnnF02/05/201380~1933546 CremainsCor Pulmonule
K3Kotcho, KengeM06/28/195572~1883546 Myocardial Degeneration
M6Masci, JosephM07/17/196507/17/1965546 BirthHydrocepholus
S10Schott, William E.M04/11/199652~1944546
G4Grizzle, AlfredM04/17/195366~1887547 E ½No Cause on Transit Permit
G5Grizzle, PaulineF~198380~1903547 E ½Cardiac Arrhythmia
J3James, BenjaminM10/10/195660~1896548 Coronary Occlusion Anteriosclerosis
J3James, MaryF07/23/196668~1898548 Carcinoma of endo*ebr*?
J4James, Robert M.M11/06/197446~1928548 Acute Myocardial infarction
J4James, WilliamM08/08/200372~1931548 CremainsChronic Renal Failure
WWoodworth, John C.M12/22/199164~1927549 Congestive heart failure
W8Woodworth, Ann M.F04/07/198474~1910549 E ½Lymphoma Secondary ?
W5Woodworth, JohnM10/13/195649~1907549 E ½Coronary Thrombosis
H5Hall, BenjaminM07/25/197507/25/19755410 E ½Acute myocardial infarction
H6Hall, ElizabethF09/20/198481~19035410 E ½Myocardial failure
E3Evans, AnnaF08/03/195848~19105410 W½Aneurysm abdominal aorta
E4Evans, George WilliamM05/11/198573~19125410 W½Inanition
C4Clark, NathanM06/09/194759~18885411 Single graveAcute cardiac collape
R3Ritter, Mrs. DorothyF02/14/194836~19125411 Pulmonary T.B.
V2Valuka (Valuch), GeorgeM04/13/197183~18885411 Single GraveAcute RT-Ventricular ?? Pulmonary Hypertension / Stage 3 Emphysema ???
V1Vaste, HermanM12/09/194765~18825411 Single GraveCoronary Embolism
T4Trojanowicz, Anthony ThomasM04/09/1996 3 dys04/06/19965412 Intercranial Hemorrhage
W4Wargo, MichaelM04/05/195177~18745412 Single graveAuricular Fibrilation
Y1Yurkanin, AnnaF06/19/195177~18745412 Coronary Embolism
S10Saxe, ElizabethF05/01/199570~19255412 #1Cremains
S10Saxe, Harry Jr.M02/16/19977812/18/19185412 #1Y
B7Bray, AlexM09/07/199182~19095412 AAcute Coronary Insufficiency
B7Bray, ThelmaF01/27/198771~19165412 AAcute Coronary Insufficiency
M7Marks, DorothyF10/26/198379~19045412 ACardio Vascular Arrest
P4Peters, John C.M03/08/195873~18855413 East ½Chronic myocarditus
J3Jopling, Claude WilsonM03/05/195867~18915413 W ½Coronary occlusion
J3Jopling, Edna MarieF12/01/195765~18925413 W ½Atypical Bilateral Verus Pneumonia
J3Jopling, Rodney B.M01/12/196648~19185413 W ½Undermined - Awaiting Lab Test
P4Peters, Lillian WF03/10/196376~18875413 ½Cerebro vascular embolism
C8Condeelis, Edna R.F02/08/199694~19025414 E ½-
C6Condeelis, Thomas A.M04/07/197274~18985414 E ½Peripheral vascular failure
H5Hoban, Joseph babyM07/08/196607/08/19665414 W ½StillbornUndetermined
W7Ward, MargaretF12/10/197678~18985414 W ½Acute pulmonary embolus
W6Ward, MartinM07/24/19647309/01/18905414 W ½Acute myocardial infarctionY
M6Mosley, Jennie M.F09/12/196981~18885414 ½Cardiac failure
G4Gasper, JosephM10/03/195752~19055415 E ½Carcinoma of Stomach
G5Gasper, MaryF06/11/198675~19115415 E ½
R5Reha, MaryF05/08/198074~19065416 E ½Cerebral vascular accident
FFranchetti, Eldigard J.M09/10/200983~19265416 W ½Gastric carcinoma
R4Reha, StephenM12/08/195453~19015416 ½Pulmonary embolism
S8Sasfai, AndrewM12/24/196178~18835417 E ½Acute Coronary Occlusion
S7Sasfai, MaryF02/23/195870~18885417 E ½Congestive Heart Failure
B6Baronski, MaryF04/09/196853~19155417 N ½Inanition
B6Baronski, SharonF10/13/197632~19445417 W ½Double DepthBrain Stem Compression
R4Roberts, LewisM11/01/195564~18915418 Cancer of the ?
S10Stafford, Ethel J.F10/04/200192~19095418
S9Stefford, Irvor T.M01/23/197975~19045418 ½Anth?? with advance emyd??ia
C6Carpenter, Janella G.F11/19/196658~19085419 Double depth grave bottomRuptured Barvelt Inesenterec hemorrhage
C9Carpenter, Simpson WhartonM03/24/200493~19115419 ?
H4Hendrick, Jane RobertsF08/23/195269~18835419 Carcinoma of Intestines
H4Hendrick, Minor C.M10/06/195977~18825419 Cerebral Hemorrhage
A2Anderson, Carl W.M11/08/197571~19045419 E ½Cardiac Arrest
A2Anderson, Dorothy ElizabethF06/28/198882~19065419 E ½Nothing on Burial – Transit Permit
E3Evans, BlancheF02/14/197288~18845420 Congestive heart failure
E3Evans, James A.M02/17/196556~19095420 Cardiac ArrestY
E3Evans, Martie M.M03/13/195873~18855420 Coronary Palmonale - Arterio sclerosia
E3Evans, Robert GeorgeM01/02/195182~18695420 Suicide - illuminating gas
E4Evans, Eva MaeF11/09/198876~19125420 E½Respiratory Arrest
HHinees, Austin F.M05/23/200482~19225421 Respiratory Failure
H6Hines, Austin F.M05/23/200482~19225421 Respiratory Failure
H3Hines, Eilzabeth E.F07/15/195052 yrs 3 mos 11 dys04/04/18985421 Carcinoma of head of Pancreas
H6Hines, Ann W.F01/28/198867~19215421 E ½Massive Mesenterie Thrombosis
H4Hines, George D.M05/23/195560~18955421 W ½Generalized Peritonitis and Toxemia - Perforated Gastric Ulcer
W5Walsh, HerbertM09/11/195764~18935422 Pulmonary Infraction - Arterio sclerotic heart diseaseY
W7Walsh, MargaretF09/01/197980~18995422 C.V.A.

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