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PgNames (55)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
C4Caine, Charles H.M03/27/194873~187531 Carcinoma
C4Cains, Sarah AnnF05/22/193205/22/193231 Removal from one grave to another in Prospect Cem.Permicious Aenemia
W7Washburn, AnneF12/21/197691~188531 Arterio sclerotic cardio vas disease
W4Washburn, GeorgeM07/23/195173~187831 Coronary Thrombosis
WWashburn, Norman W. Sr.M01/19/200988~192131 Cremains
W8Washburn, Vera M.M04/17/199670~192631 Chronic Congestive Heart Failure
H1Hughes, Emma C.F11/20/193056~187432 Post Operative Shock
H3Hughes, WilliamM10/24/194876 yrs 9 mos 15 dys01/09/187232 Carcinoma of liver
R2Richards, Lewis H.M01/07/193551~188432 Paralysis Agitans Influenza
W2Wallick, CharlesM11/07/19308706/27/184332 MyocarditisY
W7Wallick, CharlesM05/15/197678~189832 Arterio Sclerotic Cardio vascular disease
W2Wallick, ChasM12/28/192912/28/192932 PrematurePremature Birth
W5Wallick, Edward M. Sr.M03/06/195885~187332 Generalized arteriosclerosis
W4Wallick, ElizabethF08/29/194869~187932 Diabetic Coma
W1Wallick, MarjorieF04/08/192404/08/192432 Premature Birth
W1Wallick, MaryF05/20/192879~184932 Cardiac Failure
H4Haas, George L.M05/25/195468~188633 Lobar Pneumonia
H4Haas, Martha AnneF02/18/195372~188133 Carcinoma of Uterus
P1Pearce, ChesterM03/30/193035~189533 Chronic Myocarditus
P1Pearce, ChristopherM04/22/193173~185833 Cancer liver
P2Pearce, John W.M09/26/193657~187933 Carcinonia bladder
P2Pearce, JosephM04/07/193549~188633 Myrocarditis
G5Greskovic, Edward F.M05/15/199985~191433 S ½CremainsNone Listed
D3Dunford, JosephM10/02/193972~186733 ½Acute Cardiac Failure
H4Hess, babyM08/14/196208/14/196234 ½Unknown
W5Wescott, Edith MaeF10/15/195975~188434 ½Cerebro Vascula
W6Wescott, TracyM12/28/196880~188834 ½Generalized arteriosclerosis - Upper respiratory infection - Myocardial infarction arteriosclerotosis - Cerebral vascular accident
Y1Yencho, AnnaF02/07/194269~187334 ½Myocarditis
Z1Yencho, John Sr.M09/24/194269~187334 ½myocardial Degeneration
B2Barrett, E. JohnM10/26/194077~186335 Acute Cardiac Failure Instant
B3Brundage, Andrew WintonM06/08/194396~184735 Pulmonary Uldema
B5Brundage, EthelF01/04/195471~188335 Adenocarcinoma ? Colon
B5Brundage, Fannie RichardsF07/15/1956102~185435 Chronic Mycoiditis
B7Brundage, J. HowardM08/17/197708/17/197735 Nothing on Burial Transit Permit
B1Bell, George R.M07/05/1922 5 dys06/31/192237 Broncho Pneumonia
C1Cliff, babyF04/13/192404/13/192437 Stillborn
B7Bratty, Annie M.F01/04/199491~190337 E ¼Cardiorespiratory Failure
B7Bratty, Robert M.M07/10/197779~189837 NW ½Acute Cerebral Thrombosis
G3Gertlana, RoseF01/26/195079~187137 W ½??????
B6Bell, Jessie M.F01/25/197786~189137 ½Cerebral Thrombosis
D5Davis, AgnesF12/20/197073~189738 Acute Congestive Heart Failure with Pulmonary Edema
D3Davis, SarahF06/12/194081~185938 Myocarditis
D5Davis, Willard J.M04/29/196566~189938 ??atoma Bile Duct Type
D1Davis, William H.M07/19/193378~185538 Cardio Vascular
H5Hawke, AlfredM01/07/197901/07/197938 Acute myocardial infarction
H5Hawke, EvelynF02/02/198102/02/198138 Cerebral Thrombosis
J1Jones, Mary E.F06/15/192477~184738 Myocarditis
J1Jones, MorganM07/15/194376~186738 Chr. Nephritis - senility
M1Morgan, Evan RichardM04/11/192354~186939 Injury to head
M4Morgan, Mary AnnF06/28/194678 yrs 1 mos 10 dys05/18/186839 Carcinoma of descending colon
M5Morgan, RichardM03/04/195561~189439 Generalized carcinomatosis
O1Owens, ThomasM01/06/192545~188039 Bronchial Asthma
D4Davis, Howell J.M04/11/195470~1884310 Coronary Occlusion
D5Davis, John N.M06/10/197352~1921310
D5Davis, Wilhelmina H.F02/16/197484~1890310 C. V. A.

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