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PgNames (69)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
H4Hoyes, Edward J.M10/24/195264~188821 Chi. Myocarditis Acute FailureY
H5Hoyes, ElizabethF01/27/197301/27/197321 Myocardial infraction
H6Hoyes, ElizabethF04/29/199293~189921 Cerebrovascular Occlusion
H5Hoyes, WilfordM03/02/196771~189621 Peripheral Vascular CollapseY
W7Wearne, Samuel J.M01/20/197382~189121 Myocardial infarction
W5Wearne, Ethel M.F02/26/195765~189221 ½Acute myocardial infraction
B1Broad, EleanorF11/05/192311/05/192322 Premature
B1Broad, Elsie MaeF02/01/1924 3 mos11/01/192322 Acute ???colitis
B2Broad, Mary L.F11/14/193669~186722 Cerebral Hemmorhage
B1Broad, Matilda H.F05/18/192388~183522 Nephritis chronic
B3Broad, William J.M10/23/194880 yrs 2 mos 14 dys08/09/186822 Uremis
J3James, Carlton H.M11/10/195347~190622 ½Cerebral Edema
B8Brennan, StellaF01/18/200498~190623 NE ¼End Stage Alzheimers
B7Brennan, William P.M03/03/199080~191023 NE ¼Cardio Pulmonary Arrest
C8Clark, Donald W.M07/05/198978~191123 NW ¼Cachexia ??
C9Clark, Nana J.F10/05/200291~191123 NW ¼Acute Myorcardial Infarction
K4Krapf, Mr. Clarence AugustM12/29/197412/29/197423 ½Not on PermitNothing on Permit
K4Krapf, Mrs. Margaret Sab?F12/14/197412/14/197423 ½Not on PermitNothing on Permit
F2Farrow, Ruth B.F10/31/194136~190524 Circulatory Collapse
F3Ford, Henry F.M01/15/19755002/11/192424 Nothing on permitY
G5Ghilardi, Peter P. JrM04/18/198222~196024 Cardiac Arrest
K1Kareha, ElizabethF07/16/193160~187124 Myocardial Disease Failure
K1Kareha, JohnM11/07/192665~186124 Myocarditis
K4Kareha, JosephM11/08/197674~190224 Nothing on Permit
K4Kareha, Laura H.F01/24/198373~191024 Temporary
K3Kareka, Joseph D.M02/24/197026~194424 Uremia
K4Krucar, Frank J.M05/24/198343~194024 Double DepthMultiple Traumatic Injuries/Vehicular Accident
S10Sasfai, Emery A.M05/13/19916809/08/192224 Y
KKareha, GeorgeM09/16/1918~24~189424 #2Y
F2Farr, HowardM06/01/194128~191324 W½Fractured Skull
M2Meisinger, Barno S.M04/24/192857~187125 Carcinomia Coram
S1Simerell, Mrs.F10/17/192510/17/192525 Removed to Johnson City NY
S2Speirs, William HaroldM01/20/193152~187925 Double depth gravePerforated Gastric Ulcer
W1White, Chancey C.M10/06/192565~186025 Myocarditis Endocaritis
W3White, Howard C.M01/19/193738~189925 ½Acute Cardiac Dilatation
W2White, Mary L.F06/17/193574~186125 ½Pulmonary Edema
G5Gill, Ethel A.F07/08/197456~191826 In????tions
R1Reese, AlbertM05/02/193440~189426 Phosphorous Poisoning
R2Reese, AlbertM09/14/193409/14/193426 Disintered and reburied
W2Wallace, Wm. H.M05/08/193678~185826 Urenic Poisoning
KKarmol, Richard J.M12/03/200561~194426 E ½SEPTIC/GI BLEED
W8Walsh, EdwinM06/16/198458~192626 E ½Acute Cardiac Failure
S10Sheerer, Ilene R.F02/09/200491~191326 N ½
R5Reese, Edith LouiseF05/01/197276~189626 ½Cerebral vascular accident
S9Sheerer, George G.M02/19/198272~191026 ½Metastic Carcinoma of Prostate
W3Wallace, ElizabethF11/07/194386~185726 ½Cardiac failure
R6Rumford, ReginaF01/20/199887~191127 E ½Cardiac Arythmia
B5Butson, Charles H.M10/21/196183~187827 ½Acute Cerebral Hemmorhage
B7Butson, MaryF03/27/198095~188527 ½Generalized I****tion
D6Driscole, BarbaraF11/08/198053~192727 ½P. T. Had Carcinoma of Breast
D6Driscole, John FranklinM08/15/197953~192627 ½Carcinoma ------ with metastic to the liver
R4Rumford, Ralph G.M09/20/195950~190927 ½Generalized CarcinomatosisY
B3Bonner, Matilda C.F04/06/194181~186028 Chronic myocarditis
D1Davis, Albert RichardM11/13/192211/13/192228 Age 3-7 Yrs. ???Auto accident
D1Davis, Alice RenaF12/15/1926 11 mos01/15/192628 Broncho Pneumonia
D1Davis, ShirleyF10/22/19313~192828 Second Degree Burns of Body
W2Watkins, David H.M08/07/193185~184628 Endo Myocarditis
W2Watkins, JohnM05/03/193262~187028 Acute Myocarditis
W1Watkins, LouisM01/04/192626~190028 Septicsemo
G5Gill, Clarence RussellM05/21/197762~191528 SE ½Myocardial Infarction
M8May, Joyce M.F~199752~194528 SW ¼Metastatic Cervical Carcenoma
W5Watkins, LouisaF08/15/195484~187028 ½Arteriosclerotic/emt. Disease
S3Simons, EmmettM07/13/193464~187029 Coronary Prombosis ?
S7Simons, JessieF12/28/195364~188929 Cerebral Thrombosis
L1Lewis, David W.M05/31/192471~1853210 Concussion of Brain
L1Lewis, ErnestM~1924~1924210 DOD OctoberTransfer from Union Cemetery
L1Lewis, Francis X.F05/01/192368~1855210 Appoplexy
L1Lewis, JaneF~1924~1924210 DOD OctoberTransfer from Union Cemetery
DDennis, LivingstonM12/08/1902~6403/20/1838216 Civil WarY

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