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PgNames (46)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
F2Foster, Mary J.F09/05/194709/05/194761 Cerebral Hemorrhage
F2Foster, SamuelM03/10/194171~187061 Chronic Myocarditis
J1Johnson, JamesM03/03/193632~190461 Endocarditis
SStedg, LeviM~1912~77~183561 Civil WarY
C2Coleman, David J.M10/13/193057~187362 Chronic Myrocardits
C4Coleman, SadieF02/02/194875~187362 Inemition ??
F2Frear, SarahF12/27/194167~187462 Chronic Myocarditis
S5Seeley, Mary E.F09/15/194579~186662 Carcinoma of colon
S2Stage, JamesM02/06/192964~186562 Carcinoma
M8Mackey, Donald A.M02/08/200274~192863 Cancer of Prostate
M2Mackey, FrankM03/04/1929 2 dys03/02/192963 Cerebal Hemorage
M6Mackey, Helen E.F03/05/197374~189963 Acute Cerebrovascular Accident
M6Mackey, James EdwardM07/14/197183~188863 Acute myocardial infraction
M5Mackey, Mary EllenF11/15/195285~186763 Cerebral Hemorrhage
M8Mackey, Robert E.M11/04/200582~192363 Dehydration CVA
W6Woertz, Albert E.M07/22/196575~189063 Cerebral Embolism
W6Woertz, Rhoda MadayF09/05/196780~188763 Broncho Pneumonia - Cardiac Dilatation with Pulmonary Edema
B2Box, DoraF03/28/194081~185964 Cardiac Insufficiency
E1Evans, babyF07/26/192207/26/192264 TwinsStillborn
E1Evans, babyF03/14/192603/14/192664 Premature birth
M3Mitchell, IophramaF10/28/194071~186964 Carcinoma of Throat
M5Mitchell, William H.M12/08/195484~187064 Myocardial failure
S2Sharpe, babyF09/26/1929009/26/192964 Patulos Fromon Ovoli
S3Sharpe, babyF06/20/1935006/20/193564 Stillborn
H1Helmiss, Elizabeth CarolineF08/22/192365~185865 Appoplexy
R1Rolls, Catherine E.F04/05/192769~185865 Acute Cardiac dilation
L1Lathrop, Emma T.F12/24/192681~184566 Chi Nutrai Insufficiens
L1Lathrope, HalseyM08/27/192481~184366 Age 81-6?Myocarditis
G2German, Martha A.F04/22/193180~185167 Myordittis Failure
S5Snedicor, William J.M05/23/195183~186867 Cardiac Failure
W4Warfield, Abbie M.F07/15/194777~187067 Coronary Occlusion
W9Warfield, Dorothy LynchF05/23/199894~190467 E ½None listed
W8Warfield, Dwight S.M05/01/198787~190067 E ½Cardio Pulmonary Arrest - Possible myocardial infarction
G2Gates, Annie B.F04/01/194173~186868 Carcinoma Sigmoid
G2Gates, Eugeen O.M03/22/193490~184468 Cerebral ThrombosisY
B3Beynon, EvanM06/04/194739~190869 Lobar pneumoniaY
B5Beynon, Mary AnnF02/05/195779~187869 Cardiovascular accident/Cerebral Hemorrhage
B5Beynon, Mary JaneF10/25/196059~190169 Peripheral Vascular Collapse
B6Beynon, Thomas Jr.M08/16/196761~190669 Acute Mesenteric thrombosis
B3Beynon, Thomas, Sr.M11/28/195071~187969 Acute Congestion of Lungs
V2Vandervort, Esther BeynonF07/17/195333~192069 Gangerous choleiystitus
B7Beynon, David R.M12/17/19857109/14/191469 E ½Nothing on Burial-Transit PermitY
R4Roberts, AldieF06/02/195882~1876610 Heart failure
R3Roberts, George W.M03/31/194776 yrs 5 mos 3 dys10/28/1870610 Cag. Of bowel
S3Swingle, Florence J.F04/21/193256~1876610 Acute Myocarditis
S8Swingle, MargaretF06/30/196382~1881610 Arterio sclerotic heart disease

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