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PgNames (38)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
C3Craig, Annie ElizabethF03/04/194475~186951 Chronic Myocarditis Arterio Sclerosi
C1Craig, Charles H.M12/31/192959~187051 Valvular Heart Disease
C4Craig, Effie L.F11/26/194872~187651 Acute Myocardial Failure
C2Craig, Minor H.M08/29/193067~186351 Pulmonary Edemia
A1Aldrich, Ida E.F01/15/192679~184752 Cardiac Failure (myocariditis)
T2Taylor, Arthur C.M05/06/194445~189952 Single GravePneusococcic MeningitisY
C6Covaleski (Hollister), JessieF02/14/197283~188953 Myocardial infraction
H6Hollister, Bessie M.F10/26/198688~189853 Metastatic Colon Cancer
H4Hollister, Gerald W.M08/16/195961~189853 Coronary Thrombosis
H2Hollister, babyM10/13/1932010/13/193253 Prematurity
H1Hollster, Joshua P.M03/03/193174~185753 Chronic Interstitial Nephritis
S1Shalle, AllenM11/22/192440~188453 very faint writingLobar Pneumonia
DDaugherty, Joseph I.M~1895~50~184554 Civil War; DOB was listed as 01/18/1905, but that can't be right.Y
DDaugherty, MyraF12/18/1932~3203/25/190054
S8Swales, Esther A.F03/16/19679402/07/187354 S ½Bronchial Viral Pneumonia
S4Swales, William WardM01/07/19396502/25/187354 S ½Bronchial Pneumonia
M3Mayo, OscarM09/09/193786~185154 ¼Coronary Thrombosis
D3Daugherty, Edmund J.M04/12/194604/12/194654 ½Moved from Union Cemetery
W5White, Caroline C.F04/20/195689~186755 Arterosclerotic heart disease
W3White, William H.M12/04/194378~186555 Coronary Occlusion
W8Welsh, Helen WhiteF08/10/198557~192855 E ½CremationNatural causes
LLyon, Luther S.M01/19/1889~6511/16/182456 Civil WarY
R3Rozich, Andrew P.M12/12/194664 yrs 5 mos 29 dys06/14/188256 Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
R3Rozich, Ellen L.F07/09/194664 yrs 1 mos 19 dys05/20/188256 Coronary Thrombosis
R1Rozich, LoisF12/17/19257~191856 Myocarditis
H3Havoke, Samuel MorleyM07/30/194567~187857 Cardio-Pascular-renal-Sclerosis
H1Hawke, Jessie StearnsF11/22/192545~188057 Accute myocardial insufficiency
P5Pierce, ElsieF09/11/199281~191157 Natural
GGuest, Louise E.F04/19/200597~190858
L1Lloyd, FrederickM12/28/192349~187458 Dilation of Heart
O2Occhipinti, CarmellaF01/23/197767~191058 Carinomatosis
O2Occhipinti, JosephM02/11/196562~190359 Acute myocardial infarction
M7Matichak, EvaF01/05/197970~190959 ½Double DepthNothing on permit
S5Shager, Floyd H.M08/24/194644~1902510 Myocardial Degeneration
S5Shager, James F.M03/31/195126~1925510 Coronary OcclusionY
OOwens, D.M.M~1890~49~1841513 Civil WarY
W5Walsh, Patricia AnneF06/25/1959 6 mos12/25/1958522 26 weeksPrematurity
W5Walsh, Patrick JosephM06/26/1959 6 mos12/26/1958522 26 weeksPrematurity

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