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PgNames (54)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
R1Reese, WilliamM01/17/192931~1898421 Left Lobar Pneumonia
S4Scutt, Hannah ReeseF03/17/194263~1879421 Apoplexy
R2Reese, Evan D.M01/10/193763~1874421 ½Chronic Nephritis
S5Scutt, WallieM11/23/194670~1876421 ½Carcinoma of throat
H3Harris, David J.M09/17/194679 yrs 7 mos 3 dys02/14/1867422 Acute coronary occlusion
H1Harris, George E.M04/14/192832~1896422 RabiesY
R1Reese, babyF11/03/192911/03/1929422 Asphyxia Neurotum
W7Williams, Mary JaneF08/14/197384~1889422 Pneumonia
W2Williams, NowelM02/04/193625~1911422 Diabetis Mellitis
P1Pugh, JenkinM11/09/193011/09/1930423 Pulmonary Edema
W3Williams, John P.M02/20/193974~1865423 Cardiac asthma
W4Williams, RobertM08/29/194862~1886423 Chronic Myocarditis
H6Hudson, John W.M08/13/19998611/19/1912423 S ½End Stage AlzheimersY
HHudson, Grace A. SpanglerF09/15/200490~1914423 W ½ORGANIC BRAIN SYNDROME
M4Matthews, Thomas W.M11/01/194650 yrs 27 dys10/04/1896423 W.½Coronary occulsion
H5Hudson, Mary HannahF02/20/197402/20/1974423 ½Coronary heart disease
M1Martin, JamesM01/04/192839~1889423 ½Fractured Spine Accidental
M6Matthews, Hazel P.F01/13/196970~1899423 ½Congestive heart Disease
W2Williams, EdithF05/23/193445~1889424 Carcinoma of Right Breast
H3Harris, WilliamM11/16/194752 yrs 5 mos 6 dys06/10/1895424 W ½Myocardial failure
S5Stephens, Harold T.M01/08/194527~1918424 W ½brought from overseas; buried 12/14/1948Med. Dept U.S.ArmyY
S4Stephens, Winifred MaudF07/22/193949~1890424 W ½Chronic Rheumantic Endo Carditis
H2Halliday, RobertM04/13/193553~1882425 Mine Accident
S7Sickler, Floyd R.M02/17/195858~1900425 E ½Exposure to cold
S8Sickler, Jennie VanderburgF02/04/196159 yrs 8 mos 21 dys05/13/1901425 E ½Acute myocardial infarction
H1Harding, EdithF11/22/192831~1897425 ½Mitral Stenosis
H1Holliday, Pearl LorettaF02/19/1928 4 mos10/19/1927425 ½Acute Broncho Pneumonia
H1Holliday, WilliamU07/08/19271~1926425 ½Bron. Pneumonia
L4Lindroth, Marion J.F11/02/198649~1937426 Cremated RemainsArteriosclerotic Cariovascular Disease
P5Parker, ClairisF03/10/199281~1911426 Bladder Cancer
P1Parker, EmlynM08/23/192714~1913426 Myocarditis
P4Parker, EstherF08/24/196980~1889426 Myocardial degeneration
P1Parker, Evan J.U426 Move 04/13/1930 From B18 L1Chr. Myocarditis
P4Parker, GeorgeM07/01/195868~1890426 Myocardial Failure
P4Parker, Margaret J.F10/18/195466~1888426 Coronary Thrombosis
P5Parker, Rowland J.M12/21/199989~1910426 Hemorrage Gastritis
T4Travis, EugeneM10/10/198672~1914426 Along NE edge of ???Cardiac Arrest
T4Travis, Glenis ParkerF04/29/199304/29/1993426
T2Travis, Rowland PackerM03/08/1941 5 mos10/08/1940426 Lobar Pneumonia
H1Hacker, William E.M09/25/192870~1858427 Cerebral Embalism
M8Moult, RussellM06/10/19886301/02/1925428 E ½CremationAsphixationY
M4Moult, Sarah ElizabethF03/28/194730~1917428 E.½Strangulation
M3Moult, John C.M02/10/193859~1879428 ½Silicosis
A1Allen, WilliamM02/10/193257~1875429 Cerebal Hemorhage
A1Allen, Mrs. WilliamF429 E ½4/26/1932 Mrs. W.J. Bonner Permit #82 / Sexton Williams moved body from P.L. To here
H2Holt, PeterU429 E ½Permit # 80. Sexton Williams moved body from P.L. to E ½ 9-42
H2Holt, RobertU429 E ½Permit # 80. Sexton Williams moved body from P.L. to E ½ 9-42
A1Allen, Alfred HoltM07/10/194340 yrs 7 mos 2 dys12/08/1902429 East ½Block # cut off but think it is 42Coronary Thrombosis
C7Chure, ElizabethF10/07/197878~1900429 W ½Respiratory arrest
C5Chure, AndrewM11/27/195556~1899429 ½Pulmonary Tuberculosis
H1Holt, Anna E.F06/05/193080~1850429 ½Fractured skull
E1Eaves, HellenF09/20/193058~18724210 Cardio Nephritis
E2Eaves, JosephM05/26/1945 3 dys05/23/19454210
C2Churi, MaryF08/19/193155~18764211 Cancer of liver

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