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PgNames (43)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
R1Robinson, babyM03/27/192303/27/1923371 Stillborn
SSnyder, E.T.M~1901~56~1845371 Civil WarY
S9Snyder, Frank H.M02/27/19756203/01/1912371 Cirrhosis of Liver
S7Snyder, Richard A.M10/10/195269~1883371 Coronary Occlusion
D4Dixon, GeraldM10/17/195545~1910372 No cause on burial permit
HHall, Shirley J.F12/18/201080~1930372 Dementia
S1Smith, DewittM07/25/192576~1849372 Brocho Pneumonia
W6Williams, Agnes A.F08/12/196486~1878372 Generalized arteriosclerosis
D6Dixon, June S.F07/19/198067~1913372 W ½Intrach-------- Hemorrhage
W5Williams, WarrenM11/18/195374~1879372 ½Prostate carcinoma
L1Lewis, Eva BlancheF03/03/192447~1877373 Cleroes Endososdits
L2Lewis, GertrudeF10/27/193853~1885373 Cancer of swwtomach
L3Lewis, Helen CochraneF10/22/196549~1916373 Coronary occlusion
L3Lewis, Warren ShayM10/30/196260~1902373 Arterio schlerosis Coronary Thrombosis
J1Jones, Daniel W.M06/05/194245~1897375 Anthrasilicosis with congestive heart
J1Jones, Elizabeth M.F04/08/194177~1864375 Coronary Thrombosis
H6Hennekam, FrederickM02/23/1994102~1892375 E ½Bp Stone (age 95/102?)Arterio Scleratic Heart Disease
C8Clark, ViolaF04/05/199593~1902375 W ½Pneumonia
T2Thomas, MaryF06/01/194874 yrs 3 mos 8 dys02/24/1874375 W ½Carcinoma of Left Breast
H5Henneham, EdnaF11/12/198011/12/1980375 ½Pneumonia
T1Thomas, John H.M05/03/193067~1863375 ½Pulmonary Edema
C1Cook, WilliamM12/18/192979~1850376 Broncho Pneumonia
D7Davis, MargarettaF04/24/199072~1918376 Cardio Respiratory Arrest
D3Davies, babyM03/13/194403/13/1944376 ½PrematurityPremature
D6Davis, Russell RaymondM02/01/198071~1909376 ½Anthraco Silicosis with advanced emphysema
D3Davis, baby AlvinM07/25/194607/25/1946376 ½Premature Birth
F2Fletcher, EmmaF09/05/195950~1909376 ½Tuberculosis of the lungs
N1Newton, Sybil AnnF08/16/1938 7 dys08/09/1938376 ½Pyloric Stenosis
R2Reese, DavidM12/29/194451~1893377 Arterio Sclerosis
R4Reese, MyfanwyF03/12/195762~1895377 Hypertensive heart disease - Cerebral hemorrhage
R6Reese, RussellM05/01/198267~1915377 Cardio respiratory arrest
W3Williams, AneurianM10/28/193666~1870377 Clinyce ? Cardica
W2Williams, JennieF01/19/193001/19/1930377 Ureamia Chronic Nephritis
W4Williams, Sheldon S.M04/15/194643~1903377 Pulmonary Tubearly Bilateral
N2Norton, GladysF01/28/198362~1921377 SW ½Massive Internal Hemorrhage
N2Norton, Joseph A.M12/31/198872~1916377 W ¼Cardiac Arrest
W1Wilson, HenriettaF04/20/192468~1856378 Angina pectoris
E1Evans, DavidM02/27/192850~1878378 ½Lobar ? Pneumonia
E1Evans, StellaF03/20/192748~1879378 ½Hemorrhagia
B2Balderson, ArlineF01/12/19372~1935379 Infantile
B2Balderson, JohnM05/04/193463~1871379 Anthrocosis
B1Balderson, MaryF08/11/192550~1875379 Acterno Celoses
B1Babaj, MichaelM05/27/192536~18893710 Killed by fall of rock

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