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PgNames (46)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
R4Redzinski, babyF06/01/1961 02:0006/01/1961110 Prematurity
C3Craven, Robert HenryM10/17/194550~1895111 W ½Coronary Occlusion
C5Craven, Elizabeth JaneF12/22/195683~1873111 ½Rheumatic Heart Disease
C5Craven, Thomas E.M04/21/196272~1890111 ½Anthracosilicosis
C2Craven, WilliamM11/15/193773~1864111 ½Acute cardiac failure
O2Osmond, GenevieveF03/26/200686~1920111 ½Septic Shock
O1Osmond, LetticeF05/01/194058~1882111 ½Diabetes Mellitus
O1Osmond, William H.M10/16/194367~1876111 ½Cirrosis of Liver
S3Sheptoch, babyM05/08/1935005/08/1935111 ½Stillborn
S7Shystock, Anna E.F03/31/195360~1893111 ½Carcinoma Cervix
D1Durston, CollinsM05/08/192479~1845112 Sclorosis
S3Steiner, Emma D.F03/15/193365~1868112 Myocarditis
S4Stiner, J.C.M06/05/194084~1856112 Cardiac Failure
C8Caines, AliceF02/28/199484~1910113 Resp Arrest
C8Caines, Edward O.M08/27/19955904/04/1936113 Respiratory ArrestY
C1Caines, FrancisM01/17/192801/17/1928113 Premature
C4Caines, HelenF11/23/194762 yrs 7 mos 26 dys03/27/1885113 Popliteal Thrombosis
C4Caines, Joseph W.M03/04/194839 yrs 2 mos 23 dys12/12/1908113 Paralytic Pleuro ??
C1Caines, NormanM01/17/192801/17/1928113 Premature
F1Fletcher, HannahF06/07/193675~1861113 Myocardis chronic
F1Fletcher, John HenryM06/19/1936 2 dys06/17/1936113 Convulsions
C5Caines, William G.M04/06/195676~1880113 ½Coronary Thrombosis
M3Morgan, BlodynF03/06/193640~1896114 Carcinoma Descending Colon
R4Roberts, RobertM09/20/195982~1877114 Suffocation
M2Mitchell, WilliamM10/23/192250~1872115 Endicarditis Cardiac
M3Mitchell, babyM06/02/1937006/02/1937115 Stillborn
T2Taylor, John W. Sr.M01/25/194074~1866115 Acute Cardiac Failure
M4Mitchell, MariaF09/13/194778 yrs 11 mos 21 dys09/23/1868115 ½Ruptured gastric ulcer
M6Mitchell, MarieF09/02/196709/02/1967115 ½Age not on permitnot on permit
T2Taylor, MaryF05/04/194286~1856115 ½Gastric Carcinoma
J1Joksie, TessieF02/01/192840~1888116 Abdomalae Carcansion
E2Elliott, HenryM06/28/194162~1879117 Cerebral Apoplexy
M8Miller, FrancesF~1997~1997117 CremainsNot Stated
O1O'Malley, MaudeF05/10/193851~1887117 Ruptured Gall Bladder
P2Pearce, Mrs. Ada CravenF04/11/193676~1860117 Gangrene of foot
M7Miller, Thomas F.M09/22/198573~1912117 E ½Cancer of Lung
B6Babai, JohnM09/23/196668~1898119 Rectosigmoid Adeno Carcinoma
S8Sasfai, GeorgeM06/09/196387~1876119 Cerebral Thrombosis
S4Sasfai, SusanF10/01/194468~1876119 Hypertensive Heart Disease
B7Babai, JuliaF03/11/198484~1900119 W ½Name appears to be Babi in listCardiac Arrest irreversible
B5Babai, AnnaF01/11/196486~18781110 Cardiac Failure
B4Babai, John, Sr.M09/30/195079~18711110 Heart Failure
K1Koba, JohnM05/28/193054~18761110 Mitive regulation - Uremia
K1Koba, MaryF05/02/193058~18721110 Myocarditis
M1Marjurch, JohnM06/05/192555~18701110 Heart Stroke
M2Murz, babyM04/18/1931004/18/19311110 Still Born

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