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PgNames (97)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
S5Scott, HarryM08/16/194658 yrs 4 mos 9 dys04/07/1888531 ½Acute Cardiac Failure
B5Bross, AnnaF05/06/195974~1885532 Cerebral Appoplexy
BBross, MaryF07/10/200697~1909532 ACUTE MCOCARDIAL INFARCTION
B3Bross, Michael, Sr.M08/16/194671 yrs 10 mos 25 dys09/22/1874532 Bronchial asthma/Heart failure
M8Michaels, ThomasM03/03/199187~1904532 Renal Failure
M7Michaels, Anna BrossF08/09/198578~1907532 E ½Cardio genic shock
W8Walton, Jennie R.M01/22/199582~1913533 Acute Cardio Respiratory Arrest
WWalton, RobertM05/13/201163~1948533 CremainsRetinal Cell Carcinoma
W8Walton, Chester R.M12/16/198876~1912533 NE ½Chronic Obstruction of lung
L2Llewellyn, Jessie H.F01/04/194670~1876534 E ½Chronic myocarditis
L2Llewellyn, WilliamM01/30/194871 yrs 9 mos 4 dys04/26/1876534 E ½Cerebral Hemorrhage
C8Coughlin, IreneF07/07/198993~1896534 W ½-
C7Coughlin, Richard J.M04/15/197274~1898534 ½Cirrhosis of Liver
L3Llewellyn, MaryF04/28/195656~1900534 ½Rheumatic Heart Disease
C7Crisman, Matilda E.F07/10/197771~1906535 Acute Coronary Occlusion - Hypertension
H5Hayes, Susan MetelyF08/05/196708/05/1967535 Pneumonia
J4Just, Josephine M.F04/28/197873~1905535 Cremated remains - Myocardial infarction
J4Just, RobertF05/02/199085~1905535 Ischemic heart disease
M6Metely, Mary J.F04/07/197173~1898535 Cardiac failure - Acute Coronary Thrombosis
M4Metily, Andrew M.M07/11/194647 yrs 1 mos 16 dys05/25/1899535 Pulmonary Embollism
B7Bezek, AndrewM08/06/198383~1900536 E ½Cardiac Arrest
B6Bezek, FlorenceF01/16/197577~1898536 E ½Stroke
C7Crungo ??, KathrynF03/24/197691~1885536 W ½Cerebro Vascular Accident
T2Telford, Lawrence A.M01/01/194759 yrs 9 mos04/01/1887536 W ½Myocardial Infarction
W4Williams, Arthur J.M01/05/194757~1890537 Rt. Sided cardiac failure
W6Williams, ChristineF10/19/196574~1891537 Metastares Multiple
W7Williams, Dorothy M.F10/04/196955~1914537 Cardiac Insufficiency
W9Williams, OrvilleM05/13/200179~1922537 End state Renal Failure
W8Williams, Pauline K.F01/09/199171~1920537 Cardiac Arrest
K5Kennedy, Harold E.M03/02/199590~1905538 CremainsAcute Myocardial Infarction
OO'Connor, ChristineF03/12/200985~1924538 E ½LUNG CANCER
W9Williams, Arthur J.M09/27/200080~1920538 E ½Congestive heart failure
K4Kennedy, Catherine D.F07/15/198376~1907538 W ½Nothing on Permit
KKennedy, Eugene C.M01/27/200877~1931538 w ½CremainsBLADDER CAN CER
K3Karean, WandaF01/16/196735~1932539 Coronary Embolism
W8Walter, Earl J.F12/12/199161~1930539 Cremated remains
W9Walter, HelenF11/08/199692~1904539 Congestive heart failure
W7Walter, Stanley F.M03/08/19735603/10/1916539 Metastatic CarcinomaY
W5Walter, William Sr.M10/03/195561~1894539 Left ventricular failure
W5Walter, babyM12/11/195512/11/1955539 Stillborn?tis placenta
B8Bowler, GeorgeM09/22/19946811/08/19255310 E ½Chronic Renal FailureY
S9Shoup, Daniel W.M04/28/198588~18975310 W ½Acute Myocardial infarct
S9Shoup, Effie C.F06/23/198487~18975310 W ½Cardio Pulmonary Arrest Generalized artereo sclerosis
S10Shoup, Eva ShirleyF03/13/199170~19215311
S9Shoup, Paul S.M11/06/19907002/12/19205311 Cardio Resp. ArrestY
S5Shoup, Daniel IrvingM03/26/1947 9 mos 19 dys06/07/19465311 ½Circulatory Collapse
Mc2McFadden, SueF05/07/200388~19155312 In Stage Alzheimers
W5Ward, Arthur Vincent Sr.M03/05/195763~18945312 Chronic Cor Pulmonale
W7Wargo, Sarah aka SallyF01/10/197782~18955312 ? Congestive heart failure
H3Hayden, MadelineF06/22/194906/22/19495312 ½
W8Ward, Mary E.F09/21/198884~19045312 ½Cardio pulmonary arrest
Mc2McFadden, Norman P.M03/17/1977~6409/03/19135312 ⅔Nothing on permitY
B6Bowler, WilliamM07/01/197776~19015313 Acute myocardial infarction
S10Santarelli, Jane J.F06/20/199369~19245313
S5Scamacca, Sarah B.F02/14/194957~18925313 Coronary Thrombosis
S5Sears, JustinM06/05/194974 yrs 8 mos 13 dys09/23/18745313 Heart failure
S7Sears, MaiollaF04/24/195479~18755313 Interestial obst???tion perforated appendix
B7Bowler, Margaret E.F02/19/198685~19015313 E ½Multiple Myeloma - Hypertension
G5Gangemi, baby William FrancisM06/15/1986 5 mos01/15/19865313 E ½Premature
C6Chopak, GeorgeM11/24/197155~19165314 Metastic Tumor of Brain
C5Chopak, JohnM01/04/195461~18935314 …orary Heart Disease
C6Chopak, MaryF12/17/196669~18975314 Adenocarcinoma of pancreas
C8Chopak, MichaelM06/17/19946811/25/19255314 Y
CChopak, RosemaryF12/25/201281~19315314 Cremains; Burial 07/10/2013Respiratory Failure
C6Chopak, ThomasM12/30/197049~19215314 Metastatic Carcinoma of the Brain
K5Krahil, ElizabethF10/09/199587~19085315 Respiratory Arrest
K5Krahil, Shirley RuthF07/16/199049~19415315 Cardio Pulmonary Arrest
B8Babai, JennieF12/02/200292~19105315 W ½Sudden Cardiac Death
BBabay, SusanF06/14/200592~19135315 w ½CVA
K3Krahil, StephenM01/04/195445~19095315 ½Carcinoma of Colon
C5Clark, AlbinaF08/10/195220~19325316 …rned to death
C7Clark, Jean MarieF09/17/197943~19365316 Respiratory depression
CClark, MaryF10/03/200793~19145316 GASTROC CAMCER
C6Clark, William Harry Jr.M08/03/197060~19105316 Anthracosilicosis with Emphysema
K4Kareha, Albert A.M09/27/198664~19225317 E ½Cardiac Failure
K4Kasha, MaryF10/04/198389~18945317 E ½Cardiac Arrest
S9Smetana, Ann M.F05/19/199075~19155317 W ½Carcinoma of Breast
S10Smetana, EdwardM07/09/19978102/14/19175317 W ½Y
T2Tewkesbury, Ethel MaeF08/19/194738~19095318 ??????
F3Fanning, Frank L.M12/15/196681~18855318 E½Acute L. Ventricular failure
F3Fanning, Mrs. EmmaF04/12/196978~18915318 E½Not on permit
M8Mitchell, DanaF03/29/200195~19065318 W ½Cardio Pulmonary Arrest
T5Tremback, JeromeM03/05/200568~19375318 W ½CHF
M6Mitchell, RichardM12/13/197067~19035318 ½Anaplotic Carcinoma of lung
E3Elvidge, AnnaF08/05/196874~18945319 Diabetes Mellitus
E2Elvidge, Francis P, P.F.C.M07/29/19442010/22/19235319 US ArmyDied in FranceY
E3Elvidge, John R.M12/27/195766~18915319 Acute myocardial infraction
K3Krapf, Linda JeanF05/01/19617~19545319 Acute Bilateral Hemorrhage, Pneumonia
KKrapf, Sarah M.F09/23/200779~19285319 END STAGE DEMENTIA
S5Shugg, Minnie K.F06/03/194852~18965320 E ½Coronary Thrombosis
E4Elvidge, OscarM07/16/200284~19185320 N½Coronary Artery Disease
S7Shugg, SamuelM02/22/195357~18965320 ½Ac Coronary Thrombosis
C4Cruse, Carolyn H.F12/17/194833 yrs 13 mos11/17/19145321 Metastia Carcinoma
C6Cruse, Charles G.M05/26/197072~18985321 Nephritis
C8Cruse, James G.M08/27/199456~19385321 Acute Myocardial Infarction
C9Cruse, MaryF04/30/200161~19405321 Metastatic Breast Carcinoma
G3Gillespie, MildredF04/01/194843~19055322

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