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PgNames (67)GenderDate of DeathAgeDate of BirthBlockLotNotesCause of DeathVeteran
DDippel, Charles LouisM12/18/200892~1916361 CEREBRAL VASCULAR ACCI
D7Dippel, Margaret MaryF12/19/199176~1915361 Massive Stroke
K2Klingel, WilliamM42361 Tuberculosis
M6Mlakar, NoraF06/12/196873~1895361 not on permit
M6Mlakar, Rudolph J.M04/03/197080~1890361 Myomolacea
P5Pethrosavage, AugustusM02/07/19988307/04/1914361 Respirator FailureY
P4Pethrosavage, FlorenceF05/13/197556~1919361 Myocardial infarct
P5Pfeiffer, Bernard W.M08/06/200657~1949361 Lung Cancer
P5Pfeiffer, Christian A.M10/10/19928004/13/1912361 Pancreatic CancerY
P5Pfeiffer, MaryF02/27/200583~1922361 Respiratory Arrest
C7Cooper, Kenneth G.M01/23/197972~1907362 Acute pulmonary embolus
C9Cooper, Thelma E.F05/10/200092~1908362 Congestive Heart Failure
P2Prosser, BenjaminM09/08/194067~1873362 Cerbral Hemmorage
P5Prosser, BertineF06/01/200698~1908362 Congestive Heart Failure
P4Prosser, Eleanor A.F10/25/197072~1898362 Carcinomen of the breast
P3Prosser, Minnie StrongF09/19/195071 yrs 7 mos 2 dys02/17/1879362 Carcinoma of Cecum
S1Strong, AllenM03/12/192338~1885362 Abscess of Lung
G2Galaway, John Jr.M09/13/193323~1910363 Acute Myocarditis
G1Galway, EleanorF02/21/192844~1884363 Cholelithasis
K1Klingel, Thos. WilliamM05/26/1927 8 mos09/26/1926363 Intranasep Intestines
M5Middleton, AnnaF10/01/196270~1892363 Rupture Aortic Aneurism
M3Middleton, JamesM06/05/193652~1884363 Acute Gastritis and Gastro
M3Middleton, MargaretF04/02/193582~1853363 Myocarditis
M1Middleton, WilliamM11/25/192580~1845363 Pneumonia
M3Middleton, WilliamM02/03/193948~1891363 Cardiac failure
S8Sanderson, MaryF07/14/196458~1906363 Congestive Heart Failure
S9Sanderson, RobertM01/13/197369~1904363 Acute Leukemia
F2Farr, ChaunceyM11/07/194211/07/1942364 Angenia Pectoris
F3Farr, Ida MayF01/04/196783~1884364 Congestive heart disease
F3Farr, MaryF03/13/195262~1890364 Pneumonia Lobar Acute
F2Farr, ThomasM09/09/194867 yrs 5 mos 3 dys04/06/1881364 Acute Thrombosis
H3Haigh, ElizabethF12/01/194793 yrs 4 mos 10 dys07/22/1854364 Cerebral Hemorrhage
H6Haigh, Adeline C.F02/06/198979~1910364 E ½Acute Exaresfation of Echorbation Chronic Pulmonary Obstreation of Disease
H3Haigh, John HenryM04/01/195064 yrs 11 mos 29 dys04/03/1885364 ½Antrase Silicosis
B6Brown, MildredF11/04/197675~1901365 Cardiovascular Disease
B5Brown, Stanley HogarthM04/12/195451~1903365 Coronary Occlusion
C1Calvert, CalvinM01/29/1930 3 mos10/29/1929365 Pneumonia
C4Calvert, CharlesM07/22/195151~1900365 Coronary Heart Disease
C7Calvert, FlorenceF09/05/197478~1896365 Congestive Heart Disease
C8Calvert, James E.M11/16/198180~1901365 Nothing on transit burial permit
C2Calvert, MaryF05/23/193264~1868365 Pulmonary Edemia
H4Hasley, David R.M08/05/196358~1905365 Uremiainamtian
H5Hosley, MarieF04/15/196904/15/1969365 Myocarduel Infraction
D6Dixon, Lillian W.F01/18/198883~1905365 W ½Pneumonia
H5Humiston, Della MayF07/29/196407/29/1964366 Acute Myocardial Infract
S5Strong, Madaline N.F03/24/19504 yrs 3 mos 1 dys12/23/1945366
K1Kudric, AudraM08/17/192754~1873367 Lobar Pneumonia
N1Nossal, GeorgeM04/24/1928~5406/11/1874367 Ed: Born in Slovakia, father of JohnBronco Pneumonia
N2Nossal, SusanF04/12/195672~1884367 Heart Failure
N1Nossel, JohnM10/29/192720~1907367 Myocardites Digestion
K3Kudrec, MaryF04/09/1958~75~1883367 ½Cerebro Vascular Accident
P2Pritchard, AliceF02/26/194259~1883368 Diabetes Mellitis
P4Pritchard, William H.M01/13/195571~1884368 Coronary Occlusion
P5Pickerell, VioletF08/31/198981~1908368 E ½Acute Cardiac Arrest
P5Pickerill, Stanley G.M04/20/198477~1907368 E ½Respiratory failure
R2Robertson, Dwight C.M08/08/194325~1918369 Cardiac failure
R5Robertson, Evelyn MayF05/01/196879~1889369 Arterio sclerotic heart disease
R1Robertson, Violet MayF05/06/192918~1911369 Pashonsanis
R4Robertson, William C.M02/11/195667~1889369 Anthracosilicosis
W4Williams, HattieF01/18/194877 yrs 5 mos 3 dys08/15/1870369 Cerebral hemorrhage
B1Balderson, AlfredM12/14/192552~18733610 Pneumonia
B7Balderson, FlorenceF04/05/197973~19063610 Arteriosclerotic heart disease
B6Balderson, JohnM05/01/196558~19073610 Occlusive Coronary Artersclerosis
B2Balderson, MargaretF07/10/193463~18713610 Broncho Pneumonia
S8Smola, PearlF12/30/196967~19023610 Coronary Heart Disease
S4Smola, babyM08/14/1940008/14/19403610 Stillborn
W2Williams, Grace E.F09/08/193632~19043610 Uremia 4 hours

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